Alphas Possession Chapter 36: Thane POV

What a bl0ody nightmare today turned out to be! I made my way back to the office. I shifted while in the loading docks and took the fire exit back up to the top level. I didn’t feel like strolling through the main lobby buck naked. I had already made a spectacle of myself.

I knew tomorrow the papers would read that my pack went into a rut over a damn Omega, which was far from the truth. I was merely protecting mine. Yet if mine and Rhen’s roles were reversed, I couldn’t have left her with those monsters either. I would have fought to keep her safe, and that thought irked me more than it should.

Cuts and scrapes littered most of my body, and authorities were dealing with the two dead bodies in the alleyway. They would be meeting me back here to go over everything. The media would, of course, blame this entire thing on me. I was their favorite scapegoat.

When I reached the top floor and pushed the busted fire exit door open, I discovered Leila had duct-taped her brother to a chair. She had a nasty bite on her neck. He’d really sunk his teeth into her and bitten out a chunk. Even with her healing powers, it was going to take a while to heal that. It was no doubt from her brother. It was cannibalistic, and I could see Leila was furious at being treated like a chew toy.

“I told you I am sorry. What more do you want?” Leon pleaded with his sister as he struggled to get out of the duct tape.

“My skin back, for one! You bit a bl00dy mouthful out of me! You’re so gross, and you got your slobber on me,” she snarled back, baring her fangs at him.

“It was an accident and not that big of a deal. I was sent into a rut. I just bit you a little too hard. It’ll heal; you know it will. Stop being dramatic over one little nibble.”

She put her hand on her h!p and glared daggers at him. “That only makes it grosser, you as*-hole. Being bl00d-crazed is one thing. You can’t help yourself when you just need bl00d down your throat. But this it’s ten times worse.” Leila shrieked, pointing an accusing finger at him.

“You fang raped me. I’m your f**king sister! Keep your horny, bl00d-crazed fangs away from me! You just wait until I tell mum and dad about this. It’s not like you can hide it. You f**king as*-hole. Are you going to bite your mate like that?

“Just take a giant bite out of him like he’s some snack for you?” she rubbed her neck; that was healing.

It was still a bl00dy mess but was at least healing. “You little shit. I can’t believe you put your c**k su-cking l!ps on my neck,” she shuddered, and I shook my head at their bickering.

“You taste like shit, anyway, I have licked as*s that tasted better,” Leon snapped back at her. He held his tongue out as he spat as if trying to get the taste of her out of his mouth. “Stop being a drama queen and let me go.”

“I would hope I taste like mother f**king as*s. I am your damn sister, you bl00dsu-cking leech,” she snarled. She grabbed a red and black stapler the size of my fist and threw it at the center of his chest. It hit him with a meaty thump, and he growled, thrashing from side to side to get revenge.

“Bitch!” he roared.

For the love of God, please, someone strike me down so I don’t have to listen to this shit; I am not in the mood for this crap. I rubbed my temples, praying that these two would magically find peace and shut the f**k up.

“Huh, you make no sense.” Leila snapped, and I growled Their argument sent me through every level of hell, some multiple times. My eye couldn’t twitch anymore, and the pounding headache threatened to be my new background music for the rest of my life.

How bad would it be for me if I tossed them both out the window? Though I liked Leon. The man knew how to su-ck c**k. Would he forgive me if I killed his sister and spared him? Would it really be that wrong? Anyone locked in a room with them for five minutes would see why and class it as self-defense. They would surely cause even the sanest people to go mad with their bitching.

However, I was glad that Leon was under control, but I wished I had a mute button for these two Besides, the office looked like a tornado had just blown through. Crap was everywhere and torn to shreds. It would take time to set it all right, and I had no interest in doing any of it.

Maybe I should take them to the bottom floor before I kick them off the side of the building and watch them splat on the concrete.

I growled as their bickering reached a new level. Muzzles for both of them and a leash for Leon. Leon could just be quiet and pretty for me, and Leila could just be f**king quiet. She jumped out of her seat and slowly turned to see what was going on.

She froze, body tensing and eyes widening as she stared at my body before the bl00d rushed into her cheeks, and she j*rked her head to the side, staring at the ground. “Sorry,” she grumbled.

“Keep your whorish eyes off, my damn husband!” Leon screeched.

When I felt better, I would take my frustration out on Leon’s as*s for all of this nonsense.

“What are you going to tell mum when I tell her you were eye f**king my mate?” Leon screeched back at her. I shook my head at him.

“I was not, Leech!” She sneered while Leon growled at her before looking back at me.

“What happened?” Leon asked, almost in a panic. It took him long enough to notice anything was wrong.

“Zara is fine. Raidon and Rhen are taking her to her apartment,” I tell him as I move to the desk where I dumped my clothes. I start tugging them on just as the elevator doors open, and two officers enter the foyer.

“Mr. Keller, I just need you to sign the statements, and we are good to go. Witnesses verified that you were protecting your mate, Rhen?” I nod my head.

“Yes, he mind linked me,” I tell them while zipping my pants, and they nod. I had already given my statement, but then the crowd became too big, and I asked them to finish it here: I didn’t feel like having more nudes leaked on the internet. Media were like vultures; they loved displaying everything my pack did, seeing as we were only one of three Alpha packs in the state. The Obsidian pack was one, the other black mountain pack, also to the north of the city.

The officer takes a seat at the desk, pulls paperwork out, and writes a few things down.

“The Omega woman, we found no record of her existence. Do you know how long she has resided in the city?” the female officer asks, I could tell she was an Alpha female, and the way she sneered at the word ‘Omega’ irritated me.

“She never registered her address. We have no such name in our system. She hasn’t reported she was in the city yet, or anything about her pack links? You said she was an employee?” The officer continued when I felt the mind link open up, and Leon’s voice flits through my head.

“Thane, I know you want to get rid of her, but,” he doesn’t finish, and I glare at him, knowing full well he had been feeding on her; I am not stupid, and I may have turned a blind eye to it, but he had a point, and I knew what would become of her.

If she couldn’t afford her suppressants, I doubt she could afford the fines for not reporting herself to the city council, and if she can’t pay those, then she goes into the rotation to settle the debt. The thought of her being forced into rotation almost made me growl.

“Mr. Keller? We need her employee reports,” the female officer says. Catching Leon’s eye and Leila, she drops her head while Leon looks at me pleadingly. F**k!

“She isn’t an employee, yes, she works here, but that isn’t her purpose here,” I lied.

“Oh, so your pack is looking for an omega, so she is here on a trial basis?” the woman asks, and I grit my teeth.

“Yes, we posted an ad looking for an Omega. Leila here posted it herself, Zara answered it, and we brought her to the city.” I lied. Leila nods, confirming what I said,

“Oh, this is wonderful news!” the officer exclaimed, and I fought back a curse. Just what we needed, this shit getting out.

“It also isn’t public news yet, so if you don’t mind keeping that to yourself for now,” I tell them, and they nod.

“Of course, Mr. Keller, we have everything we need, and I am sure you want to get home to your Omega. Please just remember, if you don’t choose to mark and keep her, remind her to register at the council. We can’t keep her safe if we don’t know her location and whereabouts,” the male officer tells me, and I press my l!ps in a line and give a quick nod.

I waited for them to leave and let out a breath once the doors closed before turning and glaring at my mate and his sister.

“You lied for her?” Leila says, clearly shocked. Yes, because she didn’t leave me much option.

“I wouldn’t have had to if you did your job properly because she would never have been here in the first place,” I tell her, and she looks away.

Turning to Leon, he used his feet to scoot forward on his chair, his arms and legs duct-taped, and I could feel his burning hunger and his need to go home. With a shake of my head, I move to him, stripping the tape from him and making him hiss. I was not at all gentle about it; I would deal with him when I got home.

Rhen and Raidon weren’t answering their phones or the mind link on the way home, and even Leon was being ignored, which bothered me. Raidon would have had to get suppressants from somewhere, and they were probably holed up somewhere while they waited, or maybe they were ensuring she was tucked away safely in her apartment.

On the drive home, I am full of tension, yet it recedes when I spot Raidon’s car parked in the garage as I reach home. However, that relief turns to rage when I step out of the vehicle, and all I can smell is Zara.

Surely they wouldn’t be this stupid, yet I was proven correct in my assumption when Leon got out of the car and went stiff as a board. I glanced at him before he lurched forward, and I reached out to grab him. He slipped through my hands before I could catch him, and I cursed with a shake of my head before storming into the house.

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