Alphas Possession Chapter 37: Rhen POV

My c**k strained painfully in my pants as I stared at the door to the basement. Chewing my fingernails, I began to pace. Thane had been trying to mind link us, and Raidon and I had been ignoring him.

He would be furious when he returned home, and I dreaded the punishment we would receive. The basement door creaked open loudly, and my eyes went to it. Her scent perfuming the room became more robust and almost impossible to resist.

Raidon emerged, closing the door behind him, looking every bit as frazzled as I felt. His clothes were torn to shreds, and he was sweating profusely as he fought his urges to mark and mate her. We had sent Tania to get suppressants. However, not even Tania could handle her sweet scent.

Tania had dropped them off before, all but running from the place, but now we had to figure out a way to give them to her without her mauling us and us mauling her. Zara’s scent permeated the air even with the door closed and was sickly sweet and so addictive. I had to force myself to focus as I rushed to the kitchen. I ripped open the cupboards beneath the kitchen sink, searching each one.

Finding what I was looking for, I grabbed a can of descenter and clenched it tight as I held my finger down on the trigger, spraying the entire ground floor, trying to rid the scent that assaulted my nose and awoke my senses. It only muted her scent, yet was better than the full force and toxicity that came with it.

“F**k! I can’t take this! She can’t stay here. My dick feels as if it is going to burst,” Raidon says, adjusting his pants while he gripped the kitchen counter. He lets out a lewd groan, and I glanced at him to find him squeezing his c**k through his slacks.

pressed my l!ps in a line, knowing the agony he was in. I nodded, feeling the same way, yet something was off with Zara’s scent. Something was gnawing at my insides and tickling my mind as I tried to place what it was my instincts were telling me. Omega’s usually smelled sickly sweet, yet we never struggled like this around them the few times we had come across an Omega in heat.

“Her scent, do you-” I didn’t finish what I was going to say, not knowing what the heck I was asking him.

“She smells familiar,” Raidon offers, and my eyes darted to him because I thought exactly the same thing. It was like Déjà vu had washed over me the moment I got a whiff of her.

I just had no idea why I felt that way, and the feeling through the bond was that Raidon couldn’t explain his odd feelings about it either. Her scent, for some reason, felt familiar, which should be impossible.

“Thane is going to kill us,” Raidon groans when we hear things breaking in the basement. We both glanced at the basement door before I reached over and grabbed the bag Tania dropped off. I rummage in the paper bag and slide the suppressants to Raidon across the counter.

“Nope, now way. I can’t go back down there. It was hard enough forcing myself to leave her,” Raidon tells me. I growled, knowing I would have to, yet I wasn’t sure I was strong enough to handle it either, and we needed to before Thane got home. He was going to kill us; no, he was going to skin me alive, boil my damn organs, and feed them to Raidon for our stupidity.

The possibilities were terrifying. However, I didn’t have time to ponder when I heard the garage roller door shutting, and Raidon looked at me in panic. I swallowed nervously, and my heart thumped erratically against my chest so hard it felt like it was creeping up my throat. Her scent had been muted a liitle, yet it was still potent, and there was no way he would miss it.

The sound of the door smashing against the wall made me jump when Leon growls, rushing through the place and bolting straight towards Raidon, who moves to grab him but misses. I tackled Leon, pressing him against the wall before he grabbed the door handle, only to stiffen when Thane’s command rolled over me. His aura makes my back straighten, and Raidon whimpers while Leon fights and pushes against me to get free.

“Let him go,” Thane snarled, tossing his keys on the counter.

“Thane!” | panicked, knowing Leon would feed on her.

“He is a glutton. He will be passed out blood drunk long before he kills her,” Thane snarls, and my fingers let him go when I can no longer go against his command. Leon disappears when I do, and Raidon whimpers as he busts through the basement door before Thane glares at him.

Raidon, the behemoth, buckled under the pressure of his aura first, dropping to his knees, and my knees bit painfully into the tiled floor when he turned his anger on me seconds after.

“Who thought it was a good idea to bring her here?” Thane asked, his voice deadly calm yet ice cold.

“Mine,” | gritted out through my clenched teeth. The noise that left him was more of a roar as his aura forced me completely onto my hands and knees before him when Raidon spoke.

“Her apartment wasn’t secure. We couldn’t have taken her there even if we tried,” Raidon growled, and I turned my head. The effort to do so was painful as I looked at him.

“So you thought bringing her here and putting her in our Den was the correct decision?” Thane bellowed when Zara whimpered. Thane’s aura falters, and we all stare at the basement door, knowing Leon had got his fangs into her. Yet her whimper turned to a mo*n from the endorphins of his bite plus her heat, and I sighed.

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