Alphas Possession Chapter 38

I looked up at Thane, who sniffed the air, and his brows furrowed in confusion, and I watched him swallow. The same strange feeling Raidon and I had about her scent rolled through the bond from him, too. At least I wasn’t the only one imagining it

“The suppressants?” Thane asked as he regathered himself and forced his gaze from the open basement door.

“We can’t get close enough to her, not while she is like that,” I admitted, and he looked down at me when she cried out in pain again, and I guess Leon had passed out.

“Fix it, fix her, and get her out of my house,” he says, reaching for the suppressants and dropping them on the ground in front of my face. I stared at his shoes, unable to look up and meet his furious gaze that I could feel glaring down at me.

“Thane, I can’t go down there,” I pleaded with him, and he growled.

“Use protection,” he spat, and my stomach dropped before he walked out, slamming the door to the garage when he did. His aura drops, and I face-planted onto the floor before pushing up onto my hands into a crouched position. Seconds after getting up, I fall on my ass as I hear his car tear out of the driveway. I leaned against the counter and stared at Raidon, who was also trying to catch his breath.

“Did he just give us permission?” Raidon asks, just as shocked. I nodded but couldn’t help but wonder what Zara would have to say on the matter.

No doubt now, in this phase, she wouldn’t care if we f**ked her, yet it felt wrong without Thane and without her being coherent. Looking at Raidon, I could feel through the bond He felt the same.

Snatching the suppressants off the floor, I staggered to the basement door and descended the stairs to find Leon passed out drunk on her pheromone-fuelled blood and Zara snuggled up beside him amongst the cushions. I let out a sigh and hear Raidon come down the stairs behind me.

“I’ll help you,” he growls, staring worriedly at Leon. The moment I stepped down onto the cushioned floor, Zara shifted. Her breathing changed, yet she was just as delirious as Leon was drunk as she rubbed her face across his chest like a cat marking its territory.

gripped her ankle, and she froze, turning to look at my hand before her eyes went to mine, and I saw she was completely crazed with heat, yet seeing her like this I couldn’t take advantage of her state. No matter how good she smelt, I would be no better than the other alphas in that laneway. Zara purrs, crawling over to me before she pounced, tackling me and shoving me on my back. The air leaves my lungs in a short wheeze.

“Raidon!” | wheeze out before he stomped down the steps and dropped into the cushioned space. He hauled her away and started purring, clutching her squirming body to his chest.

“How do you want to do this?” Raidon asked while she continued to lick any exposed skin she could. Building a heat inside of me that I knew I couldn’t give in to, not while she was like this.

“Hold her while I try to feed them to her,” I tell him, popping them from the flimsy thin film.

“How many?” I asked. Raidon blinked at me.

“Three?” he says. I look at her, having no clue, also wondering how long before they take effect. Raidon pins her while I pry her mouth open, only for her to chomp down on my finger. I jerked my hand back, thankful that wasn’t my d!ck. My finger was bleeding, and Raidon snickered before pinching her nose.

“Hurry up,” he growled as she thrashed in his arms.

“F**k no, you do it,” I tell him, and he glared at me.

“She is a tiny Omega; it can’t have hurt that bad,” Easy for him to say. She didn’t bite his finger nearly clean off.

“Give them here.” Thane snapped, making me jump, and I looked up to find him standing on the ledge to the den.

He kicks his shoes off before dropping down onto the blue and black cushioned bed; he holds his hand out for the pill packet before squatting beside me. His calling was powerful as he purred, calling her to him, and Raidon let her go. Zara launched herself at him, crashing into Thane’s chest.

He caught her effortlessly before popping the suppressants into his mouth; Zara crazed, clawed, and licked his chest, ripping his clothes to shreds as she tried to scent him. Yet Raidon and I stood frozen, waiting for him to tear her apart He hated Omega’s, he hated Zara, yet looking at him, he was caressing her, being gentle and patient with her as she clawed at him.

“Shh, Zara,” he purrs as she tries to get to his neck, her instincts wanting to claim him, and Thane drops his neck, pulling her onto his lap before gripping her chin and k!ssing her, his fingers gripping the back of her neck forcing the pills down her throat. Yet his eyes went to mine as he glared at me. He was livid, yet I was relieved he came back.

His aura alone was enough to settle the urges rolling through me. Zara mo*ned as Thane fed her the pills in his k!ss, and I looked away. Unable to watch the two of them k!ssing.

When he is finished, he starts purring, his potent calling sucking her into a blissful sleep, and her breathing evens out when he scooped her up. I watched as he walked across the enormous space and laid her next to Leon before he tucked her in.

“Keep her hydrated and warm, Thane said before leaving us with her again. So maybe his instincts toward Omegas weren’t dead after all.

“She needs your skin contact!” he growled from the top of the stairs before leaving us alone with her. I glanced at Raidon, who was already crawling over to her and Leon, his own calling slipping out and keeping her sedated.

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