Alphas Possession Chapter 39: Thane POV

Something about her scent bothered me as I left my mates with her. I wanted to go back in there with them. To wrap my body around hers with my mates even though I hated her. There was just something about the little Omega that called to me. I couldn’t go back in there.

If I did, there would be no escaping the feeling that she was making me feel. Feelings that I had tried to deny while in there before running from the place. It had been years since I set foot in that Den, yet seeing her heat-ravaged body; it killed me leaving her there.

The way it had made my blood burn as her hands moved over my chest. Ripping at my clothes. Trying to pull my clothes from my body so that she could reach my skin. Her fingers scrabbled at my shoulders, gripping me tight like! was a drug that she needed.

I tried to forget how her tongue had felt, licking up the side of my neck before moving lower and licking the hard ridges of my chest and abdomen. The thick scent of her arousal bloomed in the air, making my mouth water to taste her. To tease her, to ease the burning haze, the Omega felt.

It had been too much for me, testing my control more than I liked. I had wanted to take Zara in our den, and bind her hands down so that I could pull the pleasure from her until she cried out for me. Begging me for more of what I alone could give her.

The way her body had felt in my lap, the heat of her pussy seeping through the fabric of my slacks, nearly sent me insane. Her slick heat coating my erection, f**k… I had wanted to unzip my slacks to slip into that heat. To bury myself deep into her pussy and feel her body clamp down around my cock.

Her skin had been so soft beneath my palms. So soft and so markable, her ass would have looked perfect with my handprint staining her flesh red. With my fingerprints littering her body, showing the world that she was mine. That she was ours and no one else’s.

I wanted to f**k her, wanted her to claim me. But not like this. I wanted her to be there with me, not lost in this haze. Therefore, I had to leave and get out of here before I gave myself over to instinct. Because I knew I didn’t really want that, it was her heat making me feel that way. I despised Omegas.

Snatching keys, I headed to my car; I needed a distraction, and work seemed like the best place for it, away from her, from my mates who I knew were fighting the same baser instincts I was. If I lost control, I knew they would too.

Driving to work, I white-knuckled the steering wheel and wound the window down. The fresh air helped, relieving the assault her scent had tainted me in. Yet the longer I drove, the more things made little sense. The urge to keep and claim her made no sense. She wasn’t ours, Harlow was, and she was not our Harlow. Harlow was our light in the darkest tunnel, and she betrayed us. And for that reason, I don’t think taking another Omega would ever be safe. My hatred for them burned hotter than any bond could.

Harlow was dead, that much we were certain of, yet why did I feel the urge to claim her? Why did her scent feel familiar yet not?

We hardly knew anything about Zara, yet seeing my mates struggle the way they did it made me certain of one thing.! had not only been denying myself but them, Alphas needed Omegas. I thought our little pack could survive without one, yet now I was wondering if maybe claiming another Omega wouldn’t be our downfall as it was when Harlow ran and got herself killed. Yet I wasn’t sure if I could trust another Omega after Harlow ran and killed my mother.

So I found myself at a crossroads. Could I keep denying my mates of something it was clear they wished they had? I hated Omegas, yet Zara made me crave keeping her. My mind was at war with what I knew would happen and the urge to claim her for my pack.

The garage was dark as I pulled in. I sat in the car for a bit, unable to pull myself out from behind the steering wheel and head inside. It wasn’t until the security guard tapped on my back window that I realized I was still sitting in the confines of my car.

“Sorry, Marco,” I told him, shaking my thoughts away.

“Are you alright, boss?” he asked, and I sighed.

“Yeah. You may knock off if you wish. I will be here anyway,” I tell him, and he gives me a strange look. He glanced in the back of my car before looking around the garage for my mates or their cars.

“Are you sure you are alright?” he asked again. I usually had at least one or two of my mates with me. They were like an attachment to me, and I hated being away from them, and they were the same.

“Go home,” I tell him while opening my door and heading for the elevator. I went to my floor and spent a good few hours tidying up the place before sitting behind my desk when I noticed Zara’s file sitting on my desk. I pick it up, flicking through the pages that held little to no information when I find her address. I dialed the landlord’s number listed but got no answer. Drumming my fingers on the desk, I sighed before growling. That little Omega was playing on my damn mind still

With a growl, I rose from behind my desk, snatching the first page from her file and grabbing my keys. I caught the elevator to the garage before hopping in my car and punching the address into my Navman.

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