Alphas Possession Chapter 41: Zara POV

Every fiber of my being burned and ached with heat, yet the lust-filled haze lifted gradually, and I was finally able to take in my surroundings. The last thing I remember was seeing Thane standing over me. Yet stretching out like a cat, I yawned, my body ached, and the fever was still there, my scent was potent, and I was still in the throes of heat.

However, that wasn’t what made me stiffen. It was the warm body pressed against my front and back as I moved. Their heat made my eyes fly open, and I sat up startled, glancing around my surroundings to find Raidon crammed against my back and Leon tugging me closer as he slept. Horror washed over me as I looked down at my bosses.

Oh, please tell me I didn’t f**k them? My eyes trailed over their clothed bodies before noticing how very damn naked I was. I was as naked as the day I was born. Reaching over, I snatched a pillow, trying to cover up some of my nudity. I was near tempted to strip Leon of his shirt just to cover up, yet the thought of waking him also made me cringe.

I swallowed my throat, feeling scratchy and raw, as I looked around, trying to figure out where I was. I wasn’t back at the shitty apartment I was evicted from, and I wasn’t behind the dumpster at the plaza where I had been living. Or the loading docks at work. Yet, by their overwhelming scents in the room, I had to be at their mansion. However, I don’t remember noticing a room like this one.

When I managed to move out from between the two bodies that were pressed against me, pain washed over me, and I fought the urge to drop back between them so that I could keep their skin pressed against mine. I wasn’t naïve. I knew Omegas needed alphas to lessen their heat, yet I wasn’t about to snuggle with my bosses for it, especially these assholes who despised me like I actually did kill Thane’s mother and his pet guinea pig when he was a boy. His hate for omegas was unwarranted and unfathomable to me.

Yet as I glanced down at Leon, he instantly rolled toward his mate, and I stepped backward over Raidon, avoiding Leon’s rolling body only to step on someone, their grunt and quick movement made me lose my footing and I stumbled backward before landing on another person.

“F**k’ Rhen wheezed, as I crashed on top of him. I quickly scrambled off, backing away, waiting for his attack, only to realize he was clutching his family jewels, which I must have stood on.

Yet as he glared at me, I yelped, scrambling for cushions to cover my nakedness. “Kind of pointless, don’t you think?| have seen you naked already. he groans, rubbing his crotch and sitting up. He looked over at his sleeping mates, and I glanced around, wondering where Thane was. Usually, where one is, they all are, yet I couldn’t see him in the vast room anywhere.

“Where am I?” I stammered, moving closer to the outer edge of what appeared to be an enormous bed set into the floor.

“Our Den,” Rhen says before moving his hand above his head and tugging his shirt off. He tosses it to me, and I quickly pull it on, turning as I do so, giving him only the sight of my ass.

This was embarrassing, damn embarrassing, and I reeked of them and them me. “What happened. We didn’t… um My eyes dart to Raidon, who was in his briefs, and Leon was still fully dressed.

“No, and you would have felt if we did,” Rhen answered my question, I couldn’t finish with a shake of his head. I let out a breath of relief That definitely would have made the workplace awkward. Thane definitely would have fired me if I f**ked one of his mates. Well, technically our mates they just weren’t aware of what or who I was supposed to be to them. Turning, I move to the ledge and am about to climb out, when Rhen speaks again.

“Where are you going?”

“Home,” I answered. Though I would hardly call the loading docks home, my makeshift little den behind the shelves definitely wasn’t as comfy as this place. However, with me climbing out I thought that was pretty self-explanatory with me trying to escape.

“Get back in bed. You’re still in heat,” he growls.

“I’m good. I feel okay. I tell him, climbing out, having to dig my feet into the walls to haul myself out yet every instinct was telling me to go back to them, telling me I needed them, yet I couldn’t have them, they weren’t mine, Thane made that abundantly clear Besides, I needed my job more than I needed an Alpha so I wouldn’t risk being fired by giving into temptation

“Get back in the den!” Rhen commands and my body feels the jolt of his command instantly, making me freeze.

“The moment you step out those doors, you will have a target on you. Until your heat abates. You will remain here,” Rhen snarls while I try to fight off his command when I feel his hand grip the back of his shirt. The air leaves my lungs in a whoosh as I am ripped backward, falling onto the soft, cushioned bed with a soft thump.

“Thane said you are to stay here until your heat is over. Therefore, you remain here,” Rhen snaps at me glaring down at me. I swallowed, so Thane knew I was here. I am sure he is plotting murder already. That is probably where he is digging my grave.

Rolling over, Rhen steps away from me and I look at Raidon. Who is stirring, and I knew he would wake soon. I can’t stay here. It is one thing tolerating them at work. I didn’t want to spend more time than necessary around them that came with far too many risks. Like them figuring out who I am. Them commanding me. Or me becoming Leon’s personal juice box or dead. Yeah, the alternatives sounded really f**king appealing.

“Where is Thane?” I asked nervously, and Rhen growled.

“He left because you’re here,” he tells me, climbing out of the den, his words made me feel like an intruder and the harsh tone made my stomach sink.

“Wait here,” he says, storming off and up the stairs, his feet sounded louder in the quiet room, yet when the door opened, I welcomed the draft. Goosebumps raised on my flesh and their scents clouding my mind eased a little, although not much before another wave of heat rushed through me.

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