Alphas Possession Chapter 42: Rhen POV

I wasn’t sure what bothered me most as I went to fetch her some water, the fact she trod on my balls or that she tried to sneak off like a one-night stand while we were sleeping. Walking into the kitchen, I grabbed some bottles of water, knowing I probably should have restocked the bar fridge down there earlier before making my way to the linen cupboard and grabbing some fresh towels. Tania also brought some discenting soap, which wouldn’t abate her heat but might help me think a little clearer if she didn’t smell like my own personal lusting sin.

I grabbed the bag from the counter with all the supplies she bought when I feel the mind link, and Thane’s voice flitted through my head.

“You’re awake?” he states. I roll my eyes. Of course, he felt me wake up, he always does. Nothing escapes that man when it comes to us.

“Where is Zara?” he asks.

“In the den,” I answer warily. He wasn’t going to make me kick her out, was he? That thought bothered me more than it should. She wouldn’t be safe out there. Her heat may have abated for now, but it will return. We gave her suppressants, but that wouldn’t stop the heat while in it. Just give her some reprieve until her cycle ends, which could take days.

Although we intended to keep pumping her full of suppressants, or the other alternative was to f**k her and knot her, neither Raidon nor I were comfortable with that, even with Thane saying we could. It felt wrong. Mates are a pack, and she wasn’t part of our pack, and Thane had no intentions of making her pack or joining us. Therefore we would fight the urge to mate her.

“Good, keep her there and let me know when her heat finishes, and I will come home,” he tells me, and my brows furrow.

“You’re not returning?”

“No, I am looking into something, but while she is lucid, see what you can find out about her,” Thane tells me before cutting the link before I could question him further.

Thane was acting strange, and I searched the bond before realizing he was blocking it, making me wonder what it was he was up to. Or was he trying not to let us know how badly it affected him knowing we were here with her? He should know us better than to believe we would be unfaithful. Sure, we all played around from time to time but never behind each other’s backs, and we were always together when we did so. Sharing had never been an issue with any of us. So it kind of stung that he thought we would go behind his back even with his permission.

Grabbing some towels, I rummaged through the storage boxes at the bottom, pulling out some pajamas for her that were originally bought for Harlow. Not like she would use them. I don’t even know why Thane kept them. It wasn’t like she was coming back. I shake my head before turning back to the basement door. As I walk down the stairs, the door swings shut behind me, and I notice Zara sitting on the ledge of the drop off into the den pit.

Zara shivered while rubbing her arms that were covered in goosebumps, yet she was also drenched in sweat as another violent wave of heat coursed through her. Yet she wasn’t crazed with the suppressant keeping her lucid, though I could tell she was uncomfortable, and my shirt was drenched with sweat as she fought her instincts to go to them.

Zara looks over her shoulder at me, and I notice her face is flushed, her cheeks a deep rouge.

“Are you okay?” her brows furrow at my question, and she nods, her eyes going to the bottled water in my arms. Walking over to her, I pass her one, and she takes it before struggling with the cap. Her hands shook that badly.

Setting everything down beside her, I twist the cap before helping her hold it to her lips. She chokes and sputters on it as she gulps it down thirstily.

“Slow, or you will make yourself sick,” I warn her. She gasps, sucking in a breath when I pull it back, realizing she is going to choke herself. She was gulping it that fast, having drained half the bottle already.

“Go lay between them. Their skin contact will help.”

“I’m fine,” she lies, and I shake my head before taking the rest of the water bottles to the mini-fridge and setting them inside. When I am done, I move toward the paneled wall, feeling her eyes watching me. I pushed on one panel, which was actually a door, to reveal the bathroom.

“Zara,” I call over my shoulder before looking at her. “Come,” I tell her, and she hesitantly gets up. She wanders over to me, curious yet also wary. I noticed how she stiffened when she stopped beside me and swayed on her feet as she got a whiff of my scent.

“Do you want to shower, or there is a spa bath in there?” I tell her, nudging her in so she could look around. She steps in and quickly glances around, and I hold the towels and soap out to her.

“There are more toiletries under the sink,” I tell her, and she glances at it.

“Thank you,” she murmurs, yet she looks on the verge of passing out. I touch her face, and she flinches before leaning into my touch when she realizes it offered some relief. Her skin was burning hot, yet she was shivering as if she had a fever.

“Try to be quick. You really should be in the den.” her eyes dart over my shoulder, and I catch the first glimpse of her animalistic side since she woke. Her hazel eyes burned brighter, almost turning a deep green, turning fluorescent briefly before she shook her head, regaining her senses. She nods before shutting the door.

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