Alphas Possession Chapter 43: Thane POV

For hours I have waited at the strip club for Talon to return. He was pissing me off. He knew I was waiting and was deliberately dawdling and wasting my damn time. Yet as Brianna walked on in, I knew he wouldn’t be too far behind her. Brianna spots me instantly and runs. They had spent the last few days out of the country, but I rang as soon as I found out his plane had landed this morning and told him to come to see me. When he didn’t show up, I came looking for him.

The moment he steps into the seedy place, he sighs. “If you’re here about the money, can we do this in my office? My patrons don’t need to witness this,” he gr0ans. I wave him to go, and he trudges toward the steps. I follow and climb the steps behind him to his office. He immediately walks to the safe and opens it.

“I’m not here about that,” I growl, and he seems taken aback and stands, kicking the safe door shut and spinning the handle

“You’re not here about the debt?” he asks warily as he makes his way to his desk. I fall onto the couch, watching him. Scrubbing a hand down my face, I rub my eyes. I needed sleep and hadn’t slept a wink. It was impossible; I was used to being curled up with one of my mates. The couch at work did not offer that.

“No, I am here about Z or Zara, whatever you want to call her,” I tell him, and he swallows and leans back in his chair, folding his arms across his chest.

“What about her? You know if the girls request their identity to be kept secret, we abide by their wishes,” he states. I raise my hand; he quiets immediately; I should beat him senseless, for giving me the runaround all damn day. He knows better than to push me.

“I know the rules you have set out for this place. I don’t care for them. Do you have any idea how bad this could damage my company’s reputation if they knew I hired a hooker?”

“Zara isn’t a hooker. She mainly cleaned dishes. The first time she took on clients was you lot when you demanded her,” Tal defends. I click my tongue, finding that hard to believe she had no intentions of whoring herself out. But then again, she is a virgin

“What do you know about her?” I ask him, turning my attention back to him. Tal gets up and moves toward his bar area. He pours us both a drink before handing me the glass. I sip mine, waiting for him to say something. But he only shrugs.

“Not much. She is quiet, and I am pretty sure her only friend is Bree.”

“She never mentioned family or anyone?” Tal shakes his head, and I gr0an. I was no closer to figuring out who she was.

“So you didn’t know she was homeless, I gather?” Tal shakes his head.

“No, I have been to her apartment; Bree lived next door to her. That’s how they met,” Tal quickly says. I shake my head

“I spoke with the owner. She kicked her out a couple of weeks ago. The owner thought she was staying with a friend until one of her other tenants told her she was on the streets, sleeping behind the old plaza.” I tell him.

“A homeless Omega?” Talon laughs, yeah, it wasn’t heard of much. We certainly didn’t get many homeless Omegas in the city. Most were cherished possessions of their alphas or made good money doing rotations, which was basically just being breeders, jumping from pack to pack, spitting out kids before moving on to the next.

“Wait, you’re being serious?” Tal asked. I clicked my tongue, annoyed that he didn’t realize one of his workers was in such dire straights. Yet again, she pulled the wool over my eyes too. Yet a homeless Omega in this city was dangerous

“F**k, I had no idea. Had I known, I would have organized something or told the council,” he exclaims.

“That’s another thing I wanted to see you about. Zara never registered, and her ID was fake,” I tell him and his brows furrowed.

“They’re forcing her into rotation?” he asks, and I glare at him with a growl.

“No, because I covered it up by telling the council my pack is claiming her,” I snap at him.

“Oh well, that’s great news. No harm done then,” he shrugs.

“You know I won’t have an Omega in my pack. That is why I am here. I need to find out who she is because it is clear to me that Zara is running from someone,” I snap at him.

“She was Bree’s friend. I did her a favor. Honestly, Thane, if she is hiding something, I am not aware of what it is. Besides giving her shifts, I didn’t have much to do with her outside this place.”

“So, what do you suggest I do with her? I can’t keep her,” I tell him.

“Why can’t you? Because of Harlow? Do you know why Leon comes here so often, not because he wants to feed on my workers but because he is hoping you f**king find one you like? Your pack needs an Omega,’ Tal snaps.

“What use is an Omega to us? She would be useless to us.” I retort.

“She wouldn’t be useless. Sure she can’t take your knot, but does that matter? There is more to Omegas than being a piece of ass,” Talon says. I knew he was right, but it still irked me; we were so close to having an Omega, a family. Yet Harlow blew that right out the window.

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