Alphas Possession Chapter 44

I could never fully claim an Omega. That is why Alpha Packs give them serum. A normal pack wouldn’t need the serum, though most still give it anyway to forge a stronger bond. However, Alpha Packs do need the serum.

Only the top Alpha can claim the Omega and make her pack, yet becoming an Alpha of Alphas makes that way harder. There are so many benefits to Alpha packs, the primary Alpha becomes stronger and bigger, our auras more potent, and our wolves twice to three times the size of an average alpha.

But with that, our knots are a lot bigger, and most end with k!lling an Omega. Hence the serum, it gives some of our bl00d and DNA to them, strengthens them and acclimates them to us. Kind of like a tailored suit, yet not even that is guaranteed. And giving an Omega the serum after taking our pack would mean they hold the same rank as the Alpha of Alphas. And that would cause disorder and trample in any form order within the ranks.

“Would it be such a bad thing, Thane? Zara is a good girl. She is quiet, submissive, and not to mention gorgeous. Would it be so bad that she can’t give you an heir or take your knot? It’s not like you knot your mates, anyway? What difference would it be?” Tal asks.

“Submissive? She is a pain in my a**,” I snarl.

“But your mates like her, don’t they? Or you wouldn’t be here whining to me but at home with them and her,” Talon says.

“We don’t even know her, or her real name, for one. God knows who she truly is?” I snap at him.

“Maybe earn her trust, and she will tell you. Just something to think about” Tal says, and I sigh, yet I was still untrusting of her. Something was off, and I planned to get to the bottom of it.

Talon tells me he has to get to work and check in with his workers, and I wave him off. For a while, I sat there to ponder. Tal’s words had me worried. Did my pack really think we were lacking without an Omega? Trapped in my thoughts, Raidon opens the mind link.

“Can you please come home?” he whines at me. I blink and sit up.

“What wrong?” I ask while stretching. My back was k!lling. Tal really needed to get comfier seating.

“Nothing, but her heat is getting worse. Leon is struggling, and her scent….” He gr0ans, and I can feel all their discomfort

“I told you to go ahead and do as you please,” I growl.

“As if we would without you here, and not only that, she isn’t exactly being compliant. She even slapped Leon for trying to touch her and kicked me in the damn ba!ls.” he snarls.

“She attacked both of you?”

“Yes, we have been feeding her suppressant like they’re tictacs. She is fighting her own instincts, and Rhen looks like he is moments away from strangling her.” I growl, appalled she would reject them. It kind of irritated me. Why would she reject them? Nothing is wrong with my mates; it pissed me off that she thought she was too good for them.

“I’m on my way home” I growled, cutting the link. Getting up, I walk out of the office, furious with her. I gave her my damn mates, for f**k’s sake, and she throws it back in my face.

I don’t even remember the drive home or getting out of my car. And I only returned to my senses when I climbed out, and her intoxicating scent hit me like a slap in the face. Slamming my car door, I could hear them arguing with her.

“Raidon, just grab her. We need to get her into the damn bath before she overheats.” Rhen snaps when I hear her growl before Raidon hisses.

“Command her, damn it,” Raidon growls.

“She is in enough pain, a**h*le. Just grab her,” Rhen replies.

Having heard enough, I stormed through the place, heading for the den. The room falls silent as soon as I toss the door open. I walk down the steps, my footsteps sounding loud as I trudge down them. When they come into view. I find Zara huddled in a ball, her knees pressed to her chest and she is pa-nting, she was completely n*ked and I could see claw marks down her body as if she clawed at herself to try to abate the excruciating heat rolling through her in waves. Her face was flushed and bright red, her skin glistened with her sweat, and her pheromones had me instantly hard.

Noticing me, she looks up and almost looks relieved. “Finally, can you please ask them to let me go or leave?” she pleads, her voice coming out breathless. Raidon glares at her while Rhen scratches the back of his neck awkwardly, and he moves toward her, yet her eyes track him like he is prey.

Glancing around, I spot Leon chained to a chair, blood-drenched the front of him, and I could tell it was fresh, so I knew he attacked her recently, he awkwardly wiggles his fingers at me, but I pin him with my glare until he whimpers and looks at the ground.

“You, I will deal with later,” I growl at him. Turning back to the den, I turn my attention to Zara. She shrinks under my gaze; I know she can feel my aura, and I force it on her harder, pressing against her. Yet, in heat, most Omegas would be throwing themselves at any alpha’s feet, but here she was fighting instinct and rejecting my mates as if something was wrong with them.

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