Alphas Possession Chapter 45

“But you, I will deal with now,” I tell her, toeing off my shoes and shrugging my jacket off. I kick my shoes aside and toss my jacket on Leon’s lap before dropping into the den. Her eyes widen as I stalk toward her.

F**k, she smells divine. My eyes flicker, and she shrieks, scrambling backward. Stalking over to her naked retreating form, I bend down and wrap my arm around her waist, ripping her off the floor base. Zara squeals and thrashes, but I ignore her before walking to the cushioned corner.

“I didn’t touch them, I swear,” she panics as I sit down.

“I didn’t, I f**king didn’t, you have to believe me,” I rip her onto my lap. She thrashes, but one growl makes her still. Her breathing was harsh, and I could feel her body trembling.

“Stay.” I command, letting her go. She doesn’t move, stuck under my command. I unbutton my shirt, tugging it off over my head and setting it aside. Placing my hand on her stomach, I force her back, so her back is flush against my chest. Zara m0ans at the relief, yet I am more shocked by the tingling sensation moving over my skin.

“I swear, Thane, I never did anything with your mates,” she pleads.

“That’s what I am f**king angry about, Zara, or should I call you Z?” I snarl, and I feel every muscle in her body tense.

Zara POV

That’s what I am f**king angry about, Zara, or should I call you Z?” Thane snarls, and my blo0d runs cold. He knows am the girl from Tal’s club. His aura presses down on me with his anger. What else does he know?

“Z? Rhen asks, and he looks at Raidon, who looks away guiltily. I knew Leon and Raidon knew, but they promised they wouldn’t tell Thane.

“Hmm, Zara here is Z. We will talk about that later, for now we take care of her heat,” Thane says, moving his legs under mine before lifting his knees and hooking my legs over his. I try to climb off him. No f**king way! Thane presses his hand on my stomach and his teeth to my shoulder in warning.

“I gave you my mates, and you will use them to abate your heat, or I will hand you over to the council you never registered with, Zara.” Thane snarls, and I swallow. No way I could pay those fines, and I sure as hell refuse to become a breeder. My heart raced in my chest and I shook my head vigorously. They would blo0dy hurt me, they hate me and I sure didn’t want to lose my virginity to men who would rather kill me than f**k me.

Raidon steps closer and I try to close my legs, but Thane pulls them wider apart. “Try it, Zara and I will fold you like origami, tie you down and let them run a train on you,’ Thane warns.

Tears burn my eyes, and I shake my head when Raidon falls on his knees between our legs. Thane’s hand moves to my hair and his fingers brush the back of my neck, making me shiver as he sweeps it over one shoulder before bunching it in his fist. Thane tugs my head back, forcing me to meet his gaze, which is surprisingly softer than I expected. His nose skims across my cheek to my ear.

“This isn’t a punishment. That will come later. But your heat won’t stop until someone knots you,” Thane purrs before nipping at my ear.

“My mates won’t hurt you, Zara. We are aware you’re a virgin,” Thane growls, the sound almost a gr0an. “We can smell your innocence,” he gr0ans as he flicks my ear with his tongue.

Hands run across my thighs and I gasp as the tingling sensation rushed straight to the apex of my legs. Thane lets my hair go and I find that the hands belong to Raidon. His hands move to my hips and my heart beats like a drum against my ribcage. Thane lowers his legs slightly, letting Raidon drag me down his legs and closer to him.

Thane grips my chin, tilting my face up to his. His l!ps capture mine, his tongue forcibly delving between my l!ps and I stealing my breath at the same time Raidon’s l!ps latch around my ni**le.

Sparks move everywhere, and slick drenches my thighs while primal desire courses through my veins, setting my veins on fire as my heat awakens like a live wire writhing through my body. Raidon growls, his teeth grazing over my hardened ni**le before he bites it. A whiny m0an leaves my l!ps, and Thane pulls away

“F**k!” Thane curses and I could feel the massive bulge beneath me digging into the middle of my back. Raidon l!ps travel south, n!pping and sucking my heated flesh, each soft touch making the pain lessen and I give in. I couldn’t take much more of this incessant throb, and despite them hating me, they were being strangely gentle.

Raidon eyes watch my face as he drops onto his elbows between my legs before his hot mouth covered my pu**y and my eyes rolled into the back of my head at the sensation. He sucked my lower l!ps into his mouth, his tongue delving between my folds as he l!cked every inch of me. My back arches at the intense feeling his skillful tongue brought forth.

When another two set of l!ps captured ni**les and l!cked at each br**st. My eyes flew open to find Leon had been released from his restraints and had one ni**le in his mouth while Rhen had seized the other.

“Shh, Leon won’t hurt you, he just wants to taste you.” Thane says purrs, his calling slipping out and forcing my body to relax despite the slight fear of having Leon’s fangs so close to my neck Yet their hot mouths everywhere was a sensory overload as I took in the different sensations, every part of me buzzing.

Raidon growls, plunging his tongue inside me before fattening it and dragging across my heated flesh and earning a m0an. I writhe, caught in heavenly bliss at their hands when Raidon’s fingers brush against my entrance and he sits back on his knees, his fingers prod around my entrance when he forces his finger inside me.

I squirm at the intrusion, but Thane’s hand presses harder on stomach and his voice next to my ear calms me “He’ll go slow.” Thane whispers, and my eyes dart to Raidon’s. He winks at me and smiles deviously, his eyes going to his hand between my legs as he slowly withdraws his finger before adding another and I feel my inner walls stretch around them before clenching.

“Good girl,” Raidon purrs while gripping my knee and pushing my leg out wider. Leon purrs, lifting his head from my br**st to watch Raidon f**k me with his fingers. He curls them inside me before scissoring them and stretching me wider. He withdraws them slowly before plunging them inside me again and making me cry out at the pleasurable feel.

“So w3t, so pretty,” Leon purrs before leaning down and dipping his face between my thighs. He sucks my clit into his mouth, and my walls clench around Raidon’s fingers while Leon tastes me. My hips rock against his face as his tongue swirls around my cl!t and I explode on his tongue; my vision turns white as my inner walls and clit pulsate as I come undone.

Leon keeps up his pleasurable torture while Raidon continues to f**k me with his fingers while I ride out the waves of pleasure rolling through me. As the feeling recedes, it leaves me feeling boneless and breathless. Leon laps at my juices and Raidon’s fingers. When Leon sits up, Rhen grips his face and tugs him across me. Rhen k!sses him hard and my walls clench at the sight of them as Rhen tastes me on his mate’s l!ps.

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