Alphas Possession Chapter 46

Raidon squeezes my thighs, making me glance at him and pulling my attention away from the sight above me, but Raidon was looking at Rhen who lets Leon go before l!cking his l!ps.

“You have more control than I do. I don’t want to hurt her,” Raidon tells him, yet I was momentarily distracted by how close Leon was getting to my neck again and the sharp points of his fangs grazing my skin.

“Leon!” Thane warns, as I squirm away on Thane’s lap. “I won’t let him drain you,” Thane whispers behind me when Rhen leans over, gripping his hair and tugging his head back.

“Gentle, if you act like a savage. I’ll put you back in the chair,” Rhen warns him before letting him go. Leon’s eyes go to mine before traveling down my body. My skin heats under his hungered gaze.

I sigh, turning my neck and offering it to him. I was far too exhausted to fight him, anyway. Besides, his bites weren’t painful, more like swimming in ecstasy. Yet instead of sinking his teeth into me, he just breaks the flesh, letting my blood flow down my chest. He plays with my blood, smearing it over my br**st, then dips his head. His l!ps followed the trail as he l!cked at my flesh and ignited my heat again. God, this is torture.

Rhen stands and swaps places with Raidon. I watch as he steps in front of me. My eyes go to the huge bulge between his legs. His hard c**k was straining against the fabric of his boxers. I knew what to expect when he shoved them down his legs, and the hard thing that came out of his boxers sprang free. Yet it still scared the heck out of me.

A pearl of pre-cum was on the head. That huge thing was going to be inside of me soon. I wondered if it would hurt, but after the way they had all been gentle with me, I couldn’t imagine that it would bring me anything other than pure pleasure.

I watched him grip his c**k and roll a condom on before moving his fist up and down a few times while his eyes moved over my body.

I could see a hint of something playful in his eye. My walls clench as I watch him stroke himself from base to tip.

Rhen kneels, looming over me and watching my face. His eyes then look down his body to where his c**k was inches away from my pussy. I felt how my pussy twitched with the need for him. It was frightening to have my body control over me like that, but there was something very liberating about it too, something primal and commanding, making me yearn for him.

I held my breath, aware that it was about to happen at any moment. When Rhen surprised me by leaning over me. He k!ssed my cheek.

“Relax, okay?” He whispers.

I nodded, unable to form a reply.

“I’ll do it slowly… And you can ask me to go even slower if you need me to.” Then says before looking to Thane behind me.

“She’ll be fine; she is built for this.” Thane says when I feel his chin drop onto my shoulder, watching as Rhen positions himself.

I nodded, surprised a little by how gentle he was being. He positioned himself at my entrance. When the tip of his c**k first touched my opening, I feit a shudder move up through my body, and I held my breath.

“Breathe, Zara.” Thane purred just as Leon sucked on my ni**le, making me m0an softly and the tension eases slightly. Rhen started to push forward. The tip of his c**k pushed against my core, w3t with Raidon’s saliva and my own juices. His c**k stretched me open as it searched for a way inside.

Slowly, he pushed forward. And, slowly, I opened up for him. i felt it, every bit that I stretched out for him. There was brief pain, but I still felt nervous as the tip of his c**k slipped inside.

I felt his shaft slip inside me, inch after inch when he met resistance as I tensed. Every little movement that he made sent shudders of pleasure through me. My body had never felt that sensitive before, and it was overwhelming.

I tried to relax, though, as I had been told to do, and let my body take the lead. I was doing something that my body had been designed for, something entirely natural for Omegas, and I felt aware of that the whole time. My body knew what to do, even if I didn’t. That was something I needed to trust, and when I felt a kind of euphoria wash over me, I felt the heat already receding.

Rhen grips my hips. “This will sting,” he says, and ! bite my l!p. His grip tightens before he thrusts the rest of the way Our pelvises flush, and I gasped, choking on my breath as pain stole it.

“Breathe, Zara,” Raidon purrs, gripping my chin and nibbling on my bottom l!p. Thane l!cks my neck and his thrumming calling slips out and my muscles go heavy as he forces me to relax and breathe.

I let myself focus on the feeling of having his c**k deep inside me, the way that my insides convulsed around it, and how good it felt to feel full. think he was waiting for me to get used to the sensation, to let him know if I was in any pain.

Rhen rocked his hips back and forth gently. He started out so slowly, then eventually picked up the pace and went a little harder. I m0aned louder and cried out with pleasure. The sounds leaving me had him moving harder and faster and my back arched, my fingers digging into Thane’s leg, yet he never complained. With every little increase in pace, I felt it like my body was tensing and quivering with pleasure and I wanted more, so much more.

I reached down between us and moved my fingers over my cl!t. Rhen smiles, watching my fingers. “Are you going to cum for me?” He asked, “That’s it, Zara.” Rhen purred.

I rubbed at myself for a few moments, but it didn’t take much. Before I knew it, I cried out, shuddering in org*smic pleasure. I saw stars as I shuddered and m0aned. Still, he kept thrusting in and out of me while Leon l!cked and nipped at my neck, Raidon squeezed my br**st, and Thane kept me under his calling, I came undone, hard, my fingers and his c**k pushing me through wave after wave of pleasure.

When I felt his knot expand, pressing against my entrance. Rhen pumped his hips those last few times. He gr0aned as my walls clenched around him, pulsating with my org*sm. When he plows into me with a loud m0an, my inside stretch to accommodate him, and I squirm before feeling his c**k twitch and pulsate inside me as we become entwined. He slowed down a little to a rocking motion, letting me recover before dropping his weight on top of me.

My body shudders and jolts with aftershocks of my org*sm, and my heat instantly died down, and my body was alive in ways it had never been before, yet I was exhausted after hours of heat, and I felt my eyelids closing on their own when Rhen slips his arm behind my back pulling my chest flush against his as he rolls beside Thane pulling me with him. He k!sses my temple, positioning me on top of him. Rhen’s chest heaves against mine as we try to catch our breaths.

“Sleep Zara,” Rhen murmurs next to my ear, and I feel Thane move beside us. He sweeps my hair from my face.

“Yes, Zara, sleep. Because tomorrow you have questions to answer, and you will answer them, one way or another,” Thane says, brushing his l!ps against mine briefly.

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