Alphas Possession Chapter 47: Thane POV

I watch as Rhen runs his fingers up her spine while waiting for his knot to go down so he can pull out of her. “You’re wearing protection?” I ask him, and he glares at me, which startles me.

“Yes, Thane,” he says, looking down at her. The way he spoke my name was cold, and I tilted my head, watching him, yet he didn’t lift his head to meet my gaze. Instead, he buries his face in her neck.

Her scent was growing weaker, the heat abated, and I observed as Raidon placed a blanket over her when goosebumps prickled her skin; he lay beside her, and Rhen rolled on his side, crushing her petite body between them to keep her warm. Leon had moved away from her and was sitting on the edge of the pitted den, his chin resting on his hand as he watched them.

“We can’t keep her,” I tell them, feeling their longing for an Omega loud and clear. They wanted her; they wanted to keep her.

“Do you not feel any kind of pull toward her?” Raidon asks, yet he stares at Rhen, not me. I swallowed. I felt the strange sparks got when I touched her. They were the same as I got from my mates. But she isn’t our mate.

“It doesn’t matter what I feel towards her, no Omegas,” I tell them, and Rhen growls, and I could feel his sadness. It was natural for us to want Omegas, yet I knew it was the desire of her heat that was making us feel off about her. Leon snarls, getting to his feet, and I try to grab his arm as he passes by me, but he pulls away.

“You need to get over Harlow. She isn’t coming back, but yet you insist on punishing us for it,” Leon snarls before stomping up the steps and leaving the den. I sigh and turn back to my mates.

“She can stay until we find her a place to stay, but that’s it,” I tell them.

“Leon’s right, Thane; it is time you got over Harlow. We want an Omega, and I know you think it’s because she is in heat and it is f**king with us, but packs need Omegas,” Rhen says, sweeping her hair from her face.

“Not our pack,” I growl.

“It’s no longer just your decision,” Raidon says, challenging me. I look at him to see if he truly wants to fight over this. They never challenged my decisions, yet I could tell they were willing to for her.

“We don’t even know her,” I growl. “She is an Omega. What does it matter what her past says about her? They are rare enough, and I know we could convince her” Rhen says.

“She hates us,” I snap at him.

“Yes, because you’re a d**k to her. She knows she needs an alpha. With us she would have four, she would be safe and looked after. Who wouldn’t want that?” Raidon asks.

“Harlow didn’t,” I snarl at him before leaving. She wasn’t ours. We all agreed that no Omega would join our pack after Harlow. How is it possible that they would change their minds after a couple of weeks of being around her? I head to my room, passing Leon’s, which was beside mine. The door was open, so I pop my head in, finding him sitting on the floor beside his bed with a blood bag in his hands.

“Get out,” he snaps, lifting his gaze to mine.

“Leon, we have talked about this.”

“No, you talked about it. We never agreed, you agreed for us, and we just accepted it.” he growls at me. No, we had all agreed, or so I thought. Was I in denial and just assumed they agreed with the decision? They definitely never spoke differently about the choice. Yet acceptance and agreement were too different things.

“Leon, I”

“I said get out,” Leon growls, and my brows raise at his tone. I pressed my l!ps in a line. Leon was the youngest of our pack and the most challenging when it came to keeping him in line, and he loved pressing my buttons, so I would punish him.

Yet this wasn’t a playful, cheeky side of him. He was angry, and he didn’t want me near. I swallow and nod, leaving him be and walking out. I close his door behind me and move toward my bedroom. Sitting in my room, it suddenly felt cold and lonely in here.

After a few minutes, the silence became deafening, and feeling how upset and hurt my mates were was agony, so I got dressed and headed to work. Once again, I don’t remember the drive and only became aware of my surroundings when I saw the security car pass me where I was parked in the underground parking lot. He would be getting ready to close up the building.

I see his security car stop behind my car and I climb out, wondering what he wanted. “What’s up?” I ask him.

“I was actually about to ring you. We found something while doing the rounds in the loading docks,” he says, and my brows furrow in confusion

“Hop in; I will take you around back. We also checked the footage for the docks and found something you might want to see,” my security guard tells me. I sigh, retrieving my phone and keys from my car before locking it up.

I climb into his car, and he starts driving slowly, checking the doors as we go and switching the elevators off. He then drives out to the loading docks up the side of the building. He parks inside the roller doors, and I see another of my security guards looking behind shelving with a torch in the loft upstairs.

“We found a can of descenter in the bin, which we thought was odd since no Omegas work here except your secretary,” he tells us.

“It might be my secretary’s. I had her pick up dry cleaning from the docks for me a few days ago,” I tell him.

“Well, we thought the same thing and checked the cameras…” he pauses, and I look at him over the top of the car as I climb out.

“She has been sneaking in after closing. We also found a den,” he tells me. I follow him to the storage room.

“We have been looking for her, but no sign of her tonight and she hasn’t snuck in for a couple of days. Do you want me to ring the police?” he asks, and I shake my head, and he follows me inside the storage room. I could just make out her scent, and probably only because I spent the night with her, so I was accustomed to it.

“No, I will handle it,” I tell him.

“Are you sure? I checked the logs. She never showed up for work today or yesterday,” he tells me, and I growl.

“Yes, because she was at my house,” I tell him, stopping next to a shelf. I sniff the air and look between the shelves to notice a makeshift den.

“Help me, move this aside,” I tell him, and we drag it out so both of us can fit in the tight space. I found one blanket and some clothes she had used to make her den, also a backpack. I rummage through it, finding a diary and her wallet. Opening it, it was empty besides some train and bus tickets. Her fake ID was also in there, and 5 cents.

I chuck it back in the bag before rummaging through the blankets and clothes and finding an empty noodle cup and an unopened can of baked beans. Sighing, I start packing it away and stuffing everything in the bag when I pick up her diary. It was well worn when my security officer cleared his throat.

“Boss, I think we need to notify someone. An Omega can’t live on the streets,” he says, and I glance at him over my shoulder. I watch as his nostrils flare at her scent in this area as he picks up the blanket and sniffs it. I snatch it off him, stuffing it in the bag with her diary

“You do, and I will fire you. No one is to know about this.” I tell him.

“But what about her situation? I don’t mind taking her in, my alpha wouldn’t-” I freeze, and an involuntary threatening growl escapes me, and he bumps into the shelving.

“I told you she was at my house. You will not touch my f**king Omega,” I growl, rising to my feet. He holds his hands up in surrender.

“I didn’t mean… I didn’t realize you meant she was yours,” he stammers, and I realize what I said. F**k!

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