Alphas Possession Chapter 48: Zara POV

I don’t know how long I slept, but when I woke up, it was to Raidon and Rhen talking softly beside me. I was toasty warm pressed between their bodies, and I didn’t want to move, knowing now that my heat had abated. I would be sent home, well, back to the storage lockers.

Yet I couldn’t stay here either, and dread pooled in my belly as Thane’s words came back to me. He knew I was the girl from the strip club, and I knew he would fire me. One thing I had come to learn after spending weeks with them at work. Was that image. was everything, and Thane hated nothing more than bad press.

“Wonder what time he will be home,” I hear Raidon murmur, and my eyes flutter open to see Rhen’s tattooed chest. I wanted to trace my fingers over the patterns that were etched into his skin but held back. Tingles spread across every inch of me that was touching them.

“No idea, but when he does, I will try to talk to him again,” Rhen answers.

“Talk, don’t fight with him, Rhen. He will say no just to prove he can,’ Raidon replies. I wondered what they were talking about, but the urge to pee was strong, and I felt sticky from slick and desperately wanted to shower. –

Raidon’s hand resting on my hip wasn’t helping that situation, especially with my stupid omega instincts and hormones running rampant, it made me want to press closer to him and I knew I needed to escape as instinct started to kick in. I knew if I didn’t move, I would be crawling on top of him soon. Their scents were overwhelming me. Yawning, I stretch. My back ached, and Raidon’s hand moved to my stomach.

“You’re awake. We have been waiting for you to wake up,” Raidon purred, k!ssing my shoulder, I looked up to find Rhen staring down at me.

I turn my gaze away, my face flaming with embarrassment. Now, what? Do I thank them for stopping my heat? Give him a pat on the back for taking my VCard or handshake as if this was some bizarre business transaction? I suddenly found myself unsure of what to do now. I felt awkward.

I was nothing more than their secretary and some strange Omega they f**ked. Sitting up between them, I tuck the surrounding blanket around my naked body; my eyes scan the room for Leon and Thane. But it was just us down here, and I let out a breath. Turning back to look at them, I find them both watching me. I gulp suddenly, wanting to flee from their hungry gazes.

I rub my eyes and look at the bathroom. I chewed my l!p, trying to decide what to say, yet I came up with nothing when Rhen spoke. “You can use the bathroom. You don’t have to ask,” he says.

I nod my head. “Thanks and um’. you didn’t have to stay down here. You could have left me here,” I tell them awkwardly. Man, why was this so awkward? I would have rather woken up alone, yet that thought also bothered me, but at least it wouldn’t have been so uncomfortable.

“I’ll grab you a towel and clothes,” Raidon says, sitting up. Yet he surprises me by pressing his l!ps to my cheek before standing and walking to the side. He uses his arms to pull himself out of the den. Getting up, I follow and am about to climb out when I feel hands grip my hips and lift me out before Rhen follows me to the bathroom. I was suddenly feeling extremely self-conscious. I could feel his eyes watching me as I stepped inside the tiled room.

Stopping at the door, I turn to Rhen, who seemed amused about something. What? I had no idea, but it made me even more awkward as his l!ps curved at the edges.

“Am I in trouble? I mean…is Thane going to fire me?” I ask.

I needed this job and the money to pay Martha what I owed her and get my shitty apartment back. If he fires me, I may be forced to take up the Job Talon offered, but whoring myself out didn’t sound very appealing.

“I don’t think so, but he is angry for not telling him about working for Tal,”

“He would have fired me if he knew,” I tell him, looking at the floor.

“Maybe, maybe not-“I raise an eyebrow at him, and he chuckles.

“Yeah, he would have fired you. Go shower, Zara. Raidon will bring you some clothes,” he says, and I walk into the huge bathroom.


I make my way over to the shower when I hear the door creak before calling out to Rhen.

“Rhen?” he opens the door and looks at me.

“Thanks,” I tell him and he smirks.

“Anytime,” he chuckles, closing it, and I shake my head. Well, I addressed the elephant in the room, so hopefully, it won’t be so awkward when I hop out, and I can sneak off before Thane returns home.

The hot water was welcomed as I used the desensitizing soap and scrubbed my skin raw. My insides hurt. Between my legs was extra sensitive and uncomfortable, but not overly painful. While washing my hair, I hear the door creak open. I was expecting Raidon to walk in, but it was Thane.

He sets a towel and some clothes next to the sink. “Once you are finished, get dressed and meet us in the dining room,” he says before turning and walking out.

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