Alphas Possession Chapter 49

I dressed quickly in the clothes set out on the sink before making my way to the door. I peered out, finding the den empty. There were no windows down here, and I knew that there was no escape from his wrath when I climbed those steps to the door. Dread pooled low in my stomach as my feet silently moved across the floor, only to creak as I set my weight on the first step. The sound was loud in the quiet room, and I suddenly didn’t want to leave the minimal safety it offered.

Yet I knew if I didn’t go up there, chances were Thane would rip me out of his den and house by my hair. Sucking in a breath, I twist the handle and open the door to the smell of Chinese food filling the air. My belly growls hungrily, but I ignore it, calculating my chances of running to the door without them noticing, which means running past the dining room.

Recognizing how stupid that thought was, I closed the door and moved toward the dining room. Better to get it over with. Just rip the bandaid off, as they say. I wondered briefly how long it would take to walk into the city or to Tal’s to see if I could maybe work.

As I walked into the dining room, they sat at the dining table talking. While Thane watched them. Leon was beaming happily about something, while Thane’s glare was murderous when his gaze turned to me.

“Sit, Zara,” Thane says, pointing to the chair at the end of the table furthest from everyone. That was fine by me. It meant I was closer to the front door if I had to get up and run from here. Quick escape. Yet his words had them all turn their attention in my direction. I swallowed, my heart pounding in my chest as I sat at the end. All of them had plates in front of them untouched when Rhen got up, placing one in front of me before retaking his seat. They felt miles away, and instead of dinner, it reminded me of one of the conference meetings.

“Thank you,” I tell Rhen, only for him to wink at me. My brows furrow knowing Thane could see his strange gesture. I fiddle with my fingers under the table, wondering what is going on when they all start eating and chatting. Yet Thane hardly spoke, just sat at the other end observing his mates while I pushed food around on my plate. My appetite suddenly went away as I waited for the other shoe to drop and his rage to be unleashed. The man was impenetrable. His rage I could usually see. However, now he just sat staring around at everyone while eating and listening but not showing interest.

His quiet, indifferent expression only made me more nervous. Yet the others appeared as if this was ordinary behavior for him. He wasn’t even using his aura, and I wanted to run. I found this version of him worse because I didn’t know what to expect next. His rage, I expected. The silence was eerie and cold.

Yet even after they all finished eating, they remained at the table. Leon went and got a bottle of wine, pouring everyone a glass before sitting back down. I can’t even remember the last time I ate at an actual dinner table, maybe before my parents died. Even at the sanctuary, we lined up for our trays and took them back to our rooms before setting them outside our bedroom doors. Did they eat like this every night?

I wondered how long they sat here. My a** was going numb, and my foot was asleep, yet still, they sat. My food was cold when finally Thane spoke, and silence befell the entire room.

“You’ll remain here. You can have the den and can carpool with us to work daily,” Thane says before sipping his wine.

“No, my apartment is fine,” I lie..

“The apartment you were evicted from?” Thane says, and I chew on my lip, trying to find a way out of the lie I told.

“Don’t lie to me. I detest liars. I know you’re homeless, Zara,” Thane says, setting the wineglass down. He looks at my plate before looking up at me. “Eat.”

“I’m not hungry, l…” Raidon clears his throat loudly, and I glance at him, only for him to nod at my plate in some silent message ! couldn’t understand. Looking at Rhen, he appeared to do the same.

“If you give me my handbag, I will just go, and I will see you at work” yet as I rose out of my seat, the look Thane gave me made me sit back down. He presses his lips in a line.

“No one leaves the table until the last person finishes eating, so eat.” He says. I looked around the table to see if he was joking. By the looks on their faces, this was the law in his household. My hands tremble as I pick up the fork, the metal rattling against the plate as I try to scoop up some rice. I felt like throwing up as they watched me.

Once l put the forkful in my mouth, Raidon’s and Rhen’s shoulders relaxed, and they turned their attention back to Thane. So do until I see him lean down beside the table. I nearly drop my fork on the table when he drops my bag from the storage room on the table in front of him.

“Now, as I was saying, you will remain here, Zara. It wasn’t a question or a request,” Thane states.

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