Alphas Possession Chapter 52

Thane parks in the underground parking lot, and everyone hops out of the car while I try to come up with an excuse for me to leave for the hour of the meeting. Yet I knew there was no way out of it once Thane had gripped my elbow and tugged me toward the elevator with the others.

“Maybe it would be best if I weren’t here.” Thane glances at me. “You know, with me being an Omega. I wouldn’t want to make anyone uncomfortable,” I tell them as the elevator goes up.

“None of us will have time to run you home. It will be fine.” Thane says while jamming the button a few extra times as if it would make the metal box we were crammed in go faster. I prayed it got stuck halfway up, and he would have to cancel the meeting. But we all know my luck is non-existent, so of course, it moved directly to our floor without incident.

The doors open, and I see Leila frantically typing away on her phone, leaning on my desk. She looks up and tosses her arms in the air,

“Hell, not one of you could answer your phone,” she hisses. Thane growls at her. Leila narrows her eyes at him, holds a finger to her l!ps, and points to the conference room. Thane looks toward it before pulling his phone from his pocket, and I glance at the clock. It was only a little before ten.

“He got in early,” Leila hisses, and I take a step back, only to bump into Rhen. He grunts when my heel steps on his toes, his hand gripping my elbow.

“F**k, how long?” Thane hisses at her.

“Been here half an hour already, said he had to head back earlier than expected,” Leila says. Thane curses, turning to look at us. His eyes fell on me, and my panic was making me sweat profusely, and sweat meant pheromones. Thane grips my arms.

“What has got into you? Pull yourself together and go grab Obsidian pack files. He holds one of our biggest contracts. We lose this deal, and we will lose other contracts. You need to pull yourself together,” he snarls, and I gulp.

“Rhen, Raidon with me. Leon, watch over Zara,” he says. Rhen and Raidon follow him down the corridor to the conference room, disappearing inside.

“Well, call if you need me, but I have to go let the technician in on level 2,” Leila says, heading for the elevator just as Leon grabbed my hand. He tugged me to my desk and pulled my chair out before dumping me in it.

Shaking myself, I breathe through my mouth, trying to ignore all the heady alpha dominant scents, hoping it would ease how uncomfortable I felt. I switch my computer on and log in. I immediately start looking for files, sending them to Thane’s tablet, which I hear beeping a few moments later. Checking the emails quickly, Leon leans in closer, sniffing me.

“F**k Zara, are you sick?” he asks, touching my head. All I could smell was my pheromones; if that Alpha walked out, I would be screwed. He would know an Omega was here. I could hear them talking, yet I focused on the computer when Leon swept my hair over my shoulder.

“Damn, you smell good,” he groans behind me. When it occurred to me, he could probably dampen my scent.

“Feed on me,” I tell him, grabbing his tie and jerking him closer. Leon shrieks, clearly not expecting the damn invite, but he could leech on me if it meant killing my damn pheromones.

“What? You actually want me to?” he asks, shocked, and I turn in my seat and glare at him.

“F**king feed on me; I do not want to send that prick into a rut over my damn scent,” I growl at him. Leon tilts his head to the side, observing my face.

“I’m not supposed to without Raidon or one of them with me,” Leon says, though his eyes darkened, turning a deep crimson, and I could tell he wanted to.

“Here, spray some descenter on,” he says, opening the drawer in my desk and dousing me in it. He chokes and coughs on it, and so do I. Yet it only dampened my scent, didn’t rid me of it. I was gone and in full flight or fight mode, and I could do neither to escape the situation.

“Ah, Thane wants us to bring coffee in,” Leon says, dropping the can into the drawer. I don’t move as he walks down toward the kitchenette.

“Zara! I don’t know how to work the coffee machine!” Leon hisses, waving me over. I nibble my l!p, glancing at the door, knowing that meant passing the glass windows that looked into that room. Looking at my desk desperately, I grab my folder off the desk and use it as a shield, pretending I am reading it.

Yeah, real smooth, not obvious at all that I am hiding. Leon passes me mugs while I get a tray and start the machine. I busily make the coffees and set them on the tray before giving the tray to him. Leon stares at me funny before he laughs.

“Seriously, you’re not scared of Thane, but that fool?” Leon chuckles, moves toward the conference room, and slips inside. I peek out the door, waiting for the Alpha to turn his head away as Leon slips into the room. When he does, I dart for the elevator. Yet! don’t escape Thane’s eyes.

I would take Thane’s fury for it later. As I dart past, Thane looks up, and my eyes widen when I hear him excuse himself. I ran for the fire exit, knowing the elevator would take too long. My hands hit the door, and I was almost free when Thane’s hand wrapped around my arm.

“Where do you think you’re going?” he growls.

“I knew you would run,” he snarled, shoving me toward the conference room.

I turn, needing to leave, only to smack into his chest, and he grips my arms. “F**king settle down, you f**k this up, and there will be consequences,”

“Please, I will go sit with Leila. Just don’t make me go in there. I don’t want to be up here with that Alpha,” I plead, and he looks at me when I hear his voice behind me. Every muscle in my body tenses as his scent reaches me, and I hold my breath. Why, why do the stupid serums affect us like this?

“Thane, is everything alright?” I cringe at his deep voice before I hear him sniff the air, and I swallow.

“Everything is fine. Just having issues with the Omega. You know how they get,” Thane answers, looking past me.

“I’m surprised you have one here after everything with Harlow,” Mr. Bowman says just as Thane turns me toward the conference room and to face the imposing figure standing by the door. I gulp my eyes, running over the monster responsible for killing my sister. He wore a grey tailored suit and was clean-shaven and bulky. He smiled before blinking, and the smile slipped off his face.

“Yeah, things change, I guess,” Thane says, nudging me forward. However, the Alpha’s eyes were locked on mine, and mine were on his.

“Zara, this is Alpha Jake Bowman from the Obsidian pack. Jake, this Zara, she is a secretary here,” he looks between Thane and me.

“You found her,” Mr Bowman whispers, and I only just catch his words, and my heart nearly stops.

“Pardon?” Thane asks, and the Alpha shakes his head.

“I said you found one, and Omega. I meant,” he corrects himself. He holds his hand out to me. I take a step back toward Thane and grip his wrist. The Alpha ignores my action and grabs my hand.

“Zara, such a pretty name. I knew someone by that name once,” he said, his grip tightening on my hand. He jerks me toward him and out of Thane’s grip.

“F**k, you smell just like her too,” he gr0ans, burying his face in my neck before sweeping it over my shoulder. He gr0ans lewdly, pulling me flush against him and all I could do was hold my breath.

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