Alphas Possession Chapter 53

“Yes, I am sorry about that, Alpha. She forgot to take her suppressants this morning,” Thane says, placing his hand on my shoulder and forcing his face away from my neck.

“Sorry, sorry, where are my manners?” the Alpha says, staring at my unmarked neck as he takes a step back.

“Shall we continue the meeting?” he says as I waited for him to out me, yet it never came. Thane leads me into the conference room.

“Such pretty little things, Omegas. I would know I have gone through plenty of them.” Alpha Jake states, watching me as Thane leads me to his side of the table.

I was on autopilot. I couldn’t think, speak or do anything, just stare in horror as my instincts told me to flee or fall at their feet. They go about their business. However, the Alpha’s eyes kept darting toward me. I barely paid attention to what they said until I heard my name mentioned.

“I’m sure she won’t mind, would you, Zara? And she is no good to you, Thane,” Alpha Jake says, and I blink, wondering what I missed.

“No,” Thane growls.

“Well, you didn’t even ask her. I will extend the contract’s lengths by five years,” the Alpha offers, and my eyes widen.

“Zara isn’t for sale? Nor would I allow it, even if she agreed.” Thane says.

“Everyone is for sale for the right price, Thane. You know this,” Jake says, staring at me, and Rhen’s jaw clenches.

“What do you say, Zara? Want to help your boss out, and you will be rewarded,” Jake says, and the way he says my name, it was almost taunting. He knew exactly whol was, and he knew Thane did not know. I gulp and shake my head.

“No, thank you. I already have an Alpha.” I tell him, my voice coming barely above a whisper as I look at Thane, begging him with my eyes not to disagree with me.

“Now, don’t be rash. I just want to see if you’re compatible with my pack. I bet you are, and you bare no mark yet.” Jake then turns his gaze to Thane.

“How much for her?” he asks when I say nothing. My heart beats like a drum in my chest, and I clutch Thane’s pant leg under the desk. He looks down at my hand on his thigh before looking at the Alpha.

“She’s not for sale, Jake. She is ours,” Thane states coldly.

“She bears no mark on her neck to stake your claim on her;” Jake retorts. Thane growls, jerking me out of my seat and onto his lap. My eyes widen when his hand grips the back of my neck. Horror washes through me. He wouldn’t dare mark me in front of someone, would he? Not that I wouldn’t mind wearing his mark, but that is something supposed to be personal, not flaunted to teach someone who is in control.

Yet instead of his teeth sinking into my neck, his l!ps cover mine. His l!ps part, tongue sweeping across my bottom l!p, wanting access, his calling thrums from his chest, and I submit immediately under it. My hands gripped his shirt as his tongue delved between my l!ps, tasting every inch of my mouth, and I moaned at his taste.

Thane deepens the k!ss, and sparks flood everywhere, making my skin tingle when he pulls away, leaving me breathless and biting my bottom l!p. The moment he does, his calling drops, and my reality shatters around me, and I blink. Embarrassed, I was about to climb off him when his hand gripped mine again, holding it on my thigh, his other hand on my waist as he tugged me closer on his lap.

“Do I need to make myself clearer? Or do you want to watch me f**k her, Alpha, so you can hear her scream who she belongs to?” Thane challenges.

Alpha Jake presses his l!ps in a line and glances at the contracts on the table while my face heats at Thane’s words.

“Don’t be foolish. You can’t even breed with her, Thane, unless you want her to be your equal. I will double the contract prices, the length, and whatever else you want. Name your price, Thane,” I see Rhen suck in a breath when he doesn’t back down, and Raidon looks at Thane. Thane doesn’t acknowledge them, just stares at the Alpha across from him when I feel his hand covering mine squeeze gently.

“My omega is not for sale,” Thane growls. Alpha Jake goes to open his mouth to say something when Thane speaks over him.

“Ask again. I will tell you where you can shove our contracts and our treaty, Alpha Jake. Just remember whose territory you are in. Remember who you are talking to,” Thane says, his voice ice cold.

I swallowed, waiting to see what he would say, and I noticed Rhen push his chair out a bit, and Raidon turned in his chair before stretching his arm along the table and drumming his fingers on the table beside Alpha Jake. Jake glances at Rhen and Raidon when I feel Leon’s hands slip onto my shoulders, and he squeezes them, making me glance up at him.

Their auras in the room and the testosterone were overwhelming when I felt Thane’s thumb rub over the back of my hand as if he was trying to soothe the instincts that were telling me to bow at their damn feet. Which was becoming an actual possibility if they didn’t drop their dangerous auras.

Jake laughs, putting his hands up in surrender. “Fine, fine. I didn’t mean to offend you, Thane. I didn’t realize you were serious about this one,” Jake says though it was clear he was not happy about it.

“Now, shall we sign contracts, or do you need me to escort you out?” Thane asks.

“I’ll grab a pen, shall l?” Jake says, reaching for one from the cup in the center of the table.

“Leon, take Zara for a drink,” Thane says, looking at him. I waste no time getting to my feet and off Thane’s lap. I take Leon’s hand. Thane nods at us, and Jake watches us leave. I don’t realize how shallow my breathing is until I step out of that damn room feeling like a weight lifted off my chest.

“Are you okay? He can be a d!ck, but usually he knows better than to challenge Thane,” Leon says, steering me toward the kitchenette. My hands shake as I grab a glass from the rack, filling it with water from the tap. I gulp the water down, thirstily needing the cool liquid to soothe the desert that sucked all the moisture from my mouth.

“Hey,” Leon purrs, stepping closer and pressing his chest against my back.

“Geez, Zara, you’re bloody shaking,” Leon murmurs, wrapping his arms around me, and he purrs. It wasn’t as potent as his mate’s powerful calling, but it helped calm my nerves as I leaned into him.

Leon waits for me to calm down and feel more under control when the doors open up. Thane, Raidon, and Rhen step out with the Alpha, and they seem all buddy-buddy again. As Alpha Jake passes the kitchenette, Leon’s arms tighten around my waist, however, I tense.

“I’ll catch you later, Leon,” Alpha Jake says, nodding to him before his eyes go to me. I don’t miss the odd glint to them that chilled me to the bone.

“And I’m sure I’ll see you again real soon, Zara,” he says, drawing my name out longer than necessary.

“It was lovely to meet you,” I tell him, my voice sounding robotic to my own ears. He says nothing, his eyes watching me when Thane claps a hand on his shoulder, steering him toward the elevator.

“F**k, he is a d!ck” Leon growls against my neck as he buries his face in my hair. He didn’t snitch, yet that did not make me more at ease. No, it made me even more worried for some reason.

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