Alphas Possession Chapter 54

Raidon watches Leon and clears his throat awkwardly, and at first, I didn’t understand until I heard Rhen arguing with Thane by the elevator. The worry I had about Jake was short-lived, knowing I now had to deal with an angry Alpha.

“It’s not her fault,” Rhen growls, and Leon jumps away from me. Raidon peers down the hall toward the small lobby before his eyes dart to me nervously.

“She tried to leave and has no trouble controlling herself around us. She is bloody lucky she didn’t send him into a rut!” Thane roared. I blinked, and my stomach sank. Was everything in there for the sake of Jake challenging him?

His fury was written all over his face when he suddenly appeared in the doorway to the kitchenette. “If you pull that shit again, L… will hand you over to the authorities,” Thane snarled at me, and I took a step back. I swallowed down the sickening feeling that was clogging my throat.

“F**king Omega’s! You and your stupid f**king hormones making you act like a-”

“Enough, Thane. Don’t get your shit with Harlow and Jake mixed up with Zara. She was f**king scared of him not throwing herself at him,” Raidon snapped at him and his hand moved quickly to grip his arm when he went to step into the room. Instinctively, I step back from the fuming Alpha, Leon’s chest brushed up against my back, and Thane’s eyes glared daggers at him when his arm slipped around my waist…

“Get back to work!” he growls at us before storming off. Yet I was still stuck on what Raidon meant by his strange words. That was the first time I had met Jake, and I hated the man. He was responsible for killing my sister so how could he think I was throwing myself at him?

“He’ll calm down. Obsidian Pack Alpha always sets him off. Don’t take it personally,” Leon murmurs behind me before squeezing my arms and following after Raidon. Rhen sighs, wandering off also, leaving me alone in the kitchenette now more shaken than ever.l Especially, now knowing I had to go home with Thane while he is like this at the end of the day. I chew my lip as I turn back to the coffee machine to stop it from quivering.

He just abused me for something I have no control over, and yet my stupid omega instincts were telling me to go in there and beg at his feet for his forgiveness.

One thing I was becoming aware of was how my instincts were becoming harder to ignore, and I don’t think my suppressants would work at all soon, even if I had them.

The serum I now officially knew was very active and alive in my system still. I was acclimating to Thane and his pack, even if I didn’t want to. Their constant presence only proved how impossible it would be to hide who I am from them, and now I was debating whether to tell them the truth.

But what if it angered them? I needed to leave anyway, but I may not have that chance if Thane kills me. But what if he forgave me for running and listened? What if I could stay? And I wanted to stay here. I could have a pack, something I never wanted but found myself suddenly wanting. I wanted them, and it was becoming harder to ignore. Unfortunately, I am not even sure if I could bring myself to leave, yet staying was becoming dangerous.

I had just finished making more coffee for everyone. Walking from each of their offices, I stopped at Thane’s and knocked. My mug and his shook on the tiny tray. Somehow, I couldn’t stop the fear from wrapping around me, yet I wasn’t sure if I was scared of having to leave or afraid of wanting to stay. Maybe both, maybe neither at all. All lines were officially blurred, and no path seemed correct.

“Come in,” I heard him call out, and I sucked in a deep breath. My hands were sweating as I fought every instinct to run in and beg, or run away. Slipping inside, Thane was typing away at his laptop but sat back when I placed his coffee cup beside him. He sighed, watching me, and I turned to leave when his hand gripped my wrist, making every muscle in my body tense.

He leaned across, grabbing the tray from my hand and setting it down as he swivelled in his chair, pulling me to stand between his legs. “I’m sorry, Zara, I didn’t mean to take my anger out on you,” he murmurs.

“It’s fine,” I tell him. What else could I say? He makes it perfectly clear the only reason I am here is that his mates seem to want me around. Thane sighs, letting my wrist go, and I swiftly grab the tray and my coffee heading for the door and away from him.

“I know you’re not the same as Harlow,” he says as I reach the door. I stop because only if he knew I was Harlow, yet I turn to face him to see if he says anything else.

“You’re not her, I know that. Just Jake, we have a past revolving around Harlow, and seeing him try to take you reminded me of when he did the same with her,” he told me, reaching for his mug. He sips his coffee, and I watch him, wondering what information I could get from him. Maybe I could change his mind.

“You hate her because you believe she killed your mother?” I asked, and he swallows, nods his head, looking toward the window.

“But you never found her, so what if she didn’t do it?”

“She did. I know she did,” Thane said with unwavering certainty. I was about to drop the subject, seeing I was not going to get anywhere with this conversation when the door opened. Raidon stepped inside with a clip-lock bag with some tubes in it and a needle before I could.

“Leila dropped this off,” Raidon says before smiling at me.

“Ah, finally. Stay, Zara. I need you here for this anyway,” Thane says, and I watch Raidon go over to the desk. He motions to the chaise, and I sit on it, dread pooling in my stomach. And Thane unplugs his laptop and brings it over before sitting beside me.

“Raidon is going to take your blood so I can send it off, and you can help me fill out this paperwork to submit for a birth certificate to register you with our pack,” Thane says, logging into some online portal for the council. My heart beats erratically when Raidon comes over with the needle toward me.

“Should he be doing that? Maybe a proper doctor,” I worry. “My mother used to be a pathologist. She taught me a few things, and taking blood is one of them,” He chuckles, pulling on some gloves..

“So, what is your last name?” Thane asks. I blink, having been put on the spot.

“And your real one, please,” Thane says.

“Perry,” I lie, it was my grandmother’s maiden name, and I knew he wasn’t going to get a hit with Zara Perry.”

“Date of birth and hospital?” he asks. I rattle off my actual date of birth and the hospital I was born at, not seeing how that would hurt when the last name was wrong.

“I thought we had to wait until after we received the birth certificate before we could do the blood test.” I tell them.

“Mum’s handling it, Dad owns a surgery down on the main street, so this we can do. Mum and Dad will handle it for us,” Raidon says while I hiss at the sharp jab. I watched the vial fill with my blood, and my fear perfumed the room at that information. I thought I could push it out a couple of weeks with this birth certificate, a week at the very least.

Raidon sniffs the air subtly, but I notice. “What’s wrong? You got some disease you didn’t tell us about?” he chuckles.

“No, just worried what my levels will come back as,” I lie. I wasn’t worried about that. I was worried about his father putting my blood up against the database and figuring out who I was.

“By the smell of you, your level is high, not that it matters,” Raidon says, and Thane growls beside me. Raidon shrugs at him, unperturbed by him.

“Because of Harlow?” i state.

“Yes, she had the last of my serum in her veins; I couldn’t mate you even if I wanted to. I won’t risk that,” Thane states when Raidon asks a question that had me holding my breath, wondering about Thane’s reaction.

“Do you want kids?” Raidon asked abruptly. I swallowed, glancing at Thane, but he wasn’t even looking at him or seemed bothered by the question

“I haven’t really thought about children,” I answer.

“Well, just because Thane can’t knot you doesn’t mean we can’t. Just something to think about,” Raiden says.

“Isn’t that the point of the serum?” I asked.

“Yes, but I can’t give you my serum. I have none left.”

“But the Alpha of Alpha’s is supposed to produce the first heir,” I tell him.

“As I said, I can’t. Doesn’t mean they can’t,” Thane says.

“And you would allow that?” I asked, a little shocked. In most Alpha packs only the primary Alpha-produced children. Though in a regular pack, it wasn’t unheard of for the Omega to produce multiple kids to multiple members of the pack. And depending on who they mated with decided on what the child was. Omega’s mating with each other created Omegas. Finding a male Omega was rarer than finding a female one.

“Yes, of course. Our pack isn’t like most Alpha packs. I may be the primary Alpha, but I don’t share those views entirely, not

anymore anyway.” Thane says, staring up at Raidon.

“I’d love any child my mates produced, It would still be my child.” Thane answers.

I swallow nervously. They still wanted kids despite me not being able to give Thane one? Well, I could. They just didn’t know that, and I wasn’t willing to test out the theory of if his serum worked completely. In all Alpha Packs, serum was used because the main Alpha grows in power and size when the other Alphas submit and he marks them. Omega’s are fragile but sturdy against Alpha’s, but, and Alpha of Alphas could kill an omega, which is why the serum was created giving Omegas some Alpha DNA. Though most normal Alpha’s still gave it to Omegas to force a bond where one wasn’t, or to hold more control over their Omega, it was barbaric but how things had always been done.

Yet if Thane gave me his serum after marking his mates, I would technically be stronger them except Thane, and a liability to the pack. Or so most Alpha of Alphas believe,

Omegas could mate with Alpha’s or any pack member, really, yet we are primarily born for Alpha’s because only Omegas can produce an Alpha child and take an Alpha knot.

Whereas Alpha females can’t produce children with another Alpha, no one other than an Omega can handle an Alpha’s knot. Yet, Beta’s could mate with each other or even Alpha females to produce more Beta’s and sometimes, oddly, an Omega which was extremely rare,

Where Omegas could produce female Omega’s with all types. The entire thing was crazy and confusing. This was another reason I never gave thought to children. I didn’t want to risk having a girl because I knew there was a chance she would inherit my DNA and not the father.

Raidon places a cotton ball on my arm as he slips the needle out. “How long will that take?” I ask him.

“A couple of days,” Raidon shrugs.

“Okay, well, this is all sent off. Says it can take up to two weeks,” Thane says, screenshotting the receipt number on his desktop.

“So, about the children—”Raidon says, but Thane cuts him off.

“You’re making her nervous. Let her get used to the thought of having a pack before we start harassing her for babies,” Thane says, and Raidon nods.

“Sorry, I was getting ahead of myself.”

“No, you’re worried that I will change my mind and you’ll lose your chance to have kids,” Thane says, closing his laptop and looking up at Raidon

“I’m not changing my mind. I know how much you three want this,” Thane tells him. Yet that didn’t sound like he was fully on board with having an omega. More like he was doing it for them only. Which only makes my stomach sink, knowing it would cause a rift in their pack.

“We can talk about it more later,” Thane says, dismissing us. Great chat, I thought, quickly escaping. Heading to my desk, I rummage through the drawer, spraying more descenter on before pulling the diary out when Raidon wanders over.

“What are you doing now?” He asks, and I point to my computer.

“Do you want to come with me to drop this off? You can meet both my parents,” he says, holding up the baggy containing my blood in a vial.

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