Alphas Possession Chapter 55

I chew my l!p, wondering if I am allowed to leave when I don’t have my suppressants. But after speaking with Thane and apologizing for earlier, I felt a little more at ease. “How far is it?”

“Just down the road, and we will go by car. No one will catch your scent,” he tells me when Rhen walks out of his office, he stops looking over at us.

“Aren’t you supposed to be working?” he asks, about to knock on Thane’s door. Raidon holds up the bag he is holding. Rhen’s eyes darted to me, and he sighed.

“She’s not going anywhere smelling like that,” Yet when Raidon doesn’t move to leave, Rhen’s eyes flick back to him. He raises an eyebrow at his mate.

“I said no! Zara, go wait in my office before this fool thinks it is a bright idea to take you down the main street smelling like sex on legs,” i peek up at Raidon, who is glaring at Rhen. When Rhen’s eyes reach my ears, making me jump.

“Now. Zara,” he growls, and I jump to my feet only for Raidon’s arm to snake around my waist, and he pulls me toward him. He buries his face in my neck before whispering.

“Wait for him to leave, then come down the fire escape, meet me in the parking lot” he says, pecking my cheek. I step away from him and raise an eyebrow at him. Rhen clears his throat. “Now, Zara,” Rhen snaps, and I rush toward his office.

Geez, most Alphas paw over Omega pheromones, yet something must be wrong with mine because all I get is their anger. I huff doing as !

am told while considering Raidon’s idea of sneaking off with him. I would much rather be in his presence than a brooding Rhen’s or murderous Thane’s. Leon, even though he would slurp on me like his personal juice box.

Rhen doesn’t leave the hall until I hear Raidon leave. With a huff, I push open Rhen’s office door and step inside his office, waiting by his door. I leave it cracked open slightly and peek out.

Only to notice Leon smirking from his desk a little down the hall. He puts his head down and scribbles on a piece of paper before holding it up. In big, bold black letters, it read.

I dare you!!

He drops his head, scribbling again, and I peer down the hall toward Thane’s office when Leon clears his throat, holding up another note.

Rhen loves a good chase.

| snicker, covering my mouth to muffle my laughter when he holds the first note up again, his eyes sparkling with mischief. I try to mime him to come with me, but he shakes his head, and I glare at him before he taps his watch, telling me I am running out of time. Glancing at Thane’s door, I see it is still shut, and I kick off my heels, holding them in my hand before I take off toward the fire exit.

I pull on the door to feel the heat of someone’s chest brush my back. He moved so silently that I didn’t even hear him. I stiffened when I felt his breath sweep across my neck as he leaned his face down. “And where are you running off to?”

“There was a draft,” I tell him, internally facepalming myself at my lame excuse.

“That’s what happens when you open a door,” Rhen purrs before gripping my hip and turning me around to face him. I noticed Leon standing down the corridor, and I nearly snorted when he held up another paper note in big black letters.

“I double dare you to run!” it read, and I rolled my eyes. Was he that bored that my death would entertain him? However, Rhen mistakes it for me, rolling them at him and growling, gripping my face in his hands.

“Were you trying to sneak off with Raidon?”

“Just airing out my shoes on the draft,” I tell him. He was not as amused as me at my words when Leon waved his arms, trying to get my attention. I could see the A3 piece of paper he was holding. That man was trouble, and he was trying to get me to play his silly little games.


But I was no chicken, and purely for Leon’s entertainment purposes, I decided against my better judgment, and my blood sizzled in my veins in excitement. Leon clears his throat behind Rhen, who turns to look at him, and the moment his back is turned, I take off down the steps before hearing Rhen curse.

Adrenaline pumped in my veins at the joy I got as I raced toward freedom. I finally understood the thrill of the chase everyone spoke about. Though dangerous and probably stupid, it made my blood come alive and I laughed, actually laughed for the first time in ages.

I made it all of seven flights of steps before I felt his hand grip the side of my shirt. We hurtled toward the wall, and I shrieked, closing my eyes as I tripped over my own feet. A loud thud reaches my ears, and I hear the air expel from his lungs as he hits the hard surface, yet I was unharmed as he pivoted at the last second.

His grip tightens, and he growls furiously. “Are you insane, Zara,” he snarls at me, and I briefly wonder if I was yet the adrenaline pumping through me makes me giggle until I hear a growl from a few flights down.

Rhen’s aura rushes out, and I hear rushed footsteps before the slamming of a door making me jump, his hand around my waist the only thing stopping me from cowering under the weight of his aura.

“If they hadn’t got a whiff of you before, they certainly have now,” Rhen growls, and I sniff the air, which was potent with my Omega scent.

I wasn’t given time to worry over it long before Rhen was moving toward the stairs. He was raging, and I suddenly didn’t want to go back up there, worried he would hand me over to Thane. Stupid Leon, he better own his participation in my misdoings, or he was going on a frozen blood bag diet.

When I don’t move fast enough, Rhen growls, grabbing my arm and tossing me over his shoulder, and he starts rushing up the steps toward our floor, yet the closer we get, the more certain I am he is about to dump me at Thane’s feet and snitch. I push my hands into his back, trying to get him to put me down.

Stop it. You’re in enough trouble,” Rhen snaps, but still, I struggle.

“It was Leon’s fault, not mine. Blame him. He told me to do it,”

“And you listened to him,” Rhen snaps.

“Please, I will be good,” I tell him. He huffs as if he thinks that task is impossible for me. It kind of was; I was always in trouble for something, or trouble found me in some way. Today trouble came in the form of Leon and Alpha Jake, third times the charm.

I dig my elbows into his back and rest my chin on my hands. Rhen growls but sets me down after closing the door.

I glance up at him to find his eyes a demonic black, and he smirks. “I won’t tell Thane,” he whispers, and I eye him suspiciously.

“My office now!” he growls, pointing toward it, and I peer over my shoulder before sighing and stalking off toward it. I hear Rhen spraying the descenter around, and I push the door open only to turn and close it and spot Leon with a triumphant smile on his face. What is he up to?

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