Alphas Possession Chapter 56

He’s angry at me. I get it, but it’s not like I can get rid of my scent for good. No matter how many times I spray myself or how many pills take, for Rhen, it’s not enough.

He’s been on edge for the entire day, so my little stunt tipped him over the edge, but at least he wasn’t handing me over to Thane. So it’s not

a surprise when he pushes his door open and locks us inside. I wait for the scolding I am sure to receive.

He smirks, walks past me, and I watch him as he moves around his huge office.

Rhen shuts the blinds for the massive windows in his office and I groan. He locked us in, yet this seems a little too far, and something’s telling me Thane won’t be happy about his sudden need for privacy.

“Rhen, what are you doing?” I ask.

“Not what I am doing, but what you will be doing,” he purrs, his eyes darkening as he walks toward me.

I raise an eyebrow at him as he stops in front of me.

He places a hand on my shoulder and forces me down to my knees, nearly pressing his groin to my face. “Can you see what you’re doing to me? You did this: you fix it.” He snaps.

I shake my head and come up with the stupidest excuse I could use, but I believe it should work. “Thane will come in here, and I’m not risking my job for your momentary pleasure,” I tell him, looking at the massive bulge in his pants, the fabric strained tight over it.

“Is that the only reason why you’re saying no? You’re scared you’ll get caught sucking d**k during work hours?”

“That’s not what I said. Don’t force words in my mouth,”

“I won’t force words into your mouth, but I will force my c**k in it. Don’t worry, I got it all covered.” Rhen leans down to slide his hands in my armpits and pulls me back to my feet.

I almost fall when he pulls me towards his desk and shoves me under it, grinning at me as he sits in his massive office chair. “A good assistant can deal with the issue at the desk, under and on top of it. Work your magic, Omega.” I growl at him, pushing on his legs, trying to get out.

“Thane isn’t the only one that can fire you, Zara. How lonely it would be to be locked in the den every day because you can’t be trusted at home by yourself.”

“Rhen!” I growl, and his eyes glisten back at me. He sighs, “I guess I should tell Thane you tried to run off? And he was almost in a better mood, such a shame,” Rhen purrs, using his hand to lift my chin. He brushes his thumb over my l!ps, tugging my bottom l!p down.

“What’s it going to be, Zara?” he asks.

“I better not get in trouble for this,” I snapped at him, looking at his straining pants.

My hands shake as I reach for his belt and slowly unbuckle it. I pull down the zipper and release his hard c**k. I would rather die than admit this, but my mouth salivates at the view alone.

Slowly, I grip the base of his c**k and bring it closer to my l!ps. First, I tease Rhen by rubbing the tip against my l!ps. When I part my l!ps and run my tongue over the tip, I can taste the pre-c*m and hold back a m0an as I open my mouth and suck him in.

Rhen grips the edge of his desk and hisses under his breath. If we get caught, this is on him, and I’ll make a point about that. Thane can’t fire me for something I’m forced to do by his mate, and he won’t find out how much I enjoy it. I’ll pretend I didn’t. Yet my scent aroused scent may give me away.

I bob my head to shove Rhen’s length down my throat. The gag reflex makes me cringe, but I ignore the resistance of my throat and keep going. The sooner he’s satisfied, the sooner I can escape his claws and get back to work.

His body tenses, and c**k twitches in my mouth. Though it’s difficult, I smile around his girth, excited to be done with this bullshit so I could slip back to my desk unnoticed.

Yet, just mere moments before I expect Rhen to fill my mouth, he pulls away from me as if I burned him. His gaze sears through me, and I wonder if I did it wrong. Having someone look at me like that stings, but I shake off the feeling and crawl out from under the desk and straighten my body.

Rhen got what he wanted; now. I can leave.

However, the moment I turn my back on him and take a step towards the door, Rhen’s already flush behind me. He slaps his hand over my mouth to keep me quiet and uses the stupid advantage of his strength to bend me over his office desk.

“Try to keep quiet,” he chuckles, his heady scent enveloping me, and I moan, turning languid in his hands as his calling slips out, enticing my senses and slick drenches the thin fabric of my thong.

Rhen still holds his hand over my mouth as he brings his other hand down and grabs the waistband of my slacks. He shoves them down my thighs.

Chapter 56

He forces me against the desk with such strength I can’t move even as his finger slides under the waistband of my throng, and he pulls the tiny fabric aside

I can feel the tip of his c**k dangerously close to my entrance. Rhen gently kicks my ankles to spread my legs further apart and presses his erection against my w3t opening. In one brutal thrust, he sheaths himself deep inside my confines and my walls grip him instantly, his hand muffling the noise that tried to escape my l!ps, and I was suddenly thankful his hand was covering my mouth.

“F**k, you feel good,” he groans, pulling all the way out before thrusting back in again. His thrusts are punishing, and I love every second, a new thrill of being caught slivers in my veins, and I push back against him, wanting more, and he laughs softly

His fingers dig into my hips as he plows into me, my thighs slapping the edge of the desk at his harsh thrusts. His laptop slips off the edge onto the floor when I hear the door handle jiggle, and I push off the desk frantically as it begins to open. Rhen shoves me back down, leaning over me, his voice below my ear.

You brought this on yourself. I want him to catch us.” Rhen laughs, and my eyes widen as the door opens. It was Thane, he folds his arms across his broad chest, but Rhea doesn’t stop railing me into his desk, and I can’t stop the moans muffled by his hand.

His gaze is intense as he leans against the door, watching, not taking his eyes off me when I feel the first tremors of my climax. My skin heats, and my walls clamp down on Rhen’s thick length when his eyes go to Rhen.

When you’re done, we are leaving.” Thane says before looking back at me. His eyes flicker as I convulse, my eyes fluttering closed as I come apart, gripping the edge of the desk just as I feel Rhen pull out suddenly. Moments later, I feel the splash of his warm c*m spray over my lower back and a**. Opening my eyes Thane is gone and I sigh relieved he wasn’t mad.

Rhen chuckles, grabbing some tissues off his desk and cleaning up the mess he made all over me while I die of humiliation at being caught like this.

I hear Rhen fix his pants behind me, and I reach down, yanking mine up.

“Think your little plan backfired. He didn’t seem to mind after all,” I tell Rhen, but he laughs, chucking the tissues in the bin.

“Oh, he was pissed. One thing to remember with Thane, little Omega, is his silence or lack of words is usually an indicator of how f**ked you’re gonna be when you get home,” he laughs, and the smile on my face slips as I watch him walk out of his office.

“But it was your idea,” I hiss at him.

You shouldn’t have run and tempted me,” he retorts, and I glare at his back, following him out. Leon waited by his office door, a smirk on his face.

“I want a front-row seat,” Leon beams excitedly. Of course, he does. It was his idea to run, and apparently, me being punished is prime entertainment.

“Don’t think I don’t know it was you who put her up to it, Leon. But don’t worry, you’ll get the best seat in the house, over my f**king lap, Thane calls out to him from the foyer. Despite being in trouble, I smirk. Serves Leon right!

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