Alphas Possession Chapter 57

Reaching the parking lot. Raidon was waiting in the car, he winked at me as I climbed in. “Heard you got caught?” He smirks and I glare at him. Rhen climbs in the front with Raidon when Thane slides across the seat sitting beside me with Leon on my other side.

“Why are we leaving early?” I ask, and Thane scoffs beside me.

“Are you seriously asking that?” He asks.

“Your little stunt caused quite the stir. They could smell through the air-conditioning vents.” My cheeks flame at his words and turn my attention to the front window. As we drive home, I wonder how much trouble I will be in when Thane speaks while leaning across me to turn the radio down.

“Did your parents question you about the blood sample?” Thane asks Raidon, and he nods.

“Did you tell them?” Thane asks and Raidon sighs.

*They won’t tell anyone,” Raidon finally says.

“I’m not mad; I expected you to tell her. I know how excited your mother will be,” Thane says, gripping his shoulder. Raidon visibly relaxes and only to tense himself. The more people that know about me, the more disappointed they will be. I wondered if his parents would forgive me if they knew who I truly was.

“Mum asked if you were allowing us to mate her?” Raidon chuckles. Thane sits back, leaning slightly on the door and watching me.

“His mother is sweet. You’ll like her. She was best friends with my mother,” Thane tells me, which makes me cringe. Great, she would definitely hate me if she believes the lies about me.

“Yeah mum took Thane’s parents death pretty badly, it’s also why I didn’t want to lie to her,”

“I said it’s fine, Raidon, relax,” Thane tells him.

“So your all your parents were close,”

“Mostly for business purposes, though Elaine, Raidons mother she even tried to help us find Harlow.”

“She did?” I ask nervously.

“Yeah she was worried we wouldn’t go through with it.” Thane sighs.

“Go through with what?”

“Killing her, Elaine said once we got a few kids out of her to kill her, she wanted vengeance,” i gulped, wondering how the woman could hate someone when she only knows one side of the story.

“I just don’t understand how you can be so certain, Harlow killed her,”

“You’re seriously defending the whore? She killed my mother, destroyed my family,” Thane growls.

“You can’t know that for certain though,” I tell him.

“I do know for certain. My mother mindlinked my father’s as her neck was slit. Her last words were, it’s Harlow. Harlow killed her and stole her car, she then ran some poor innocent man off the road when she side swiped Jim and destroyed his family. She is lucky the rogues got her because if they didn’t I would have made her death tortuously slow.” Thane growls.

“And your father?” I ask him.

“Fathers, I had two. Both of them killed themselves three weeks after her funeral. Once the bond severed they were never the same,” Thane says peering out his window. I look away from him, tears pricking my eyes at the heartache I had caused without doing a thing.

But it just made it abundantly clear to me. If they find who I am. No way they would believe a thing that comes out of my mouth. Not when his mother’s last word was my name which only hammered an extra nail in my coffin.

When we finally get home, Raidon parks in the garage, and the roller door shut behind us. My mind was still trying to process what I had just learned and how I was going to try to get myself out of it. Yet I saw no other way than running.

Climbing out of the car, Leon smirks at me, and I glance around to find Raidon and Rhen gone.

“Where did they go?” I ask, looking around to find the garage door leading into the house wide open.

“They bailed. They don’t like Thane’s punishments. They don’t like being spanked, not that stops Thane.” Leon chuckles. Spanking as in like a child? Surely he didn’t mean it the way it came out.

“There will be no spanking today, Leon,” Thane says, and I jump, having forgotten he was still here waiting for us. I peered over at him, and he suddenly seemed more imposing. My eyes go to his huge ass hands. Nope, I wasn’t playing whatever the f**k was going on here.

I heard him say in the office that Leon would be spread across his lap, but I thought he was mucking around. Now I was looking at Thane

differently. Who was this man? And why did Leon look excited? I sure as shit didn’t share that excitement that Leon was pretty much vibrating with

Leon nudges me toward Thane, but I take a step back. Nope, I’ll pass, thanks.

“Better to just take it and get it over with. You may even enjoy it.” Leon whispers. Is he insane? Na ah, I’m not having it. I shake my head, and Thane quirks an eyebrow at me.

“You run. It will only be worse,” Thane answers.

“Please run,” Leon whispers behind me before laughing. “I dare you,” he adds while Thane looks like he is running out of patience. He clicked his tongue, and I wondered what my chances of escape were. I wasn’t below shoving Leon down in his path, so I could escape.

Two things I feared: alphas and spiders. If it becomes between choosing between those two things, sorry Leon, I will throw your ass in the fire so I can escape.

After a few moments of our strange standoff, his patience wanes when I remain where I am, and he steps toward me. I stare at Thane, my eyes grow impossibly wide, and my bottom l!p quivers. How could he think of such an outrageous thing?

I have no idea where this sudden wave of confidence comes from, but I need to stand up against his attempts to bully me into submission.

“And what if I don’t want to? You don’t own me. I never agreed to be a part of your weird pack punishments. You don’t have the right to punish me for something. Leon, yes, as much as I hate to admit it, you have power over him, but not me, Thane.” I growl.

“Oh, this is getting good. Keep going. I wanna see him get really mad,” Leon urges before shoving me toward Thane, who grips my arms before I stumble into him.

“You do realize your little stunt back at the office ended with three of my workers knocked out cold by security?” Thane growls in my face.

“Again, not my fault, peer pressure.” I tell him.

“I give you one chance to correct that answer. Just remember, Zara. Most alphas have their omegas tucked away where the world can’t see them. You don’t strike me as the type that likes to sit at home all day playing house, so either you accept your punishment as Leon will and keep your job. Or you remained locked in your den all day until we get home from now on.” Thane tells me.

“Does that mean I get to sleep in?” I ask, and his canines slip out, making me gasp. At this point, I’m not sure what scares me more-his threat or the look on his face.

All this time, Leon stands aside, looking down at his feet in shame as if he knows something I don’t. Has Thane been doing these punishments for a while? I can only assume Leon knows there is no escaping from Thane, so he doesn’t bother to run. I suppose neither should I since I’m equally guilty as Leon. Though I was sticking with the peer pressure story. What one spanking if it means keeping my freedom? Without it, I would have no way of escaping once they learn who I am.

“Fine.” I snarl, raising my voice a little just to prove a point. Thane can take all the pleasure in this he can get, but I will continue showing how much I hate his ideas of discipline and holding up the order he created.

Thane leads Leon and me up the stairs toward his room with a smirk playing on his l!ps. While I roll my eyes at the ridiculousness of it all.

He opens the door of the room and shoves us both inside.

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