Alphas Possession Chapter 61

My words fall on deaf ears, and I sigh, allowing her to do as she pleases until they return. Yet the moment she freed me from my pants, she wriggled her hips and sank down on me. I gasp, feeling my c**k glide through her soaking wet folds and into her hot pussy. Her walls clamping tight around me, and she m0ans while I grip her hips.

I can’t even remember the last time I f**ked a woman. I know it was before Harlow ruined us. Women were useless to me, and I preferred to watch. My head falls back against the headboard as she rocks her hips. Her l!ps move to my neck as she sucks and l!cks my skin, and I tangle my hand in her hair, bringing her l!ps to mine.

plunge my tongue into her mouth, and she whines into my mouth, her tight walls squeezing my c**k, making my need to pound into her tight pussy so much harder to resist.

My fingers grip her hair, and I tug her head back, my l!ps attacking her neck and moving to her chest. I run my tongue around her hardened ni**le before sucking on it. Her breathing grows harsher, and she whines about not being able to move the way she wants with me holding her in place.

“Rhen?” I snarl through the mind link.

“Bloody busy right now,” he snarls, and I growl before gripping her hips and lifting her off me. I couldn’t risk knotting her and killing her. She snarls at me when I slam her down on her back before flipping her over.

Fingers dig into her hips as I pull her a** into the air before positioning myself between her legs. I shove inside her, feeling her stretch around my c**k; she m0ans loudly, dropping the top half of her body onto the bed. I withdraw slowly, watching my c**k slide out of her before sinking deep inside her. F**k, she feels good, so warm, so wet.

| slowly f**k her, waiting for one of them to get up here and take my place while I tried to keep my head and not give in to instinct which she was making hard when she kept pushing back against me. Her a** jiggling every time I thrust into her, spearing her with my c**k.

Zara tugs at my thigh, wanting me to f**k her harder, and I grit my teeth, knowing that isn’t a good idea. “Please,” she whines, her walls slick and clenching tighter around me. I give in, slamming into being wary of keeping my growing not from breaching her entrance, yet as she climbs higher and higher, I begin to lose myself in the feel of her tight pussy gripping my c**k. I feel my knot press against her, and she pushes back against it.

Her hot cunt stretches, wanting to take my knot, but I hold her hips tighter so I don’t hurt her. I feel her walls flutter and the rush of her heat making my thighs wet with her slick just as I feel my balls tighten, and I know I am close when she comes apart, and I move to blow my load on her a** when she rocks back as I go to pull out of her and my blood runs cold when she m0ans loudly, and I spill myself inside her feeling my knot lock inside her. “No!” I gasped.

I grip her hips, my claws slipping into her hips, and she m0ans louder, rocking back against me, and her heat abates, yet my eyes were locked onto her a** that was flush against my pelvis, my knot locked tight inside her when she slumps forward in a haze forcing me to follow her as she passes out.

The moment she does, my heart nearly stops at the horror of what I had done crashes into me with the force of a truck. “Zara?” I murmur, rolling and pulling her onto my lap. Her head rolls back onto my shoulder, and her eyes roll into the back of her head. I killed her. I killed her.

“Rhen, Raidon!” I scream in a panic as I tap her face.

“No, Zara. Zara!” I yell at her as I hear their rushing footsteps trying to get to us. I grip her face, turning it toward mine, her eyes still in the back of her head, and I could feel the warmth coating my thighs, but from our position, I couldn’t tell if it was slick or her blood. My heart raced in my chest when she didn’t respond.

The door bangs against the wall, and Raidon and Rhen stop in their tracks when their eyes fall on me. “What have you done?” Rhen gasps.

She moved as I went to pull out,” I panic as Raidon climbs onto the bed. He grips her face. Prying her eyes open and Rhen stared in horror at her. I shake her arm when Raidon pulls her eyelids open again. My panic consumes all of us when she whimpers.

“Let me sleep,” she whines. Raidon’s eyes go to mine before glancing between our legs where I had knotted her.

“She took your knot,” Rhen murmurs, his l!ps parting in shock.

“How?” Raidon chokes, glancing at Rhen behind him as a sleepy Zara slaps his hand away. Yet I was just relieved she was okay. I exhale, my heart rate slowing, and I can finally hear hers over mine, can finally see through my panic that her chest was rising and falling slowly. She wriggles, and I grip her hips, knowing if she tries to climb off me, I may rip her insides out when she does.

“That’s not possible,” Rhen says as I tug the blanket up. Zara passes back out snuggled against my chest, inhaling my scent as she turns her face into my neck with her neck awkwardly craned back.

“I don’t understand how this is possible unless she was already serum’d by another alpha. She shouldn’t be able to take you,” Raidon says, looking just as confused as us.

“Her landlord said she was running from someone when she found her,”

“Yeah, but who? We can’t claim her if she is serum’d to another alpha, Thane,” Rhen argues. I peer down at her.

“We need to find out who she belongs to,

“No, I am not handing her back to them if she is running from someone. She wouldn’t run for no reason” Raidon growls, glaring at Rhen.

“If she is running from someone, the moment your mother uploads her DNA in the database, we should know who,” I tell him. “If she has serum in her system, it means she is registered,”

“But to who?’ Rhen asks. I shrugged, yet something nagged and gnawed at me.

*Then what? We hand her over?” Raidon asked incredulously. He was right. If she was running, she would have to have a reason too. I brush her hair from her face.

“F**k when her blood comes back, her pack will be alerted. They will come for her,” Rhen says, sitting on the edge of the bed and dropping his head in his hands. Sadness at the thought of losing her bleeds through the bond, and guilt floods me, knowing I got their hopes up that they could have an omega only to lose another.

“We won’t lose her.” I whisper before sinking my teeth into her neck. My teeth slide through her skin and muscle, and she wriggles, but I hold her in place. My pack has lost enough. We weren’t losing her too. I would pay the price for marking an Omega that wasn’t ours. Because they cant take her once she is marked, no one would take her from us.

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