Alphas Possession Chapter 67: Leon POV

I was pissed that Thane had hired a new girl as a secretary. She starts tomorrow, and the thought of anyone sitting at that lesk other than Harlow irritated me.

Thane, this doesn’t feel right, having another female here. Harlow will be able o smell her on us,” Rhen tries to explain o him. Yet I had a feeling that was ‘exactly his intention. He was pissed we were staying with her and trying to push I wedge between us. Having a new secretary and a female one here would do exactly that. Omegas are possessive, more so than Alphas at times.

‘I don’t care. We need a secretary,” “Thane says.

Then let her work here or get Leila up here!” I snarl at him. Thanes say nothing, just ignores me, and walks off. I curse, shaking my head. When it is time to leave at the end of the day, Thane drops us back at the hotel and guilt gnaws at me as I step into the room. Which was ridiculous because I had done nothing to feel guilty about. Yet what I was most shocked about was she wasn’t in bed but in the shower. She hadn’t moved out of the small den she created in days, yet today the bed was made, and she wasn’t in it.

Rhen’s brows furrow worriedly, as do mine. We both peered over at the bathroom door, where we could hear the shower running. It cuts off, and she emerges in just a towel, looking delicious. She jumps, startled, not having heard us come in before her usual resting b*tch face settles across her features.

Well, that hasn’t changed then. She clearly wasn’t talking to us still; Rhen sighs, falling on the made bed. He sniffs the pillows and his face scrunches up. I knew what he was upset about. They didn’t smell like her. It felt wrong and who opened the damn windows? I move, slamming the two of them shut.

Harlow moves about the room getting her pajamas on but not saying a word before she climbs into bed beside Rhen, who rolls and moves to encase her in his arms. She doesn’t fight him or struggle. As much as she hates us, we knew she craved her alphas, and she needed us, just like we needed her. Rhen melts against her back, burying his face in her w3t hair.

I waited for him to break the news to her about the new secretary, but he didn’t, and we fell into the same routine we do every night. Silence, TV, eating, and then bed.

Climbing in beside her, I tug the blankets up before tugging her closer, and she sighs, offering me her neck like she does every night. I sink my teeth into her neck and she m0ans before clamping her l*ps shut, not wanting me to know the effect my bites have on her.

I fed on her for a few seconds before pulling away, her blood tasting different to me, stronger. L!cking my l*ps, I brushed the pad of my thumb over the bite mark, trying to figure out what was different about it. I s*ck the blood drops from my thumb, swishing it around in my mouth.

“What is it?” Rhen asks, looking at me over her shoulder.

“Nothing. She just tastes a little different.

“Maybe she needs vitamins?” He offers, and I shrug, unsure, but I would let Raidon know. She has been under the weather the last couple of days. But nothing indicates she is sick. It could also just be because of stress in her bonds. Thane’s blood always tastes different when he is angry or stressed.

Harlow POV

The next morning, I got up as soon as they left and hauled ass to get changed before racing to the other side of the city to work. The moment I stepped in, Bree was yanking me toward the back before giving me a change of clothes. I slip on the slutty looking outfit while she covers the marks on my neck and douses me with so much spray on pheromones that it makes even me gag. She does a sniff test and gives me the thumbs up.

I work behind the bar all day and today was actually a busier day, maybe because of the construction going on across the road, but I made almost $150 in tips. So at least I could catch a cab to work each day this week and still put some away.

“Hopefully, that construction lasts a while. It might get this place out of the red with all their workers wasting their lunch breaks here,” Bree laughs, waving a wad of cash in my face. I chuckle, pouring and making drinks. By the time my shift ends, I am exhausted.

My feet throbbed, and my lower back ached as I climbed into the cab. Yet the pheromones were making me feel queasy on the cab ride home. So queasy, I chucked the money at the driver and rushed out of the car to spew in the garden out front of the hotel. Shame washes over me as people stare, but I don’t want to throw up in the man’s cab.

When I regain myself, I wipe my mouth on the back of my hand. Big mistake, it was covered in pheromones, making me gag, and I ran for my room. Jamming the key in the door before rushing to shower. The smell was terrible. I showered quickly, knowing I had to take my clothes downstairs to wash so they didn’t smell the pheromones.

I open all the windows and air the place out and make sure I wash every bit of makeup off. Once finished, I take my clothes to the small laundromat attached to the hotel. I hand the clothes to the girl behind the counter and my room number. She scrunches her face up at the smell of them but doesn’t comment.

Great, she probably thinks I am some hooker. Once back in my room, I find a place to stash the cash I made today, leaving only a twenty in the bottom of my shoes for the cab tomorrow morning. I really needed to get my handbag and wallet back so I could keep them on me. It felt weird stuffing my tips in my bra all damn day.

I messaged Leon and asked if he could pick it up, but he said he was already on his way here. I gr0an. He asks if I want or need anything, but I don’t bother replying, instead, curling up in bed. My belly rumbles hungrily, and I reach for the phone, ordering room service and ordering them the usual meals they seemed to order every night.

Sitting back, I wait for them to arrive only when they do. Instinct has me sniff the air as the breeze from the open window wafts their scent to me. It smelled wrong, and before I could stand myself.

I had and before I could stop myself, I had launched myself off the bed at them. My legs wrap around Rhen, who curses as he catches me stumbling back out the door and into Leon.

They both hit the concrete and as embarrassing as it was, I couldn’t seem to stop as I looked for the source of the scent on them. My claws slip out, tearing the buttons on their jackets and popping the buttons on his shirt. My nose buried in the flesh of his chest, sniffing to see what he did, but the smell was only on his clothes, not him. A feral, crazed growl leaves me when I smell the scent of another Omega on them.

Tears burn my eyes as Rhen tries to soothe me, his hands in my hair, uncaring that he was pressed on the dirty ground. My hands reach for Leon. I needed to check he didn’t touch her; I needed to check he didn’t touch her; I needed to know. My bond screamed and wailed. My heart felt like it was going to tear out of my chest. When an arm wrapped around my waist dragged me off, my bond reacted irrationally. I wanted to kill her, kill the woman whose scent was on them. Only seconds passed as I thrashed in my captor’s arms while Leon and Rhen got back to their feet.

Raidon’s scent smashes into me, and he purrs. The same sickly sweet Omega scent covered his clothes, too as he turned me in his arms. “Shh, I know. I know Harlow. We never touched her,” he murmurs as I bury my face in his neck. He turns back to the room, yet as he does, I spot Thane standing beside his car with his arms folded across his chest.

Did he stay to watch my reaction to them? Was this some sick game to him? He was

trying to hurt me, and that startling recognition hit me like a slap in the face, How far would he take this? I struggle in Raidon’s grip, wanting to be put down as anger courses through me that he would do that and they would allow him. Radion sets me down on my feet as rage engulfs me.

“Get out!” I snarl at them.

They stop looking at me. “I said, GET OUT!” I screamed, turning breathless. They glance at me warily, and only then do I realize my claws were out, and so were my canines. Blistering hot anger courses through me, and I couldn’t bear to even look at them.

“Harlow,” Leon murmurs.

“Get the f**ck out!” I scream, pointing at the door. They look at each before quickly

leaving, and I follow, slamming the door once they step past the threshold along with shutting all the windows. “Harlow?” I hear Raidon whisper, but I don’t answer, instead falling into a heap on the floor as my bond pulsed through me, broken and screaming out for them. They eventually leave. I hear them argue with Thane in the parking lot. It was clear this was his doing, yet they went along with it. I felt betrayed, sickened that I was so replaceable.

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