Alphas Possession Chapter 93

Thane handed me the title before we left, proving it was in Leon’s name. Jake also rang and double‐checked for me to make sure the title change was paid and transferred.

I was solely relying on Leon not to f****k me over now, and that kind of scared of me.

Yet when it came time to leave, I felt bad making Jake drive Thane to the city, knowing that he would be hours away from Zara while she was so far along.

Staring out the window, I watched the scenery go by; one part of me was relieved, just their scents alone calmed the deep void that bond caused, yet another was intent on making them pay for what they had done.

So the entire drive, I didn’t speak despite them trying to get me to.

The only person I wanted to see was Leon, yet at the same time, I knew staying with Zara would have only caused more stress.

I hated that the mate bond had such a strong pull on our instincts that it made me depressed without them.

Loving and hating someone, what a confusing cl***terf***k that was.

Along the way, I must have dozed off, getting actual sleep.

Something I hadn’t had in what felt like forever.

It was someone opening my door that I was leaning on that woke me, and their hands caught me as I toppled out.

My eyes flew open as sparks rushed over me, and for a few seconds, I thought I had dreamt it all.

I turned and kicked blindly.

My heart was racing in my chest, and I was pretty sure I pulled something twisting the way I did so quickly.

“F****k!” Rhen groaned, dropping to his knees as I clutched my chest in panic.

The snarl that left me echoed in the car as I slid back across the seat to find Raid on helping him up.

Movement out of the corner of my eye has my head turning as Thane walks around the front of the car.

“Leave her, just back off,” Thane tells them when Raid on moves to try to placate me with his calling.

Yet their calling didn’t hold the same effect; I saw it for what it was.

Drugging and addictive, a sedative I didn’t want, no matter how quickly it would soothe everything away.

I would rather panic and pain.

It meant I was still fighting, still keeping the tether of my will in my grasp.

“We won’t touch you.

We were just letting you know we were home,” Thane says from beside the door.

He made no move toward me.

“Where is Leon?”

“He’ll be here soon.

He went to get dinner,” Rhen coughed, rubbing his manhood I just kicked.

“I’ll wait here for him,” I tell them, not willing to move from my spot while he wasn’t here.

“Harlow, it is freezing out here,” Thane tells me.

“I said I will wait for Leon.

Now get away from me,” I tell him.

“Fine, I am going,” he tells me, then turns on his heel and walks through the door leading to the foyer.

“You lot as well,” I snap at them when Rhen and Raid on linger.

“Can we get your bags from the trunk, at least?” Rhen asks, and I peer out the back window before quickly nodding.

Once they were gone, I reached for my handbag, snatching it up and rummaging through it for the vial.

I hadn’t taken it.

I could, and I think Thane believes I have, yet it would make our daughter just as strong, and with teenage years that could be a disaster.

Finding it, I placed it inside my bra.

Plus, if Thane did command me, call me stupid, but I wanted to know, being at his level, I wouldn’t feel it, and I needed to know I could trust him.

One command, I was out of here and not coming back.

Twenty minutes passed before Leon finally arrived, the garage door lifting as he pulled in beside Thane’s car.

He rushed past, and I could feel his excitement bubbling within him, through the bond, knowing I was back.

“Leon?” I murmur as he reaches the door.

He freezes, his entire body going tense before he turns around.

A silly grin splits onto my face.

Gosh, how I missed him, the bag of Chinese food forgotten as he dropped it.

Moving with his hybrid speed before crushing me in a hug as gently as possible.

“Finally,” he groans into my hair, and I wrap my legs around his waist as he presses me against the car’s door.

“Did they do anything? I wanted to come, but they had already left.

We can stay at the hotel, or maybe we can go,” I cut him off, pressing my lips against his and tugging him closer.

He only takes seconds to get over his shock before kissing me back, his hands trailing down my sides as he caresses the sides of my belly and hips.

I “I guess I am cooking then,” Thane says, making us pull apart, Leon growls at him, and Thane raises an eyebrow at him before he looks at me.

“What do you want for dinner?” he asks.

“I will cook myself, I am not eating anything you make,” I snap at him, and he stares up at the ceiling.

I know he hated anyone in the kitchen, but I wouldn’t put it past him to put something in it, and I sure as shit wasn’t eating porridge or whatever he decided to make.

He may say I have a choice, but choices were limited with Thane.

“Very well,” he says, walking off.

Leon turns his face back to me, a smirk on his lips.

“So what are you cooking? He rarely lets anyone cook,” Leon tells me.

“I can make two‐minute noodles, or the potatoes you make like gravy?” I ask him.

Shit, I should have thought that through.

I can’t cook for shit.

There was no need in the Omega facility, and noodle cups were pretty much it in our rooms.

“Sounds interesting. Can’t say I have eaten two‐minute noodles. Are you sure you don’t want him to cook?” Leon says, trying not to hurt my feelings.

I wasn’t Zara.

I know I can’t cook.

My kitchen skills involve coffee, microwave food, and sometimes unburnt meat, but then it is pretty much raw.

I couldn’t win.

I “Nope, I am cooking or boiling water,” I told him.

“I don’t think we even have noodles, but we can check,” he tells me, gripping my a****s and hoisting me higher as he moves inside.

“I can walk, and I know I am heavy,” “Hybrid, and I want to hold you, so shh,” he hisses at me, and I roll my eyes at him.

There were no two‐minute noodles, and I was trying to work out the measurements in this recipe.

I googled it.

It was one of those four‐ingredient recipes, which is a lie. Since when aren’t condiments an ingredient? “Are you sure it says that much salt?” Leon asks.

I looked at the recipe again while clutching the spoon and salt, hovering it over the pot.

That glance made the salt bag tip over and I poured a heap into the pot.

A shriek leaves me, tossing the bag aside before dropping my spoon inside the pot.

I was making some strange version of Pumpkin soup that I couldn’t pronounce.

Why not call it what it is? Pumpkin soup, it seemed to be all it contained.

It looked nice in the picture, though it smelled a little funky.

“I can order Pizza?” Leon offers as I stir the pot.

Man, I hate to be the one to wash all these dishes.

“I just spent all that time peeling that thing and working out this ridiculous stove.

You’re eating it,” I snapped at him, becoming flustered as I fished for the spoon before giving up.

“I’m sure it will be tasty,” Leon lies, and I narrow my eyes at him.

“You know I can feel you, right? I can tell you’re lying,” I tell him, pointing the finger at him.

“I will love it because you made it,” he tells me, and I shake my head before turning back to stir.

“Okay, I think I need to put cream in it.

Well, that is what it says,” I tell Leon, and he hops off the counter to fetch it.

I pour in the measurement of cream, yet it does not look like pumpkin soup. And why is it so lumpy? “Argh, it is sticking to the bottom,” I tell Leon while using the ladle to try to break up the pumpkin, only to find the spoon I dropped in it.

“Are you sure you weren’t supposed to pour some of the water out?” Leon asks, peering into the pot.

“It’ll do; I am hungry,” I tell him, retrieving some bowls.

I pour it in just as Rhen and Raid on walk out.

“Thane is out there on the verge of having a tantrum over his kitchen,” Raid on chuckles before he stops.

“Nope, he will definitely cry when sees the state of his kitchen,” Rhen says, looking at the mess.

“What are you making?” Radion asks as I pour the lumpy soup into the bowls.

It looks nothing like the picture at all.

Well, I never claimed to be Master chef.

I push the bowl toward him, and he smiles awkwardly.

“Looks interesting,” Raidon comments; he accepts the bowl with an awkward smile which kind a looked more like a grimace.

“I should probably take Thane’s out for him.

He would die if he saw the kitchen in this state,” Rhen tells me before snatching his bowl off the counter and moving toward the dining room.

“That was quick,” I heard Thane say, grabbing a spoon.

I picked up some of my soup, and I obliterated every taste bud with that one spoonful.

It sprayed out like a fountain, coating Leon leaning against the other side of the counter, who was yet to take a bite.

“So much salt,” I choke, racing to the sink and putting my mouth under the facet, gulping the water down.

“I’ll order Pizza,” Leon winks at me, and I grab my bowl pouring the contents out before wandering to the dining room when I hear whispers. Popping my head around the corner, I see Rhen sniffing his.

No f***king way would I eat even another spoonful of that over salted sh**t.

I should have let Thane cook.

“Eat it.

She made it.

You’ll eat it.

I don’t care if she served you dog food; you’re eating it.” Thane hisses at them, and I duck back around the corner, trying to stifle my giggle.

Leon raises an eyebrow at me, and he shows me the pizza options.

“Should I tell them you’re ordering Pizza?” “Nah, let them suffer,” he says, and I elbow him.

“Suffer deliciously,” he quickly says, and I roll my eyes.

“You didn’t even try it,” “Pretty sure I did when you spat it all over me,” he says, placing his phone down after ordering.

He helps me clean up the kitchen.

My stomach rumbled when curiosity got the better of him, and he decided to try some from the pot as I stacked the dishwasher.

He blanches, and I look at him, watching him swallow down my shame as if he was swallowing a golf bowl.

“It is an acquired taste,” he heaves.

“And I don’t think the pumpkin was cooked long enough.

It is still hard,” he adds as he retches into the sink.

I was halfway through rinsing the pots when the doorbell rang.

“I’ll get it,” Leon sings out, rushing toward the door just as Thane Wanders out.

I move aside, watching as he rinses his bowl before stacking it in the dishwasher.

Rhen follows not long after him, sweat‐coated his brow, and he looks a little green when Leon returns with Pizza.

Rhen blinks at him.

“What is that?” Rhen growls at him.

“Dinner,” Leon says, and I press my lips in a line trying not to laugh that they ate the sh**t I served them before rushing off after Leon to the living room.

“Dining room,” Thane calls out.

“Nope,” I called out, not wanting to sit at the table with them.

Raid on groans as he follows us out with Rhen, and I can hear Thane cursing about us eating in the living room and not at a table.

Leon and I share a pizza, yet the others don’t touch any.

“Are you going to eat?” I ask them while eyeballing the garlic bread before snatching it off the coffee table.

“I am oddly overfull,” Rhen says.

“My stomach can’t handle any more; I mean, I’m full,” Raidon says, groaning and turning on his side on the three‐seater when Thane comes out, and I could feel his anger at the mess on the coffee table.

He says nothing and instead sits on the couch beside Rhen to watch the movie I put on.

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