Alphas Possession Chapter 94: Thane POV

Harlow refused to be alone with any of us, except Leon. It didn’t matter where he went, even for only a few seconds to drop the pizza boxes in the bin she followed. Refusing to be alone with us. I tried not to let it get to me, tried to remind myself that she felt safest with him, but it didn’t help my jealousy or our mates as we watched her with him.

Yet none of us said anything to her about it, we just let her be. No matter how much it killed me watching them, I didn’t push her. By the time the movie ended, she had fallen asleep and Leon went to move not having realized she had fallen asleep on him, so engrossed in the movie that I

couldn’t even remember the name of. I was too absorbed by the fact she was here, that I spent the entire time watching her, while festering in my jealousy.

Raidon however, moved before I could and gripped his shoulder as he went to stand. He points to Harlow making Leon look down where her head was in lap.

“Wake her and take her with you. She will freak out if she wakes to you gone,” I tell him.

“I want to shower, I am covered in her soup, it’s sticky,” he whispers, tugging on his shirt that was splattered in orange gunk.

Yeah, that was not an enjoyable meal, I couldn’t wait until she forgave us, if she ever did. Because I was never letting her cook again. Her cooking is atrocious, steaming hot garbage would have been preferable, who the heck uses water in pumpkin soup and then doesn’t drain that starchy water out. Just the mere thought of it had me wanting to upturn my stomach.

Raidon nearly did and that man gags on nothing, not even d***k so that is say something. Leon carefully slips out from under her. “I’ll be quick,” he murmurs and Rhen growls at him, knowing his idea of quick and ours were completely different.

“Leon!” Rhen snaps at him in a hushed voice.

“I’ll be five minutes,” he hisses back at him. Raidon and Rhen look at me and I roll my eyes at them, knowing they wanted me to leave in case she did wake up. Just to lessen the damage.

“I will go clean or something,” I tell them, too wired to go down to the den to sleep. Getting up, I move to the kitchen and grab a cloth.

I had already cleaned the kitchen but figured a second go over would ensure the stench of burnt food and residue was gone. Leon saying he would be five minutes was a hit and miss.

He had a tendency to forget the concept of time so we all knew his idea of five minutes and five minutes were two separate things. It was also why we always told him he had appointments an hour before they started, guaranteed he would always be late, tell him an hour before and he may just show up on time.

Raidon comes out to me about ten minutes later muttering about Leon taking his time when Rhen wanders out too.

“Where are you sleeping?” Rhen yawns.

“Where she said I could, the Den,” I tell them and Raidon bristles.

“Yeah, I didn’t think you would though,” Raidon says.

“I’ll manage,” I tell him, not wanting to admit I had been sleeping down there anyway, unable to bear not having her scent around. Although not a speck of it lingered down there now.

“Leon?” We all hear from the living room. All our heads snap toward the hall and I drop the hand towel on the bench wandering down the hall to let her know he was showering when she rushed out of the room. Harlow stops in her tracks when she spots me.

“He’s showering, he’ll be back down soon,” I tell her and she nods her head. Eyes darting to the staircase when Rhen and Raidon come out of the kitchen behind me. I listen to her heart rate pick up and I curse them coming up behind me. The racing of her heart as I came to her was bad enough when I saw every muscle in her body tense and I knew she was about to run for the stairs.

In a blink of an eye she does and I reach for her seeing the panic on her face and I curse knowing it was because I was standing near the basement door. She runs for the steps missing the top one as I go to grab her only to trip on the second. My heart damn near stopped in my chest as I watched her throw her hands out to brace herself.

My hand fists the back of her shirt, ripping her back before she hits them.

Harlow screams the most blood curdling scream I had ever heard, the sound visceral and made my stomach sink wondering if I hurt her.

“You’re-Argh” she bites my arm as it wraps around her chest holding her steady before she tosses her head back catching me on the chin. I shake my head as pain ruchottes along my jaw and my arm tightens around her chest under her breasts when something hits the floor at my feet.

“Shh, stop, I am not going to hurt you,” I tell her before flooding her with my calling. Raidon leans down, picking it up, it was the vial of my serum. He holds it up and I take it from him as his eyes dart back to Rhen. She hadn’t taken it, why wouldn’t she take it?

She melts against me, leaning back as she is forced to surrender to my calling just as pounding footsteps sound on the floor above. Leon comes rushing out in a panic, sliding into the wall and nearly down the stairs. I pocket the vial and sigh, feeling his blatant fear through the bond.

My other hand smoothes over her belly as I rub it before scooping her legs out from under her. I tuck her to my chest and walk up the steps to Leon’s room. Leon glares at me but says nothing as he opens his door.

“I swear Thane, I will f***king kill you if you hurt her,” he growls at me and I glare at him.

“She tripped, I grabbed her and she freaked out,” I tell him, setting her on the bed. The moment my calling released her she snapped out of her daze and shuffled away from me as I fished the vial out of my pocket. I hold it out to her, her eyes widen as she feels her bra which must have been where she had it.

She stares at me worriedly before leaning forward hesitantly. “Take it, it’s yours,” I tell her and she quickly snatches it moving closer to the wall.

“Goodnight, Harlow,” I tell her before rising and walking out of the room and back down the stairs. Yet the bond had me wanting to run back to her and beg at her feet for forgiveness, shaking that urge of knowing I would probably just scare her more I walked down to the den.

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