Alpha’s Surrogate Chapter 10

“I will mark my Luna,” Xavier declared. Kiara who had been sweating profusely, turned to stare at him in disbelief. He must have gone insane. Instead of refusing, he was making commitments! Why? Xavier’s emotions were erratic. This was not what he had hoped for. Only the mention of marking had made him want to vomit, but he realized that his Grandpa had been involved in a mind-link with the other elders.

f**k! Kiara’s surrogacy would have been revealed if he had refused. All of the elders were spiteful and would go to any length to

obtain a Luna for the pack. It had been fine for a while, but not anymore. Because she was Sawyer’s daughter, the young female’s life was in grave danger if she revealed herself to be a surrogate. The Alpha’s main ambition now was to sever the throats of all the elders at once.

Zander, Kaiden, and Tyler had been watching his subjugation with bated breath, but the old wolf had forgotten about his grandson due to the unexpected good news.

“That’s great!” their Grandpa exclaimed with delight, finally glancing at his other grandson, whom he had purposefully ignored until he had forced Xavier to say yes.

“See, finally your brother made the right decision and got a beautiful Luna,” the old male taunted Zander with a smirk. Only those close to them like Beta and Gamma could decode the true significance of the Grandfather’s words.

“Good for him, but I don’t believe marking is required. I believe we should stop wasting time on superflưous ceremonies and instead concentrate on more important issues,” Zander countered with a bored expression.

He couldn’t pontificate how much he wanted to put an end to this marking ceremony! It was an unfortunate circumstance! They needed Luna and an heir, which Xavier was trying to provide, so why was marking f*ckingn necessary?!

Kiara was not going to be marked by Xavier! He knew his brother better than he knew himself. The more they forced him, the more violent and obstinate he became. This old male had done nothing but pressure them to find their mates and have children.

Zander was irritated by Xavier’s angry expression, that had cleverly concealed. Stephen clenched his teeth and grimaced. Instead of pressuring Xavier into mating and marking, he should have been encouraging him and claiming that it was unnecessary!

“You brat! Mating and marking rituals are as essential as breathing! If Xavier does not follow the traditions of the werewolf community at large, his Alpha status will be jeopardized,” they were gathering as a family, not as Alpha or elder, so he had decided to use his grandfatherly tone to reprimand them. Stephen’s every statement was accurate, as the twin brothers knew.

An Alpha who did not have a mate or an heir would be ousted from his position by someone who could provide both of these things to the pack. There was a lot of pressure on Xavier after the rejection, so he had selected the option of having an heir through surrogacy,

but Grandfather had totally flipped the script on that sad reality. Zander remained silent after his comment as he observed Xavier, who had barely managed to keep the molton rage contained that had been building inside of him. Kiara, on the other hand, appeared to be even more disturbed.

“You are correct my boy, absolutely, we should concentrate on other issues, such as the fact that you haven’t found your soul mate yet! What happened to her? How is it that the chair next to you is still empty?” Stephen had hurled a few poisoned daggers at his rebellious grandchild.

How could he suggest such a thing when he had been mateless? He never seemed eager to meet his fated mate, which irritated Stephen more with each passing day.

“I don’t know. Perhaps she forgot to be born,” Zander gave his Grandfather the cold shoulder as soon as his mate had been mentioned, but the Beta and Gamma, along with their mates, broke out in laughter.

That Alpha in particular was always saying something unexpected, causing the old male endless stress and frustration. Their Grandpa growled at them all, causing everyone to become solemn once more. The Beta and Gamma couples were all brats!

“Zander, you should find your mate as soon as possible. Xavier is not the pack’s sole Alpha. You are both the Alpha.

So both of you are required to find your mates and have an heir.” Observing Zander’s volatile expression, the old male spoke gently. Zander despised being reminded that he was also the Alpha of the pack. He chose to remain silent, allowing this time to pass without a dispute.

Grandfather sighed wearily as he watched his dissatisfied facial expression, then returned his gaze to his other grandson and his chosen.

Everyone had been chattering and laughing at Zander’s statements earlier, but those two had been deafeningly silent, as if they had lost their capacity to hear and speak.

“Luna Kiara, what’s wrong?” He asked. She had been staring vacantly at her meal and not saying a word to anyone.

“Nothing,” Kiara forced a smile, but everything in her mind was a jumbled up mess. The old male’s next comment utterly shattered

“According to a long-standing custom, the marking ceremony will take place the day after tomorrow, on the full moon of this month,” Stephen declared triumphantly. As the pack’s elder, it was his right and responsibility to announce the date of the marking ceremony, yet this statement had surprised Kiara.

Jennifer and Lena squealed in delight. Finally, the Luna would be properly welcomed into the pack. Both females sīriiled while they congratulated Kiara. But she couldn’t fake her smile any longer, she looked as though she’d forgotten how to breathe.

When their mates stared at them, Kaiden and Tyler had apprehensive smiles on their faces. Their hearts were heavy due to the new storm that had just descended. It was obvious from Xavier’s expression.

Kiara couldn’t believe that everything had been chosen for her without her consent. Her life would be changed forever by the full moon, which also happened to be her birthday! She couldn’t take it sitting there ideally like a doll any longer so she decided to leave.

Xavier’s hand reached beneath the table to grab her hand just as she was ready to stand up. He gripped her hand tighter than she had expected. If she had left the dining room in front of the grandfather, he’d figure everything out.

“Then, if you’ll allow me, I’d like to go and share this wonderful news with the rest of the pack,” Stephen smiled at Kiara, who had swiftly hidden her true feelings. Before exiting the dining room, Grandpa had tenderly placed his hand on her head.

After the old male had left, there was a few seconds of terrifying stillness in the dining room before Kiara quickly released her hand from Xavier’s grip and left. Everyone turned to stare at Xavier’s devilish expression. Zander continued to watch him, but everyone bowed their heads as their Alpha’s anger wracked their wolves.

Kiara moved swiftly until she was completely out of the dining room, then she sprinted up the stairs where she was free to release her pent-up feelings. It was just what she desired. She wanted to run as deep into the woods as she could then let out all her emotions.

Even though there would be no one to hear her, she wanted to vent all of her sadness and suffering.

When she realized it had happened again in her life, tears welled up in her eyes. During her entire life, she had never been asked for her opinion. Everyone had made all of her important life decisions for her without her consent.

She had never been able to express herself since her mouth had been glued shut before she could open it. First it had been her father and the pack, now it was Xavier. He had done the same thing to her.

“Wait,” Xavier grabbed her hand and drew her to a halt in the hallway. He had exited the dining room a few seconds after she had.

“Let me go!” Kiara attempted to shove his hand away from her. No matter how many times others had treated her unfairly, Xavier had been the last person she had anticipated this from. Even though they had only met twenty-four hours earlier, she was deeply hurt.

“Listen to me,” he grasped both of her arms,angering her further. Despite the fact that she was tiny and less powerful than him, her rage had reached a boiling point.

“Let me go!” She demanded, successfully pulling away from him, then escaping. She needed to be alone. She wanted to get away

from him. Xavier’s arm wrapped around her waist from behind then he turned her, pinning her against the nearest wall just as she had been about to enter their room and lock herself inside. She was surprised for a second, but she tried to flee again, only he leaned his body further into her, completely controlling her movement.

“Don’t touch me!” She growled.

“SSSHHH,” he pinned her hands above her head, squeezing her until she stopped wiggling. When she lifted her gaze she was met with calm eyes, a large tear of rage fell from her eyes. Her Alpha blood was enraged, while his was as calm as a pond. It was the first time Xavier had seen someone else’s rebellious eyes and remained silent.

wasn’t eighteen, her wolt had been unsuccessfully attempting to break tree before the full moon.

“Calm down,” he advised as he peered deep within her chocolatey eyes. Dean appeared in Xavier’s eyes as if answering the call of her rebellious wolf.

“I am not going to mark you,” his voice was barely a whisper, but Kiara had obviously heard him. Finally, she blinked her eyes open,

comprehending his words. Had he truly meant what he said?

“No one is going to mark you against your will. Do you hear me?” He clarified for her.

Kiara’s gaze had been drawn to the male who was speaking unbelievable words. Had he implied that he lied to his Grandfather? His solemn yet seductive gaze caused her to blink slowly. The Alpha exerted control over the young female’s emotions, causing her to loosen her body. Kiara gave a small nod, allowing her final tear to falt. He gradually let go of her hands, but his body remained pressed against hers.

“There is no way I would mark any female in this lifetime. All of those things make me sick but now the situation has changed.

The elders will do anything to make me mark you and I will do anything for an heir. So I will have to mark you,” Xavier declared but Kiara frowned. What did he mean?

“But you said, you will not…” Her voice was stuck in her throat. Had he deceived her? Had he played her?

“Yes, I said but I wanted to tell you something about this marking business,” Xavier pulled away from her slightly, allowing her breath properly.

“What?” Kiara kept her gaze fixed on his, waiting impatiently for him to speak. What had he wanted to tell her? The word marking was already frightening since she had gone to his pack thinking she would be his surrogate. When he saw her terror, Xavier clenched his fist then placed his palm on her cheek. She could lose control again.

“Even if we mark each other, we will not be bound as long as we are not fated mates. We’d be mates merely in name after marking,

but there’d be no mate connection or pull between us. I have a friend who chose a female as his mate, but they never had any feelings for one another. We can do the same thing. We can mark each other to display to the pack then reject each other when we choose to.

Neither our agreement nor my mind has changed my mind. You will give birth to my child then leave the pack whenever you want.

Not being fated mates means no feelings, no emotions, and no pain,” Xavier explained, whipping Kiara’s teary face which had been bothering him the entire time he had spoken. Her eyes and nose were red.

f**k the elders! He’d made no changes in his plans. He’d never accepted or believed a female. But, while marking was an unexpected turn of events, as long as he could have a child, he would mark this female merely to show the world. He already needed to spend the next few months with her as a fake chosen mate, so marking wouldn’t harm either of them.

After listening to him, Kiara had been staring at his chest. Should she trust this male? She had read Adira’s messages and discovered that Xavier had forced Sawyer to sign a document stating that he may attack the Ardara Moon Pack whenever he wished if they broke their agreement.

The treaty also stated that no Ardara Moon Pack member could ever meet with Kiara or they would perish. It implied that she wouldn’t be able to visit her mother or Adira until after she gave birth.

He said that they were not fated mates, so marking would have no effect on them, but his touch had made her heart race. She was scared of what would happen if they marked each other.

What if he refused to reject her in order to exact his hidden vengeance after she had given birth? If he deceived her, she would lose any chance she had of ever seeing her mother and sister.

“Say something, Kiara,” Kiara lifted her eyes up to take in Xavier while he touched her lips softly. This was the second time he had called her name and it sounded like music to her ears.

*Do you agree?” He asked. Kiara had her dress clasped tightly to her sides. She couldn’t take the risk of saying no. When she thought about marking, too many consequences sprang to her mind.

“Would you kill my family if I denied you?” While questioning him, she worried her dress even more. His eyes changed colors so swiftly that it frightened her. He was offended by her question. He had a predatory glint in his eyes.

“No, I’m not going to kill them.” When he spoke to her with an expressionless face, his voice was heavy and deep. Kiara finally let out the breath that she’d been holding. Her family would remain unharmed. He would not hurt them.

“Then what will you do if I refuse?” She asked, knowing that every coin had two sides. If he didn’t want to murder them, he had to have another strategy if she didn’t agree to his terms. She had a choice, but she had to bear the consequences.

“I would let you run away from me,” Kiara had been taken by surprise by his announcement. What had he said? Had she heard him wrong? Would he truly let her go? Could she escape the surrogacy, this pack, and him? But why hadn’t his words, touch, and gaze matched?

“But,” Xavier halted, sliding his hand around her waist tugging her closer to his chest. Kiara was surprised as she panickedly placed her palm on his chest. Her breast was totally touching his chest. Due to their closeness, she was certain that he could feel her stiff n*s.

“But what?” Kiara took a deep breath as his finger ran like a promise over her skin.

“You would need to run as far away from me as you possibly could. Hide wherever you could. You could never let me catch you.

Because the day you run away, I shall set out to find you no matter how much I have to lose.”

His ominous words widened Kiara’s gaze. This implied that he was letting her flee but he had plans to catch her?

“Why?” She worried, but then closed her eyes as his finger playfully caressed her delicate lips before declaring.

“Because only this virgin will give birth to my child. If it’s not you, then it’s no one!”

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