Alpha’s Surrogate Chapter 17

The four males had overindulged in booze and were sleeping on different sofas. The four inebriated wolves had been sleeping like innocent young pups with no care in the world.

Xavier’s ears, as usual, had detected an unexpected movement in the middle of the hour of the morning that had disturbed the silence. When Xavier attempted to open his eyes, he noticed a blurry figure in the distance. Who was it? But then he smelled them. He struggled to adapt his eyes to the sunshine that illuminated the entire room. As the sound of whiskey bottles striking reached their ears, all the males opened their eyes one by one.

“Grandpa,” Xavier groaned. When he sat up on the sofa, he let his whiskey bottle fall from his grasp and roll on the floor. Only to notice that the old man had been standing there observing them all. How long had he been standing there for? Zander slumped back into his couch, with half-closed eyes.

He must have come to advise them on the marking ritual. Kaiden and Tyler instantly rose from their seats and groomed themselves as best they could, while the Alpha twins remained sluggish as usual.

“I was fretting unnecessarily. You had a great night,” Stephen remarked while glancing around at the group of slackers who reeked of liquor, but his eyes were especially on Xavier.

I “What made you so concerned, Mr. Stephen?” Kaiden inquired, offering him a chair. The elder was still as powerful as ever, he didn’t need to sit, but it was a question of respect. Kaiden returned to his duties as Beta.

“I believe Xavier has been putting on an act about Kiara being his chosen mate when, in reality, he was only toying with the elders and pack to keep our mouths shut…” The elderly wolf’s statements frighten the Beta and Gamma.

They hadn’t even heard everything that he wanted to say. Had Xavier been caught after going too far? It was the morning of his fucking marking ceremony and he had been exposed?!

Zander’s muscles tensed. How had their grandfather found out? Was this an indication that Kiara had left the pack? The pack’s attitude must have fluctuated as a result of the news of the Luna’s escape.

Had she chosen the second option? The Alpha’s emerald eyes quickly turned to his brother, who had just rushed out of his seat, to turn on the TV so that he could view the CCTV footage of the hall.

“What are you up to?” Stephen was perplexed when his grandson simply stood up without fully hearing him out. What on earth was he searching for? The Alpha appeared to be a bull ready to charge.

The Beta and Gamma were terrified. It was no surprise that the young female had been terrified of that contract! She would not dare to sign it, she had run away in fear. They were fully aware of what their

Alpha’s eyes were searching for, because Xavier couldn’t locate Kiara on the screen, his patience was evaporating faster by the second.

Kaiden and Tyler had previously considered mind-linking with someone who would know something about their soon-to-be Luna.

“Where is she?!” Dean roared like a lunatic, frantically glaring at the unwanted individuals who had been crossing the hall but not the 5.7 chocolaty-eyed she-wolf he needed to lay eyes on. His senses were active even when he was asleep!

Why wouldn’t he have sensed if she had crossed the border? It was just not plausible. Xavier’s thoughts could no longer contain the scorching lava building inside him over the realization that she had truly dared to choose the second option.

She had escaped from the pack! He was prepared to crush the TV for failing to show the Alpha what he desired. If she wanted to be pursued, she should be prepared!

“Kiara’s wedding gown has been delivered to your bedroom, Xavier. And your suit is on the way!” Zander nearly yelled at his brother, to stop him from doing anything rash that would alarm his grandfather. Kiara was still in the pack; this had been a subtle message to Xavier.

She had not left. To discover the truth, the younger twin had already mind-linked one of their men. He learnt that the entire pack had been busy, and that Luna had been in her chamber while the designer finished off the fittings.

The enraged Alpha came to a halt as he relinquished his grip on the TV the moment he heard his brother’s voice. At the same moment, he observed his female crossing the hall, her Beta and Gamma females closely following her.

Despite the fact that he couldn’t see her face, he was able to regain his senses thanks to that slight glimpse of her. She had not run away! She had been fixing her bridal gown. That unique she-wolf had signed the contract!!

Leaving the TV, Xavier banged his palms on the table, trying to control his heavy, agitated breathing as aggression took over his mind. How and why the f**k had he lost his mind over a female leaving the pack?! The young she-wolf had no notion that fleeing would

“What the heck is going on here?” Stephen was perplexed as he studied his grandsons. The two kids had to be up to something! Why had Zander yelled about Kiara’s dress? Stephen’s oldest son, the twin’s father, had died when Xavier and Zander were 19 but both twins had grown up around him since their childhood. It was evident that the old wolf could clearly see his grandson’s strange behaviors.

That’s precisely what he was feeling right now. He had come to congratulate Xavier for moving on with his life and embracing a new Luna. Yet the manner that Stephen had began his conversation was extremely perplexing to the Alpha, whose wolf had not yet retreated. Dean remained steadfastly loyal to the renegade. This elderly man was constantly showing up with something that just irritated them!

Fortunately, he had not discovered the truth before the marking ritual.

“There’s nothing wrong,” Xavier assured as he controlled Dean, turning to face Stephen. He maintained his customary demeanor.

“It’s fine, but do you know what time it is? How can you sleep for so long on the day of your marking ceremony? There is too much work to go around, and everyone is seeking their Alpha,” the taunt from their Grandpa made Alpha brothers roll their eyes.

It was just ten o’clock in the morning, and this old male had been acting like Xavier had missed his marking ceremony! The entire pack was ecstatic, not just the Alpha and Luna.

“What do you expect from me, Grandpa? As you may have heard, Zander and I need to go try on my suit, so I am really busy,” Xavier hurriedly found an excuse to get his Grandfather out of the room. But he couldn’t hide his distaste over the suit he would have to wear for the ceremony, which had been specifically ordered for his special day.

“I’ve come to talk to you about the Blue Moon Pack,” Stephen stated solemnly.Xavier, who had been sipping water to help cleanse his thoughts, froze as his gaze was drawn to his Grandpa, who had mentioned Petra’s Pack in front of him after two years.

No one in the pack had been permitted to acknowledge the Blue Moon Pack or Petra, otherwise they would face severe punishment.

“What about them?” Xavier’s and Zander’s voices were both loaded with venom. When Kiaden and Tyler heard the name “Petra,” they both frowned. Her name was a curse to them! Stephen had a similar distaste for Petra from the start. The Grandfather had a thing against his eldest grandson’s devious fated mate. He wouldn’t even allow her call him Grandfather.

He had openly shown his dislike of her. The old wolf had observed Petra’s eyes from the beginning, which were full of guile, deception, and scheming. Stéphan was the one who had been the most irritated by Xavier’s marking ceremony with that b*tch.

Even on the day of their rejection, the old male had been the happiest. Right now, he saw four males with dissatisfied expressions on their faces. Why would he bring up an awful female who had already disappeared from their lives two years ago? But Stephan had his reasons.

“The restrictions on Blue Moon Pack, which were imposed two years ago, have finally been lifted. This signifies that the treaty which was placed on pause for two years has been reinstated. We have invited only a few close family, friends, and packs to the marking ceremony.

Alpha Roman is not on the guest list. I’d like to make sure you’re aware of this,” Stephen emphasized that he was not in a position to make choices on this subject. Stephen had reason to bring this topic up since the other elders were concerned that if they did not invite the affluent and prominent pack, such as the Blue Moon Pack, that it would seem rude and might harm their relationship.

“Whether it’s been two years or two hundred years, the Blue Moon Pack will never be included in our pack at any of our events,” Xavier stated. Yes, the probation had been lifted and the treaty had been re-established automatically, but the Blue Moon Pack had not dared to come before Xavier without his permission. Who would dare to offend the Alpha? The elderly wolf’s gaze had been drawn to Zander, who had already agreed with his brother’s decision.

“That’s fantastic! I was eager to hear that,”Stephen smiled proudly. He had been determined to voice his displeasure if the Blue Moon Pack were to be invited.

He had hoped for a smooth and pleasant marking ceremony for his grandson. The old male walked away since he had a busy schedule, but there was still tension amongst the males.

“As always, only the mention of them has f****d up my morning,” Zander hurled his body onto the sofa once again. What an unexpected beginning of this day. Xavier remained silent as his gaze returned to the television.

The camera’s angle was completely off! She had only passed through the hall once, yet he hadn’t been able to see her face! Dean was irritated, but Xavier’s lips curved into a grin.

She had agreed to sign the contract!

Xavier loved to drink, but it wasn’t until the night was over that he started to suffocate from the scent of it early in the morning. After down to the restroom, one by one, to wash away their exhaustion, the stink of alcohol, and perspiration. Jennifer and Lena were aware of the bachelor party and had always outright barred their mates from entering their room with the smell of alcohol on them.

The guys had already spent far too many hours in that office. Xavier had been the last to take a long shower. The Alpha exited the washroom, knowing that his Beta was waiting for him in designer attire.

His clothing had been delivered to the pack house, but none of the ranked males had returned since a short discussion with the elders needed to take place in the office building’s hall. But as it was already afternoon, Xavier didn’t have much time to spare, so he requested Kaiden to bring his suit from the office.

“The elders are waiting in the hall,” Tyler, who had already been assigned to the hall, said mind-linking to both Alphas. During the discussion, a brief disagreement between the two parties had taken a severe turn, which was connected to the vampire’s violation of the peace agreement.

Xavier became enraged and roared at all the males, even elders, who dared to argue in front of him. Their wolves immediately lowered their heads and eyes. Their Alpha had already been disturbed by the sensation he was experiencing as a result of the marking ritual he thought.

His wolf had been restless despite the fact that he was far away from the pack house. His gaze had been drawn to the window, where he could just make out the outline of the building through the trees.

· “What’s wrong? You never yell at the elders,” Zander’s mind-linked to his sibling. The younger brother had been watching Xavier’s mood swings from the for a long time. He wasn’t paying attention to the meeting and kept gazing out at the pack house as if he longed to be there.

“Nothing, just wrap this meeting up for me,” Xavier requested. He was perplexed by his own sudden unpleasant and aggressive demeanor. Dean had been giving him hard time. The younger brother instantly took control of the discussion, pacifying both sides, and announcing his decision.

The eldest brother nodded his head agreeing, and the meeting was over as soon as possible.

Even though it was growing late, the Alpha twins and their Beta and Gamma were still hard at work. They needed to ensure the pack’s security before returning to the pack house. During the marking ceremony, all of the pack members would be occupied with the guests, and the odds of a vampire attack were at an all-time high.

When Xavier was returning to the Pack house a few hours later, his gaze was drawn to the young wolf who’s handsome face was enough to aggravate the Alpha. He’d been assisting some of the guests by opening their car doors.

He’d put on a fake smile to greet them, but it couldn’t fool the piercing green eyes of the Alpha. Cole’s always-smiling face had the appearance of a wilted flower. His red and puffy eyes were evidence that he hadn’t been able to sleep through the night.

The black circles under his eyes revealed a gloomy aspect to him. What had caused him to be so depressed? The Omega was quick to notice the high-ranking males who had just passed by. Cole instantly lowered his head when he felt Xavier’s gaze on him.

The Omega hadn’t known what kind of look his Alpha had given him,

but it was clearly not positive. The younger Alpha had the same expression! Why had they given him those looks?! In an instant, the young wolf had chills!

As soon as the ranked males stepped into the pack house, everyone’s attention was drawn to the beautiful decorations and lights. Xavier had entered the pack home the night before, it’s layout had entirely changed.

Every corner of it now sparkled in the light, making it a testament to everyone’s hard effort and enthusiasm, as well as everyone’s happy smiles. Everyone was clamoring for a glimpse of the Alpha. Xavier had simply been passing by them, when a strong aroma bothered him the moment he entered the corridor.

“What type of fragrance is that?” Xavier instantly covered his nose with his hand. The fragrance was so strong that it burnt his nose since it had been dispersed so thickly in the air.

“Elder Stephen sent the Luna a lovely and unique perfume as a present, but sadly it fell a short way outside of the Luna’s bedroom.

It’s been a half-hour since this incident occurred, yet its distinct odor is still lingering.” One of the pack members recounted, recalling Stephen’s rage and how the wolf who had made the mistake of dropping the perfume bottle was still petrified of being punished.

“Open all the windows and assist this annoying perfume escape,” Xavier ordered. Yes, it was refreshing and pleasant, but it was overkill! The odor was so overpowering that Xavier’s nose couldn’t even detect Zander, who was standing right next to him, let alone the other wolf across from him.

This perfume had the ability to mask everyone’s scent. It was truly a one-of-a-kind gift, yet it was quite irritating. Why had Grandfather felt the need to provide such a gift?

“But Alpha if we open the windows, then the decorations…” the same male began to speak but hastily shut his mouth when he

“Do as you are told! Open the windows!” The Alpha growled. How dare he disobey his brother?! When it comes to his brother, the Alpha, who was usually cheerful and fun turned wicked and vengeful. The same goes to Xavier, who had nearly skinned the bold wolf with his eyes when Alpha,” said the Wolf. Everyone dashed around to open the windows Xavier approached the stairs only to be stopped by Jennifer and Lena.

“Sorry Alpha, but we can’t allow you to pass, both females giggled in unison. Kiaden and Tyler’s gazes were drawn to their mates, who looked sexy in their tight outfits. Jennifer had been dressed in a gown that revealed her gorgeous round belly.

Kiaden mentally grinned as he saw her in black. He’d already planned out his nighttime plan. Tyler’s gaze had become fixated on Lena’s big boobs! She was dressed in a low-cut blouse! His eyes were feasting, but wait! Tyler and Kaiden both shook their heads.

It was not the time to get caught up in lust. What were both of these she-wolves saying to the Alpha? Keeping the Alpha from accessing his own room? If that was a joke, it was emphatically not humorous. Both males gestured for their mates to move away and allow the Alpha to pass, but the females were stubborn.

“What are you two beautiful she-wolves up to?” Alpha Zander gave his beautiful Beta and Gamma females his most handsome and charming smile as he shoved both his hands inside his pockets and he leaned on the railing.

He succeeded in making them giggle and blush again, but had to ignore the jealous wolves who were throwing daggers at him with their eyes. Had he been flirting with their mates right in front of their eyes?!

“The Alpha can’t see the Luna until she steps into the ceremonial hall, Alpha,” Jennifer explained and Lena agreed.

“What?” Xavier frowned.

“Yes Alpha.”

“Who said that?!”

“According to our elders’ it is a centuries-old tradition and custom, the Alpha cannot see the Luna before the marking ceremony or else it will be a bad omen,” Lena spoke a bit loudly to make sure everyone heard.

Xavier chuckled darkly, stunned by what he was hearing. His aura was devilish! It had to have been his Grandfather’s words, but at the time of Petra and Xavier’s ceremony, the white-haired old wolf had been sitting in a corner, motionless, like an object.

On the one hand, he lacked excitement, and on the other, he had not mentioned a single custom or tradition.

Perhaps it was partly because Petra hadn’t been able to contain her lust before the marking ceremony and had appeared in Xavier’s room an hour prior to the ceremony for wild s*x. They had even met and had s*x. Their monas had resonated through the packhouse, everyone had been aware of it.

Grandfather had remained silent at the time, but now the old male’s attitude had changed! Stephen had become terrified of a bad omen this time.

He didn’t want a disruption at this marking ceremony under any circumstances. It also suggested that he didn’t fully trust his grandson’s assertion on taking a chosen mate.

Xavier had his fists balled up at his sides. He couldn’t go up to his room because of this custom. He needed to make sure that the contract had been signed by Kiara, so he could calm Dean down since he was dying to enter that room.

Due to the fragrance of that perfume that was still lingering in the corridor, Dean hadn’t been able to detect his little she-wolf, even though she was in his room, this had made Dean more anxious.

“Fine,” Xavier took a step back as he exited the pack house. If he had wished to he could have entered his room by eliminating everyone in his path, but it was a question of traditions. If the Alpha broke the rule by abusing his position, then a member of the pack would have a negative image of him.

There was just one option left now. He’d get the contract after the marking ceremony, which was in half an hour.

“Oh my goddess! You are looking so stunning!!” Jennifer and Lena exclaimed as they walked inside Kiara’s room. When they were dealing with the Alpha and their mates. They had left their soon to be Luna alone with the makeup artist for half an hour. When they returned, Kiara had already been dolled up with flawless makeup and a hairstyle that matched her bridal attire.

“Are you sure you are a werewolf and not a goddess?” Lena grinned, but Jennifer’s mouth remained wide, still unable to believe that rose from her seat, the young female just smiled and blushed a little, since the makeup artist had already left the room, leaving the Beta and Gamma to tease their Luna even more.

“Please stop it. You are making me shy. It is just because this wedding gown is pretty,” Kiara stated, attempting to brush both females who had been very enamored with her. She was already nervous about her appearance because she had never been dressed so nicely in her life.

“Yes, the credit for your beauty does partly go to the wedding gown because it was chosen by the Alpha for you,” Lena remarked, noticing the small smile Kiara was attempting to conceal.

Another Sirius Bright Pack tradition was for the Alpha and Luna to pick each other’s wedding attire. Of course, if they didn’t like it, they could wear something else, but the bridal gown that Xavier had picked for Kiara was fit for a princess.

She couldn’t fathom looking for another one when she had this one. Wearing a wedding gown had been her dream that had been crushed when she had been engaged to the Alpha who had been selected by her father. She wasn’t sure about the suit that she had picked for Xavier.

She had picked a high end designer suit for him after seeing his collection of outfits in his closet, but she had no clue if he would like it or not. If the Alpha opted to wear something different, people could scoff at her.

But she did not really care what other people thought, it was his opinion that made her nervous. Venus had been quiet for a long time, which seemed unusual. She had not talked to her human for a while.

“Well, it’s time to join the ceremony. Let’s go,” Jennifer prompted. Kiara made her way to the door while her Beta and Gamma trailed after her, giving the young female the impression of a queen. Jennifer and Lena exchanged a look when they realized that Kiara was walking as slowly as possible down the stairs. Every pack member was there and Xavier too. Kiara’s hands and feet had grown cold.

The she-wolf who had always been concealed in her old pack was clearly nervous. Most of the time, she had been told to stay in her room and not come out in the presence of others unless absolutely necessary. Yet today she was going to meet an entire pack officially.

She was destined to be Xavier’s Luna. It was enough for Kiara to lose control of her heart rate, which had been thumping erratically as her steps drew closer to their destination. For a split second, she came to a halt and sought out Venus, who had been acting strangely. What was the matter with her wolf?

“Is there something wrong, Kiara?” Jennifer asked, puzzled.

“No,” Kiara responded while she resumed walking, realizing that the perfume that had diffused through the pack house earlier had totally dissipated. I had been replaced with a new aroma that had caught the attention of her heart.

What exactly was it? Kiara eventually proceeded to the bottom of the stairs, realizing that was the scent of whiskey combined with something else that alarmed her somehow.

“The Luna is here!” All of the people in the hall turned to look at the stairs to catch a glimpse of Kiara. It was the first time that every

pack member had seen their new Luna, they were all astonished when they saw the beauty that their Alpha had chosen. So young and beautiful! Stephen returned his gaze to the door with a pleased smile where he sensed his grandson.

“The Alpha is also here!” The pack members squealed with delight. Xavier entered the ceremony hall at the same time with his brother and friends. The Alpha’s gaze was drawn to his female, whose eyes had been lowered as she walked towards him.

But when Kiara heard Xavier’s name she realized that the other fragrance that was combined with whiskey was orange. She looked up to see the Alpha’s emerald eyes. He had already been frozen in his spot.

“Mate!” Venus screamed in Kiara’s mind, scaring her. Her large chocolaty eyes had been locked with his green ones. Kiara’s heart had skipped a beat when she heard her wolf.

“Mate!” Dean roared once more in Xavier’s head as he recognized Kiara’s rose and chocolate aroma from afar, wanting to storm into the hall to see her. His eyes widened in disbelief.

Rose petals had been showered on the Alpha and Luna, who had not blinked their eyes once during this unanticipated discovery.

How was it possible that he had been given a second chance mate and she was none other than his surrogate?

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