Alpha’s Surrogate Chapter 23

“Have you touched yourself?” While l!cking her n*s, he murmured. This she wolf smelt so good that no one would be able to resist her, not even this Alpha wolf, who could see she didn’t know how to play with herself or recieve pleasure.

“No,” she answered with her hand over her l!ps. She was ready to scream when he l!cked and svcked her n*s. Touching herself was something Kiara had never considered as school, training, and tests were her entire existence.

The young woman also hadn’t realized how much pleasure she could experience because she didn’t have a boyfriend or any guy she was interested in.

There had been a time when Kiara had the opportunity to lose her v!rg!nity to one of the popular boys at school who liked her, but she chose to save herself for her mate. But it all went wrong when she wore another man’s ring.

“Ohh!” Kiara gasped with delight as Xavier’s tongue tasted her hot, moist p***y. She was jolted out of her reverie. f**k. The young she-wolf had never expected the Alpha to be on his knees with his face buried between her things.

“Don’t think about your past from now on,” Xavier murmured, bringing his face up and k!ssing her tummy.

“I am your present. So forget everything and m0an for me. Don’t hold back,” he urged, taking her hand away and allowing her to m0an as he began to l!ck and svck her cl!t. Kiara nodded, throwing her head back and grasping his hair as he used his teeth to graze her nether l!ps, making her gr0an even louder.

“What if someone hears me?” She was too embarrassed to consider what would happen if anyone heard her m0aning, they would mock her for days.

“Everyone’s banging their partners. Nobody is going to hear us. And s*x is not something you should be ashamed of. Feel it and enjoy it,” Xavier replied, releasing his c**k from his jeans to stroke it in front of her eyes.

“Ahh.. f**k!” As he stroked himself hard and fast, Xavier’s gaze never left his mate’s already w*t p***y. He wasn’t going to cvm any time soon. Kiara was on fire just from watching him stroke his manhood while he looked at her moist entrance. It would be inside of her! All her dirty thoughts began to overwhelm her mind, his c**k appeared to be teasing her. She began to grow we.tter. But the primary issue was something else entirely.

hit. “It will not fit,” Kiara became anxious and scared as she noticed his thickness and length, which appeared to be growing as he stroked himself. How large would it be? It would rip her insides apart.

“It will fit, and it will also go deep inside you until you scream my name,” he added, stopping her legs from closing. He spread her legs, taking his place between them. Xavier leaned in, this time to k!ss her l!ps. His length rubbed against her belly, then against her damp heat.

Kiara squeezed her eyes tightly, bracing herself for the pain. She was well aware that it would be painful. Her classmates had warned her that guys never see a woman as anything more than a piece of meat. True, not everyone was the same, but far too many were. Just like her brother Noah.

Kiara had watched him treating his s****l partners like trash. Xavier might be the same, since his need for dominance might be exhibited in his grip and touch. It gave Alphas pleasure to make women bleed. Kiara was startled to feel an unexpected k!ss on his forehead. Wasn’t she expecting pain?

“Open your eyes, Kiara,” the young woman heard her Alpha’s demanding yet lovely voice near her l!ps. He k!ssed her forehead and nose until the scared she-wolf ventured to bless him with her chocolaty eyes. She opened them with a m0an that wasn’t quite as painful as she had anticipated.

“Ah… Ah… Ah…” With each stroke, she exhaled heavily, gr0aning. When her chocolatey eyes connected with his green ones, he thrust his finger inside her. His finger began to glide slowly in and out, then at an unexpected pace.

“It’s okay. Don’t shut your eyes. Just look at me,” he continued, adding another finger and crassly caressing her cheeks. When he increased his speed, she trembled with delight. He kept k!ssing her br*east, mark, and n!pples to distract her from her discomfort and f!ngering her the entire time. He didn’t break the eye contact that freed Kiara from her uneasiness and fear.

She began to love the feel of his fingers, which had been drilling faster and deeper inside of her. Her core was soaked by the time he was f****g her with three of his fingers. She was thoroughly turned on and was even moving her h!ps to meet his hand. The m0aning woman could feel and hear the filthy noises coming from her hole.

stomach, her entire body shook.

“It’s Okay. Don’t hold back.” When she felt something streaming down from her p***y, Xavier accelerated his push, making her grab the bed sheet. Knowing she was close, Xavier moved his thumb in tight circles over her engorged little button, pressing firmly.

“Ahhh! Oooohhh!” She shrieked in excitement as her sweaty ch3st rose until all the tension that had built in her stomach had eased and she was left in a haze of pleasure. His fingers hadn’t stopped penetrating her until his fingers were covered in her precious cream.

When Kiara had finished her first orgasm, she lay back on the bed motionlessly. The Alpha’s large hand slowly brushed the young woman’s damp hair from her face. Peering up at Xavier, she took a big and deep breath. She’d never felt anything like that before. It had been unique for her, and she loved it.

“That was just my finger,” he withdrew his fingers from her, then l!cked them in front of her. Kiara’s mouth was slightly open in surprise as she watched him taste her juices. The Alpha who was cleaning his fingers appeared to be sipping the elixir. He couldn’t bear the thought of losing even a single drop.

“Do you still think it will not fit?” Xavier’s hand began to stroke his c**k in front of her. Her gaze concentrated on his c**k that he had teased to get him rock hard. If someone said that an eye f*g exists, then this woman had been proving them correct!

“I’m not sure,” Kiara admitted honestly. Whatever the case, his c**k appeared to be more deadly than his three fingers. She was filled with excitement and lust as she saw him lubricate his c**k with her c*m.

“Then let’s find out,” Xavier suggested, widening her thighs more as his c**k tip brushed her entrance. Dean growled in need as Xavier examined her moist hole for a few seconds. This was only f***g. There would be no mating. He reminded himself. After two years, his c**k had finally penetrated a woman’s p***y, causing him to m*an in ecstasy.

“f**k! f**k!” The Alpha and his wolf both roared. The young woman underneath them was sweltering moist yet clingy! He was afraid his c**k might snap. He drew back and re-entered gently.

“Aahh!” Kiara’s mouth was wide as she saw his c**k disappearing into her p***y. It was actually happening. She was no longer a v!rgin. She had lost it to her mate, whom she had always desired. As soon as he began to move slowly, both of their gr0ans echoed in the room.

“it’s alright.

Let your body relax a little. The pain will go away,” he advised, pulling out and pushing back in because she was too tight for him. Kiara did what he had said as Xavier began to k!ss her legs and thighs.

He kept moving, attempting to increase his speed, only to stop to give her some time to acclimate to his size while he used his thumb to strum her cl!t insuring she was experiencing some pleasure.

“I am going to move faster,” he informed her. She gave a slight nod. Kiara could feel his c**k stretching further into her. He would strive to reach further and deeper each time.

“Ohhh…. My….” Kiara gasped as he l!cked her n*s and buried his entire length within her all at once. It was a double pleasure

that she couldn’t endure easily.

“Slow down,” she m0aned, but earned a k!ss from him.

“But your tight little p***y is saying something else,” Xavier murmured into her ear. Kiara’s face flushed with embarrassment as a result of his comment. How could he speak such things so boldly when he was the one who had brought her to this level of pleasure? He didn’t slow down; instead, she watched as he positioned one of her legs over his shoulder, plunging into her once again at a different angle.

“Not there. It is so…” She exclaimed, jerking her head back. What was his c**k doing to her insides? She’d gone completely insane for a moment.

“Where? Here?” he questioned, delivering another thrust. He discovered it! He discovered her G spot, which caused her to open her legs wider, without her knowledge.

“Yes! There… please slow down,” the young she-wolf begged, but still continued to grasp his arms, sinking her nails firmly into his skin, preventing him from pulling out. But hadn’t she told him to slow down?

“Your demands and actions don’t match, Kiara,” Xavier bent down to her face, still thrusting within her, allowing her to see the face with her palm. No way! She hadn’t done that! She had never been a bad girl.

“Your p***y is squeezing me more and more. Do you really want me to slow down?” he whispered into her ear, adding further embarrassment to the previous one. Kiara bit her lower l!p to keep from m0aning and resisted responding.

“Look at me,” he demanded as he k!ssed her hand, which she had used to conceal her face. Instead of staring into his eyes, the young woman simply wanted to flee. She could, however, shake her head. Suddenly, she sensed him slowing down. What was wrong? Was it all over? But she wanted more.

He could not stop when she needed him to go harder. The young woman lifted her palm a bit to peek, but the Alpha’s large hand quickly pinned it to her side, displaying her crimson face but passionate dissatisfied eyes.

“Now this is much better. Keep your eyes on me,” he smirked.

“You tricked me!” She complained, still unable to accept that she had been speaking the opposite of what she desired. She was well aware he had intentionally slowed down.

“All I did was slow down, like you wanted,” the Alpha raised his brow, then placed both his hands on her wa!st, making the young woman tilt her h!ps so that he could move deeper inside her. Kiara felt so good!

“Do you still want me to slow down?”

“No, don’t slow down,” she whimpered, biting her lower l!p and averting her gaze from his. She couldn’t believe she’d said that. Her passion drove her to prostrate herself before the pleasure he was providing her.

“Then say those words,” Xavier turned her face to him, k!ssing her on the l!ps. Kiara would turn into another person with every l!ck he left on her neck. The lady who would go to any length to feel his c**k plunging inside her.

“Say it,” he demanded.

“f**k me,” Xavier finally heard the words she had been avoiding saying aloud.

“Like?” he asked, giving her some hard thrusts.

“Like you want,” when he withdrew out and advanced back at double speed, she acknowledged, m0aning even louder than before.

What kind of man might he be? What else did she need to do to get after this excellent pounding? With his immense expertise, he had shown her heaven. Her second orgasm snuck up on her, with one stroke he had thrown her over the edge.

The way her tight little sheath spasmed around his d**k when she climaxed was amazing for Xavier, it also allowed him to effortlessly glide within her. The young woman gazed at his his c**k. He was still hard. She realized that he had not c*mmed yet! He was still f******g her with the same speed!

“Say me by my name,” he demanded, staying at the same speed that she desired.

“AHAHAHAH!” She gripped his arms as the two of them gr0aned together. Xavier knew that he was leaking pre-c*m, but he had no intention of letting it go of his load anytime soon. Until he had what he wished.

“M0an my name, Kiara,” he growled as Dean had shown himself in his eyes.

“Ask us to f**k you. Ask us to give you our seed,” the wolf and human demanded at the same time, causing her to scream as she strained for her cl*max.

“f**k me! f**k me, Xavier. Please, Xavier…” When she screamed his name, the Alpha felt himself becoming unbelievably harder inside her.

It was the first time she had called him by his name, and it had sounded as sweet as honey. He needed her to scream his name over and over again, which she had done.

“Yes, please! Keep going,” Kiara whimpered, a tear forming in the corner of her eye as she felt him expand to his full size inside her stretching her further.

“AHHH! Dont stop, Xavier. Please… oh f**k!” Kiara screamed as he pounded further within her, shifting her position slightly.

“f**k! Don’t clench so tight. I don’t want to cvm yet,” he took deep breaths, quickening his pace. Their er0t!c noises resonated around the room, as did the fragrance of their s*x. Their flesh smacked together so violently that Kiara lost her wits and poured another load into his c**k.

“AHH! AAHHH!! f**k!” Xavier growled as he couldn’t hold back anymore as she gripped rhythmically his cock even harder, causing him to shoot his seed deep into her womb. He pressed his l!ps to hers as he buried himself further, spilling every drop of his cvm inside her,

Kiara screamed once more while she orgasmed with him. As Xavier lay on her curvy frame, they both gr0aned into each other’s mouth. As they fought to regain their breath, their heavy breathing echoed around the room. Xavier moved away from her, enabling her to breathe properly.

Kiara felt relieved when he lifted up his weight. She moved to lie on her side, her eyes closed. She was sweaty and a little uncomfortable after their long bout of s*x, which she had experienced for the first time in her life.

The young woman felt as a mixture of c*m dribbled out of her, he had unloaded a huge amount inside of her. She could still feel his hot sp*rm inside her core. It amazed her that she still had the sensation that he was inside her.

She felt his eyes on her while she tried to catch her breath, even though her face was turned away from him. Alpha’s gaze had been drawn to her nu*de body, which was curled up in a ball on the bed. Dean desired to take her again. They were going to f*ck her the entire night.

She’d just been lying there for a half-minute when she felt Xavier’s large hand pull her back. Her back brushed up against his ch3st, causing her to flinch.

Would he want to do it again? Did he still have the energy? She’d heard he never stopped before going two rounds. Kiara tightly gripped the bed sheet. She was incredibly fatigued after only the first round and needed to recover. She might bleed if he wanted to go for another round.

She had no desire for more wild s*x with him right now, but could she refuse? The contract she had signed stipulated that she could not deny him s*x.

When he k!ssed her back on the shoulder, she flinched once more.

“Relax. I am not planning on doing it again,” Xavier assured her by resting Kiara’s head on his arm. Her heartbeat was still racing as a result of her anxiousness. Was he truly letting her rest? He wouldn’t demand for another round? What caused him to change his mind?

“That was enough for tonight. Now sleep,” he murmured as he tucked her hair back behind her ears. Kiara relaxed and closed her eyes as she felt him k!ss her head.

Xavier’s arm tightened around her wa!st as he drew her even closer to his ch3st, closing her eyes. Kiara fell asleep in the warmth of his embrace. She could not believe they had become one.

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