Alpha’s Surrogate Chapter 55

The evening meeting was held in the garden instead of the meeting room, the cool evening breeze felt even more pleasant while sitting beneath the shade of a tree. The Ardara Moon Pack was filled with delight due to the full moon, everyone was busy preparing for the celebration and anticipating what the night would bring.

If anybody was restless in this atmosphere overflowing with happiness and joy, it was the Ardara Moon Pack’s Alpha Sawyer. There wasn’t a single person in the area around him who hadn’t noticed his restlessness. The Alpha had the appearance of a lost dog.

What was the matter with him? The Beta had been discussing a few things with his Alpha, knowing that all of the chocolatey-eyed man’s concentration was on the woods, and that every word out of his mouth was being completely ignored by Alpha Sawyer. That’s when the Beta decided to shut his mouth, take a deep breath, and stand beside his Alpha.

Sawyer’s objective in standing under the tree had not been to attend the meeting, check on the preparations, or enjoy an evening walk. It had been to seek out his woman, who had been missing for a long time with her Beta and Gamma females. Martha full moon party planning was in full swing, and everything about it was even more magnificent than before. But one thing was different this year. For days now, the Luna had been neglecting her Alpha!

“You know that you need to choose the next Alpha of the pack, right?” Beta Alan prompted, but was unable to pique his Alpha’s interest. He had spoken in a casual and friendly manner. They had been buddies since childhood.

“How can you bring that up now?” Sawyer sounded irritated.

“Because the elders are pressuring you. After the Sirius Bright Pack’s attack, you have successfully re-build this pack and are continuing business as usual.

Your son’s debt has also been paid off by you. But now you’re being questioned about why Noah isn’t going to be the next Alpha,” Alan pointed out.

“Don’t call that f*g bastard my son! He completely ruined my life and my relationship with my

mate. I wasn’t going to name Noah Alpha Alpha Xavier didn’t need to waste his breath warning that it would lead to the destruction of this pack. Now I can turn an Omega into the pack’s Alpha, but not him!”

“He’s lucky that I didn’t cut off his hands when he attacked my daughters!” Sawyer exploded, letting out some of his rage. His son had now become a source of additional stress, which he continued to experience at the mere mention of his name.

“Your daughters? Adira? And Kiara too?” The Beta asked, raising his brows.

“Yes, why The Alpha growled when he realized what he’d said. When Alan finally got his best friend to say what he had wanted to hear, he grinned. Looking away from Alan, the Alpha blinked.

“Find out where Noah is if you have so much time to play silly games. He hadn’t returned to the pack in a week. He had better not try to pull another stunt like that behind my back,” the Alpha remarked coldly.

“I am searching for him. I will let you know as soon as I find something,” the Beta replied.

“Martha!” Sawyer exclaimed as he finally caught a glimpse of the gorgeous face that he had been missing. His grumpy expression instantly brightened.

The Beta, knowing fully well that if he did not use his intelligence, he would be driven away, stepped aside quickly to allow his Alpha to race towards the Luna. When he ran, the older wolf resembled a teenager who had been waiting for a glimpse of his sweetheart.

“Martha, you are back,” he came to a halt in front of her. The Beta and Gamma females quickly excused themselves.

“I have been missing you,” Sawyer wore a big smile on his face. Martha had remained still, her blue eyes fixed on him. He looked stunningly handsome when he brushed his fingers through his dark hair and moved closer to her.

The Luna came to a halt for a few moments as her heart rate became uncontrollable. She quickly averted her gaze before he could sense it.

“Didn’t I tell you that you shouldn’t speak to me unless it’s concerning the pack or my Luna duties?” Martha’s voice was as cold as ice, as was her demeanor. The Alpha’s expression turned sad. She walked away without even glancing at her husband.

“Yes, I know,” the Alpha murmured as he followed his Luna inside the pack house, ignoring the fact that others were noticing his behavior.

“But I wanted to know whether you will be attending the full moon celebration tonight.” Martha did not respond, she just continued walking towards her bedroom.

“Martha, you’re coming aren’t you? I’m sure you will. We can celebrate it together like we always do,” he continued, barring her entry into her room. Martha remained still, her gaze fixed on her mate’s hopeful eyes.

“I don’t see why I should go to these kinds of celebrations anymore, Sawyer. Have you forgotten that I have lost all of my children and have no idea how they are doing? Lewis died, my girls are mated to our enemies, and I don’t want to mention Noah.

If you are referring to the two of us as a family, you have betrayed my trust. You’ve hurt me so deeply that our love and relationship are now in jeopardy. I’ll simply come to the celebration to do my duty as the Luna, and that’s all” she replied, staring into his sad shattered eyes, which added to his suffering.

Sawyer had lost his mate when Noah had been exposed and the twins had arrived in the Ardara Moon Pack. She had completely cut herself off from him.

The Alpha grabbed his Luna’s hand as she attempted to pass by him to enter her room.

“Martha, please forgive me. I’m aware that I’ve made far too many mistakes. Please stop punishing me. I was naive enough to trust Noah’s word and push Adira to marry. Whether you believe me or not, there was no way I was going forcibly to marry her off.

We both know she is terrified of men after what happened, so how could I be so cruel? Martha, I am her f*g father! But you still regard me as a monster. I had only intended to threaten her so that she would admit to leaking information.

That’s all there is to it,” Sawyer admitted. This was the hundredth time he said this to his mate to prove himself, but Martha as usual let go of his hand and closed the door.

Sawyer punched the door then leaned against it in frustration. He couldn’t do anything else this time either. She would not trust him no matter what he did. Why would she when he had done so many things wrong?

“Please come back to our room, Martha. If you want I will move to another room but you must move back there. Please forgive me,” the Alpha slid down to the floor when he heard his mate weeping on the other side of the door. The Luna was crying with her hand over her mouth. Martha couldn’t bring herself to reject her mate, but they were both aching over their failing love.

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