Alpha’s Surrogate Chapter 79

“What the hell have they been doing for two hours in that meeting?!” Adira gritted her teeth as she kicked a pebble out of her way. Waiting for someone while there was nothing to engage in was always difficult. They had already eaten the delicious food that the Vampire King had prepared for them, rested, and looked around the never-ending enclave, but it was all so tiring. None of the men had come out since they disappeared into the Fort.

“I swear I won’t even let Xavier enter the room later tonight,” Kiara agreed with the same annoyance. Venus had been whiny without Dean since he had left with the promise that he would be back soon.

The she-wolf had taken his words to her heart when he said that she should be waiting for him, then he would f**k her. His touch on her body and the way his hard c**k had rubbed against her was something that she would never forget.

“Yeah, Zander will not like what I have planned for him!”

Adira kicked another pebble as far as she could. It hit a nearby tree. Her panties were still wet, luckily there were no other wolves there to smell her ar0usal. She was more irritated because she hadn’t reached a satisfactory release before Stephen had called for them.

Zander’s tongue on her we*t core always felt so incredible that every second without him was torture for her and Isha. The pregnancy h0rmones had made her even more h0rny and needy for Zander and Evan.

“Ha,” that was when a soft, s*xy laugh echoed in the deserted forest. The Alpha sisters turned to look at the vampire who had been acting as their bodyguard, following them everywhere.

“Haven’t you been our bodyguard for only half an hour?” Kiara indirectly asked Kane to leave them alone. Having a bloodsucker following them was kind of creepy, especially when he had not spoken a single word the entire time. He had been listening to them, even their stupid sisterly conversation, but this was the first time that they had gotten a reaction. It was probably because the vampire had predicted the poor condition of the almighty Alpha twins tonight.

They wouldn’t get a bed to sleep in. They would be blessed with only a blanket and a pillow. If Meow turned out to be the big heart kitty that she obviously was for the Alpha twins, then she would allow them to sleep in her room that night. Kane had pictured everything in his head which was what had caused him to laugh. Then he wore his cold expression again and spoke in a heavy tone.

“My lord asked me to guard the Lunas until they returned,” he explained, noticing that they rolled their eyes.The Vampire King was the one who was holding their mates’ hostage in a meeting. “But, I can lead both of you back to the Fort so that you can rest in your rooms,” he suggested.

“Thank you but the rooms in the Fort are so cold that I feel like l am sitting in the freezer, so I will let that proposal pass,” Adira declined his request politely.

“Yes, I am good with staying out here in nature even though there are not many living trees,” Kiara took a deep breath as she leaned against a tree until an unexpected movement began under their feet.

“What was that?” Kiara exclaimed in panic. Venus became active as she started to search the woods. The Fort was far away from their current location as they had ventured deep into the woods.

“An earthquake?” Adira said in alarm.

“We are under attack!” Kane’s statement surprised both of the women. He had taken up a fighting position, his long nails were out proving his intention to kill his enemies.

“What? Who would attack the vampires?” Adira questioned, noticing that Kane was mind-linking someone quickly.

“The Wizard Kings!” He replied, pulling both sisters behind him.

“Wizard Kings?” Kiara and Adira looked at each other in confusion. They had only heard that there were Wizards in this world but they had no knowledge about any Kings.

Kane’s large body looked like a shield as the ground started to shake even more under their feet. Kiara and Adira looked around, finding more than a hundred vampires running towards them.

“I never thought I would bear witness to a war between wizards and vampires,” Kiara muttered as she watched the wizard army and vampire army killing each other while both sisters moved closer to each other.

“But why are the wizards not using their powers and fighting like humans?” Adira asked while observing them closely. They looked like superhumans with great physical strength, but they never used their wizard powers.

“Our King has bound our land with his power for this kind of situation. Even if they are wizards they have to fight like us!” Kane’s voice was full of pride.

“Why would wizards attack the vampire enclave?” Adira wondered out loud, earing Kane’s surprised gaze.

“They are not here to attack us, we are just in the way.

They came here for you two,’ he answered.

“What do you mean?” Kiara asked with a frown.

“Nothing,” he lied, when he remembered that the King had mentioned not to tell the sisters about their meeting.

“Don’t lie! Why have the wizards come for Kiara and I?”

She questioned, grabbing Kane’s arm to stop him.

“l can’t teli you.” He tried again but this time Kiara also grabbed his arm.

“You need to tell us if you don’t want your people to die.

If they are here for us, then we should know about it” Kiara pointed out, releasing his arm.

“l can’t go against my King’s order” he answered stubbornly. At that moment, a second blast went off. Kiara and Adira flinched when more than one vampire was injured by a powerful wizard’s attack. Their numbers increased like insects, everyone’s eyes were focused on the two sisters.

Their only aim was to approach Kiara and Adira.

f**k! Block the way!!!” Kane shouted to his men. He was like a Beta to Alfred and looked extremely dangerous in this state. He could not leave Adira and Kiara’s side as there was no one else to protect them.

“Let’s go back to the Fort. At least there l can leave you two with your mates,” he suggested, grabbing their arms to take them away quickly.

“No!” Adira and Kiara pushed his hands away.

“You will die!” He snapped, twisting one of the wizard’s necks who had successfully made it within attacking distance to them.

That is our own issue. First, tell us what you are hiding,” Kiara demanded.

“What the…” Kane was at the end of his patience, he killed two more wizards to release his pent-up frustration.

This was the first time he had to deal with she-wolves, he could tell that it was not easy to handle them.

“Obey me or I will have to use force!” He warned. If they so much as got a scratch on them before Alfred and the twins arrived, they were going to kill him.

“You can’t force us. We will fight you” Adira snapped as her claws came out in defense. She could not fully shift but there was no way she would let a vampire have his way right now. Kane let out a long-suffering sigh of irritation.

“l can just tell you that they are twins Wizard Kings. King Casimir and King Nolan…” he replied, noticing the change in their expressions. Suddenly, the color in their faces looked different and their eyes looked darker than before. What was going on? Out of nowhere, a storm built around them that was caused by the wizards. Kane looked up at the sky.

f**k! This is bad! They’re already here, he looked back at the sisters, who still looked different.King Casimir and King Nolan are here,” he growled. Just before he could grab the girls’ hands, the wizards increased in number. The shield that the vampires had created broke down.

“Don’t stand there. Attack!” Alfred’s voice echoed in their ears. The Vampire King arrived to protect his people. He looked in dangerous form. His royal overcoat was thrown to the wayside as he turned into the killing machine. Kane had no choice but to jump into the fight in order to protect the females behind him that looked like statues. Kiara and Adira were being attacked by more than four wizards who had smartly separated them.

Both of the sisters had felt their minds go blank and could not react to anything right away. They watched as their mates ran to them at lightning speed.

Adira was dragged away by a wizard but the Alpha kicked his head, knocking him down before he could take another step with her. The wizard died as his head slammed into a nearby rock.

“Adira,” Zander’s big hand pulled her out of the daze that she had been in for a couple of seconds.

“Why didn’t you answer my mind-links?’ He asked, cupping her cheeks. Adira finally blinked but her whole face was sweaty and her eyes large.

The men had finished their meeting and exited the Fort to take their mates back to the Sirius Bright Pack when they received news of the Wizard Kings’ attack. The Vampire King was furious to discover that his land was being attacked by wizards. But Zander and Xavier’s minds had been completely blown away when it had turned out to be true.

The Wizard Kings were after their mates. They had not waited even a second and attacked the vampire enclave to get the girls. The Alpha twins completed a distance that would normally take ten minutes to cross in two minutes to reach their women.

But right now, Adira’s current state was causing Zander to panic. He pulled her into his arms in an attempt to calm her.

She had been shivering and it seemed like she could not hear him.

“Kiara!!” Xavier yelled, attracting her attention. He was shirtless, his body was covered in blood. His green eyes had a hint of redness while his claws were dripping blood. The two wizards immediately let go of Kiara’s arms in fear when they saw a partially shifted Alpha that looked like the living embodiment of the Grim Reaper. They were not even given a chance to use their magic to attack the Alpha because Xavier’s speed was beyond their imagination. Xavier ripped one of their necks wide open, pushing him into the lap of death, the second wizard followed close behind him with a similar fate.

“Kiara,” Xavier growled, pulling his woman into his embrace. As soon as her chest slammed into his hard bare chest, she finally released the breath she had been holding.

“Are you okay?” He kissed her forehead then looked down to her face.

“What happened to you?” He asked, feeling the coldness of her body. It felt like she had been thrown into an ice river.

Her eyes were huge, as if she had seen a ghost. Was she in shock from the suddenness of the attack? Zander and Xavier exchanged glances, realizing that both the women were in the same condition.

“Adira, speak to me’ Zander cupped her cheelks, shaking her lightly. “What’s wrong? Tell me Baby!” He gazed deeper into her blue eyes but they remained like they were before.

Alpha King Renard and Elder Stephen had shielded their grandsons, not allowing any of the wizards to approach the couples.

“What happened to Luna Kiara and Luna Adira?”

Stephen asked, grabbing the hair of one of the wizards and ripping it out of his head before snapping his neck.

“1 told them the Wizard Kings’ names and since then they have been like that,” Kane shot an apologetic look to Alfred and the others.

“f**k! I think they..” Alfred could not complete his sentence before two deadly handsome men with evil auras stepped into the fight.

“Why don’t you give us our wives back?” Casimir said lazily to Xavier before his eyes shone while looking at the woman in his arms. “Long time no see. I hope you did not forget your husband, Baby.” His evil grin reached his eyes. Finally, he had found her.

“We meet again my love” Adira pulled away from Zander when she heard the voice of her kidnapper after so many years. Nolan took a deep breath when he saw her blue eyes that had been haunting his dreams for the last five millennia.

“Come here” Nolan smiled sweetly, which would have caused goosebumps to form on the skin of any other woman.

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