Alpha’s Unhinged Mate Chapter 11

Lily Pov

When I get downstairs, I turn walking up the side of the stairs where I noticed a door earlier in the day. Stepping through the door, I find it is a kitchen. The room was huge and also white, like the rest of the house, with white marble bench tops and stainless-steel appliances. The woman who binned my clothes for the Alpha was standing in the kitchen at the counter cooking what smelt like pasta. She was busily chopping vegetables with her back to me. I walked in and she jumped, startled not realising I was behind her. Her hand went to her ch3st before recognition dawned on her and a small smile played on her l!ps.

“You shouldn’t sneak up on an old lady dear, you gave me quite the fright” She chuckled. “Sorry, I didn’t mean to startle you, I’m Lily” I tell her before walking over and watching her.

“Natalia dear, lovely to meet you”

“Need any help?” I asked hopefully. This place was boring and kind of like watching paint dry. She smiled before sliding the knife she was using over to me and the wooden chopping board with a capsaicin half cut up. I started dicing them, She nodded her head in approval and turned to the fridge and grabbed out some onions and tomatoes, placing them on the bench next to me. I quickly chopped everything while she checked the pasta and the mince she was cooking. I scraped the chopping board of vegetables into the frypan.

“You seem to know what you’re doing,” She added. I nodded.

“I did most of the cooking at home. My father is a terrible cook? The man could burn water” I tell her, making her chuckle, before walking over to the fridge and looking for a drink. I saw some beers on the top shelf and grabbed one, popping the lid with the knife. She turned around looking at me, raising an eyebrow, a smirk on her face.

“Are you even older enough to be drinking?” She asks, but it’s clear she already knows the answer.

“Close enough” I tell her, giving her a wink. She smiles before turning back to the frypan and stirring. I drink half the bottle, feeling extremely thirsty before grabbing another and walking over to help get plates ready.

“How many people live here?” I asked, expecting her to say a few. But by how quiet the house was, I had my doubts.

“Only the Alpha, I work until nine and in the morning, Tabitha comes till lunch time. The Alpha likes his privacy” She tells me. All this house for one person.

“God must be lonely” Layla says, thinking the same thing as me.

“What’s with the steel door upstairs?” I ask. She turns to face me and I could tell she knows but doesn’t want to say.

“The Alpha had it installed while he was away, it’s some sort of safe room”

“Safe room?” I asked, who is he hiding from the townspeople? I thought but didn’t ask. I could tell Natalia was uncomfortable with the mention of the strange room lurking behind the door.

She plates up dinner on two plates and places the leftovers in a dish. She then slides one plate in front of me. It smells delicious. She then places the other plate inside the oven.

“You’re not eating too?” I ask. She shakes her head.

“I will eat when I get home. Alpha is letting me finish early tonight, my granddaughter has her recital tonight and I’m going to watch her dance” She tells me excitedly.

She places the leftovers in the fridge before stopping at the door, “I will see you tomorrow Lily” She says before waving and walking out the door. I hear the front door click shut. Sighing, I eat my dinner in this huge empty house, suddenly feeling lonely. Back home there were always people in and out of the Packhouse coming and going or just chilling and watching movies and partying. Here nothing but silence and my own thoughts.

I quickly ate before washing my plate. I grabbed another beer before deciding to walk around. The sun was down now, making shadows appear as darkness filled this enormous house. I walked around flicking lights on. Discovering a lounge room, two more bathrooms, a meeting room, and many empty bedrooms as well as a library and office. When I finished, I walked back to the kitchen and grabbed another beer. I wonder what the Alpha is doing? I thought. I hadn’t seen him once while exploring. Reaching in and grabbing another beer. I hear my phone bing upstairs; If I wasn’t a werewolf I wouldn’t have heard it.

Racing up the stairs, I grab my phone and see that it is Amber. I smile, taking another sip of my beer.

How’s the Crescent Pack? She asked. I quickly replied. Watching the little icon showing she is typing back, just as her message comes through. I find my phone snatched from my hand. I look up and see the Alpha reading my messages. I didn’t write anything bad, but it was annoying that he felt the need to read them. When I saw him start scrolling, I stood up, trying to grab my phone from him. Wanting to see what he was looking at.

He pulled his hand back before putting my phone in his pocket. I glared at him.

“Don’t. When did you get this back?” He asked, crossing his arms over his ch3st. I didn’t realise I wasn’t allowed to have it. He put it on the dash of the car.

“It’s just a phone, now can I have it back?” I asked, holding my hand out, making him look at my other hand that was holding the beer. He grabbed it, taking a sip.

“You’re not old enough to be drinking,” He stated.

I huffed, annoyed. “I can probably hold my liquor better than you” I retorted, knowing I could easily drink half my weight in alcohol and still walk. He handed it back, watching me. I could tell he wasn’t happy about it, but didn’t stop me when I took another sip.

“Where did you go? I was looking for you. And Natalia put your dinner in the oven” I tell him.

“I had Pack business to attend to” He said, sitting on the edge of the bed. He looked tired and kicked his shoes off before picking them up and putting them in the closet.

The Alpha then walked into the bathroom, closing the door. Leaving me sitting in the room by myself again. I walked over to the bedroom window and looked out. The streetlights were on and the street out the front was now empty. Darkness falling over the town. When the Alpha came out, he only had a towel wrapped around his h*ps. I felt Layla stir to life before peering out through my eyes like some perv.

“Move over” She growled, taking a front-row seat in my head. I chuckled. Softly making the Alpha’s eyes dart to mine. He raised an eyebrow at me and I shook my head.

“Layla?” he asked. I nodded.

“Yeah, she is a bit of a perv,” I admitted. He smirked before dropping the towel in front of me. I felt my cheeks heat up as my eyes moved down his body, he had so many scars across his abdomen and looking closer I could see them under his tattoo’s that wrapped around his arms. Damien was built like a god, perfectly sculptured in all the right places, muscular and strong. He looked like the true definition of an Alpha. Packed full of muscle and dominance.

My eyes trailed down between his legs when I felt Layla whistle in my head. My mouth fell open at what I found.

“Yeah, nope, that thing is not coming near me” I thought, pulling my eyes away looking anywhere but at him.

“Shit, you sure he hasn’t got horse in him. Damn girl, that’s all yours, I don’t want no part of that” She said Impressed with his massive length.

The Alpha chuckled when he noticed my embarrassment. Stepping closer making my eyes dart up to his, he closed the distance standing directly in front of me. I inhaled deeply, loving the smell of his scent. He always smelt like peppermint and cookies, making my mouth water. I inhaled deeply, not realising I had actually stepped in closer until my nose brushed his ch3st. I opened my eyes embarrassed and looked up at him; he was just silently watching me. Not saying anything, I felt his heart skip a beat when I reached up, placing my hand on his ch3st, running my fingers across the scars that littered his ch3st. How had I not noticed them before, I wondered?

“Probably because you were always trying to escape him.” Layla said sarcastically.

They were rough under my skin, some jagged. When I moved my hand lower to the longest one, he grabbed my hand before I could reach the end. They looked like they would have hurt. I looked up at him and his eyes were darker and looked haunted. He cleared his throat before k!ssing my forehead. “I should get dressed” He mumbled, turning away from me and walking into the walk-in.

“Hey what’s up with the steel door?” I asked. Hoping he would finally tell me what’s behind it.

“Just storage,” he answered too fast. I didn’t believe him. Natalia said it was some sort of safe room. I could tell he wasn’t going to answer truthfully, so I decided to drop it. The Alpha walked out with a pair of shorts on before walking out the door leaving the room. I didn’t bother following him, suddenly feeling tired from all the driving and drama of the day. Instead, I climbed on the bed, closing my eyes. I don’t know when he returned, but I felt the bed dip before I felt him roll on his side, his hand grabbing my h*ps and pulling me against him.

I didn’t try to move away, too tired to care and not only that, but I liked the feel of his warm arms wrapped around me and his soothing scent filling the room, making me relax against him as I succumbed to sleep. When I woke, it was because the sun was coming up, shining brightly down on me through the skylights. I groaned, rolling over, coming face to face with Damien. Who was already awake.

“What do you want to do today?” He asked, brushing a piece of my hair out of the way and placing it behind my ear. Layla pushed forward but didn’t take over. It was a strange feeling having her so present all the time. I liked it but it also worried me slightly, knowing it was just a flick of a switch and she could go berserk.

“Run” I shook my head when I realised, she said it and not me. I covered my mouth with my hands. Her words sounded strange coming from my l!ps. She talks mostly fine in my head, yet her words were slurred, slightly coming out of my mouth, like she wasn’t used to talking aloud.

“Layla?” He said, watching my eyes seeing if he could tell the difference. “Sorry, she came forward with me” I apologised.

“That’s a good thing Lily, you should share everything with your wolf” He was right we were supposed to share everything. That’s how bonds between the human part and the wolf side of us bond, yet no one here had seen what has been done in the past, so wouldn’t understand my hesitation.

“She wants to go for a run?” Damien asked. I could feel Layla’s excitement but it wasn’t the thought of running, more the thought of finally seeing his wolf.

“She wants to meet your wolf,” I tell him.

“She has met him, when she” He didn’t finish what he was going to say. I knew he was talking about when she tried to attack Aria.

“I don’t remember seeing him,” she said sadly. I shook my head and Damien propped himself up on his elbow.

“I can take you for a run this afternoon, but you are to stay with me okay, Layla?” He said, searching my eyes. Layla was jumping around wagging her tail in my head, her excitement giving me a headache.

“Can you come forward like she is doing now?” He asked curiously.

I shook my head. “When Layla takes over she always shuts me out, I see nothing until she gives back control” I tell him worried at the thought of her going for a run. “Maybe we should wait,” I asked Layla. She whined loudly.

“What did you say to her? My wolf said you upset her, ” He asked.

“I told her we should wait,” I answered, rolling onto my back. Damien leaned over me, his hand running over my stomach, leaving tingles in their path.

“Maybe she is so out-of-control because you refuse to give her control Lily, I won’t let her hurt my pack. Maybe you should try to trust her.” He said, looking down on me.

“Please, I will be good, I promise” Layla whispered hopefully.

“Don’t make me regret this, Layla, and don’t shove me out” She nodded eagerly.

“Okay fine” I tell Damien, before sitting up and walking into the bathroom. I looked longingly at the shower before walking over, trying to figure out how to turn it on again. Waving my hands underneath it. I heard Damien chuckle behind me, standing against the door.

“What are you doing?” He asked, c**king his head to the side.

“Trying to turn the damn thing on” I tell him looking back up at the shower head. The water suddenly turned on and it was freezing cold, making me yelp as it drenched me. I heard Damien chuckle behind me, making me turn and glare at him.

Then I noticed him close, what I thought was a blue tile on the wall. Come to think of it, I did find it odd that there was one blue tile when everything was white.

“You couldn’t have just told me, instead of drenching me?” I asked before pulling my now drenched shirt over my head. Pulling it off, he was watching me.

His eyes darkened before he tapped something on the screen, the shower starting again, warming to a decent temperature. I turned my back to him, not wanting him to see me completely n*ked. I could feel his eyes burning into my back as I slipped my p*nts off. Standing up straight, I felt Damien’s ch3st press into my back, his hand running over my as*s up to my h*p.

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