Alpha’s Unhinged Mate Chapter 19

Lily POV

Something seemed off today, I knew something was going on, something big must have happened yesterday because Damien’s phone hasn’t stopped ringing. The familiar ding of messages coming in was driving me nuts. It got so frequent that I even started hearing his phone going off when there weren’t messages coming in. Every time it would ring, Damien wouldn’t answer until he was in his office, which I have figured out is sound proof.

After lunch, I was watching Netflix when Damien walked in.

“Lily, come. I have to go to the cells. You still want to speak to Tabitha?” Well no, I didn’t want to speak to Tabitha, but I wanted to know what she wanted.

“Probably just wants to rub the pregnancy in our face again” Layla growled as I stood up from the lounge.

Damien drove us to the edge of town to a giant brick building which had one heavy duty steel door leading in and no windows. Getting out of the car, I notice heaps of guards, some armed with machine guns, some wandering around the compound in wolf form. When we get to the door, the guard immediately opens the door allowing us entry.

Damien grabs my hand, tugging me along a giant corridor with steel doors every few metres apart. The corridors seem to never end and when it does it just branches off in another direction. The entire place was eerily quiet, yet I could hear the soft sound of beating hearts behind every door. We walk past two open rooms. One is a kitchen, and another is an open bathroom with multiple showers and toilets offering no privacy at all.

Damien tugs me down the end of the blue corridor to another open room, which appears to be some kind of waiting area. Steel chairs lined in rows are bolted to the floor. When we enter, I see Tabitha sit up like she was trying to nap on the hard chairs.

Damien growls at her, and she drops her head to the floor. Tabitha mumbles, her voice barely audible.

“Please Alpha, I need to see him” She begs.

“No, not while you’re carrying my child” He tells her with a growl, making her whimper before she turns her neck in submission.

“Damien?” I ask, feeling bad for her. His eyes snap to mine and the look of pure anger on his face makes me take a step back.

“Don’t Lily, you don’t challenge me, not here” He said before turning on his heel and walking out. I stand awkwardly at the entrance and Tabitha motions for me to sit beside her, by tapping the seat next to hers.

I move and sit next to her. Neither of us speak, just stare at the wall in front of us for what feels like ages. Tabitha seems tired and has huge bags under her eyes as she rubs her swollen belly, her clothes all crinkled and I can only assume she slept here on these uncomfortable chairs.

“I get it now” She whispers, making me look at her.

“Get what, Tabitha?”

“I thought I loved Damien, now I have met my mate though I realise I never did and yet I am carrying his child. I feel like I betrayed my mate. If I could take it back, I would Luna. I never should have allowed myself to get pregnant, not with someone who isn’t my mate. I understand you hate me for what I did and I deserve that hate” She says.

“I don’t hate you” I tell her.

“Speak for yourself Lily” Layla growls, but I ignore her.

“I would hate me if I were you, I made Damien betray his mate and in turn betrayed mine. He will probably reject me when he finds out”

“That isn’t all on you Tabitha. Damien knew what he was doing when he was fooling around with you. The blame isn’t entirely yours to carry” I tell her. Which is the truth, I can’t just blame her?

“I’m sorry, Lily, I understand now. I can only imagine the pain you’re going through seeing someone carry his baby. I didn’t think of the consequences to my actions, not until I saw him. Not until I saw my mate and now I am too afraid to tell him and risk losing him”She whispers before putting her head in her hands.

“Do you think Damien will kill him?”

“Not if I have a say in it. Come on, do you know which cell is his” Tabitha looks up and nods.

“Come on,” I tell her. She hesitates for a second before looking down.

“I can’t Lily, he will find out” she says motioning to her belly. I smile through my jealousy as I stare at her bump.

“He is going to find out one way or another better to have two Alphas there when he does then be on your own” I tell her.

“You think Damien will let me see him?”

“We can only try” I say, walking toward the corridor. Tabitha jumps up, excitement on her face but also nervousness.

Tabitha walks down the corridor stopping at the door which has a guard placed out the front.

The guard nods in my direction before speaking.

“No entry Tabitha, the Alpha said no” He tells her and I see her eyes well with tears.

“Get the Alpha” I ordered and he looks at me before tapping on the door. I hear grunting before and the sound of skin hitting skin before I hear a loud thud. The guard knocks again when I hear a growl.

“The Luna wants you” The guard sings out. The door is suddenly thrown open and an angry Damien glares out. Tabitha darts behind me.

“What Lily?”

“Let her see him” I tell him, noticing his knuckles are all bloody. I pull my eyes away from his fists and look back up to meet his gaze, which is more of a glare and repeat myself.

“Let her see him, Damien. How would you like it if someone kept you away from your mate?”

“No” He says and I hear her whimper behind me.

“Damien, she is his mate, he won’t hurt her”

“You don’t know that Lily”

“What could he possibly do with two Alphas in the room?” Damien seemed to think for a second before standing aside motioning for me to enter.

As soon as I enter, I nearly throw up. Blood smears the walls everywhere, I nearly turn to Tabitha to not let her enter. No one should see their mate in that state. But it’s too late as I hear her gasp behind me.

The rogue looks up when he hears her, his eyes widening with recognition as he tries to stand only to fall back down. He was drenched in blood and completely naked. His ribs bruised like they were broken but were healing already his face was a bloody mess from Damien’s blows, yet the cuts were healed. How I was envious of his healing ability.

Tabitha went to run past me to him, but Damien’s hand grabbing her made her freeze. The Rogue growled at him and Damien turned to face him. The Rogue dropped his head before turning his neck in submission.

Grabbing Damien’s hand, I pried his finger from her arm, making him growl at me. Tabitha darted straight to the Rogue, who wasn’t able to hide his shock at her belly. It only lasted a second before she stopped in front of him, unsure. The Rogue tried to stand but stumbled slightly and Damien went to lunge at him but Tabitha was quick to his side helping him. The Rogue clung to her before wrapping his arms around her and hugging her. I heard Tabitha sob as he embraced her. He k!ssed the side of her face.

“You’re pregnant” He said slightly shocked, and I felt Damien step closer and knew if needed would shove me out of the way to get to her if he tried anything. I stepped aside to allow it if he did, which made Damien look down at me questionably.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t know I would find you” Tabitha whispered.

“It’s okay, it’s okay we can work this out” He reassured her. I could tell by the way he spoke he truly meant it. I could tell it hurt him like it did me. Yet he didn’t care, he was just happy he found his mate. I was in awe of the mate bond at that moment. I couldn’t help but feel happy for her.

His hand rubbed her back before he couldn’t stand any more and fell back to the ground. Tabitha went to sit beside him, but he shook his head.

“The ground is cold and wet, don’t sit you will get dirty”

Tabitha ignored him and went to sit anyway, before she could sit on the ground, he pulled her onto his lap. His arms wrapped around her before his other hand went to her belly. I see Damien tense before he rubs her belly and k!sses the side of her face.

“You’re not mad?” She asks.

He shakes his head, “No, I can’t blame you for something that happened before you met me” He reassured her.

“What if I told you it is mine” Damien growled, taking a step forward. The rogue’s eyes darted to him and he didn’t hide his shock but composed himself before looking at Tabitha who nodded, confirming his words.

He hung his head, slightly upset. Before looking at Tabitha’s tear filled face.

“It’s okay, I promise”

Damien relaxed slightly. I turned to the guard who was watching the scene unfold in front of him.

“Get some clothes and meet us in the shower cubicles” I tell him, making Damien growl before grabbing my arm. The guard hesitated looking at Damien.

“What are you doing?”

Turning to face Damien. “I am doing what’s right, you want my forgiveness for getting another she-wolf pregnant you will allow this” I tell him, my voice not wavering.

His grip tightens before he looks up and nods to the guard. The guard takes off and I shake Damien’s arm before turning to the rogue. Taking a step toward him. He looks up at me, unsure.

“You’re the Luna who saved me” He says and I nod.

“Come on” I tell him, kneeling beside him, about to help him up when Damien growls.

“What? He can barely walk,” I tell him. Damien growls lowly stepping forward.

“I don’t want you touching him, I will do it” He says, stepping forward making the rogue flinch.

“He won’t hurt you” I hear Damien scoff at my words, but he doesn’t add anything before gripping the Rogue under his arm and pulling him to his feet. The Rogue seems hesitant before allowing Damien and Tabitha to help. We make our way to the showers and I quickly turn one on. Tabitha helps him under the water and the guard walks in with some clothes and soap and also a towel. I take them from him, placing the clothes on the seat and handing the soap to Tabitha, who helps him wash.

The guard stands near the door watching, a little shocked.

I go to sit on the seats that are in the room before Damien pulls me on his lap, pressing his face into my neck.

“Now what?” He asks, making me turn to him.

“This is your plan, so now what?”

I looked at Tabitha and the rogue who looked at me waiting for my answer.

Getting up, I feel Damien’s grip tighten before he releases me. I walk over to them.

“He lets you live, will you answer his questions?” I ask him.

He nods before answering. “Please, I just want to be with my mate, I will do anything he wants” I turn to Damien who seems shocked by his answer.

“You can be with your mate and remain here under close guard, if you step out of line or hurt his and Tabitha’s baby. I will let him kill you” I warn him.

“Doesn’t it upset you that she is carrying his child?” He asked softly. I looked at Tabitha’s swollen belly, a twinge of jealousy running through me.

“Yes, it does, but it’s not the baby’s fault the parents didn’t think of their mates first. The guilt is on them, not the child” I tell him and he nods.

“I could never hurt her like that,” he said, rubbing her belly which was now wet from the shower.

“As long as you abide by the rules and can be deemed safe, Damien may let you join the Pack to remain with your mate” Damien growled and I looked at him. The Rogue flinched but said nothing.

Damien stood up walking towards us,

“You won’t hurt her or my unborn pup?” He asks.

“No, never Alpha. You have my word” He says watching Damien.

“Then once you have proven yourself and told me what I want to know, I may consider letting you stay, but you aren’t to mark her until my child is born understood?”

“Yes, Alpha” and his face lights up with excitement, so does Tabitha’s.

“Alpha?” Tabitha asks as Damien walks away. He turns to look at her.

“Can I mark him though?” He seems to think for a second.

“I will allow it, but I see his mark on you. I will not only kill him but once that child is born I will kill you” They both nod at his words.

“Don’t leave them alone together and find a room that’s clean and has proper bedding and seating” He says to the guard who nods before leaving the room. Another guard shows up in his place.

“I will give you one chance, rogue. Don’t ruin it because I will end you” He says.

“Thank you Alpha” He says softly looking toward his mate.

“What’s your name?” I ask, not wanting to keep calling him rogue.

“Trey Luna, and thank you for this” He adds and I nod.

“Come on, the guards can handle it from here” Damien says, holding his hand out. I take it and we go to leave when Tabitha darts away from her mate. I can’t hide my shock when she runs to me throwing her arms around my neck hugging me.

“Thank you” She whispers and I relax and rub her back.

“It’s okay Tabitha, just take care and be careful” I tell her before she lets go. Her tear stricken face lit up with hope before she went back to her mate.

Turning to Damien, he is watching me and his hand moves to my face, before I feel his thumb stroke my cheek softly. I lean into his hand.

“Let’s go for that run” He says before pulling me against him and wrapping his arm around me.

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