Alpha’s Unhinged Mate Chapter 21

Lily POV

Layla pushed herself faster and we heard the roar of his car engine before we heard him take off tearing off towards town.

“You better not let him win Layla” I warn her, and she takes off. Once we hit the houses I am surprised at how fast and lithe she is on her feet, she made running look easy as she jumped fences and made turns, I thought she would skid out of control. Not once did she stumble or make a mistake and god damn, she was fast! When we hit the centre of town. I could still hear Damien’s car in the distance, racing to beat us. One more street and an alleyway to go.

Layla dug her paws in faster and I could tell she was finding every part of the race thrilling, she wanted to beat him, and I could feel she wanted me to trust her and this was one way she wanted to try and show me I could. One way she wanted to prove she would always have our backs. We skidded to a stop out the front of the pack house before quickly shifting and running inside before anyone could see us naked. I was laughing hysterically with Layla as she did a victory dance in my head, bouncing up and down with her tail wagging.

Going upstairs, I turn the shower on, needing to wash the itchy grass and dirt off. I was still chuckling to myself as I washed my hair when I heard the door downstairs open and shut. I giggled when I smelt his scent waft up to me. I listened as he came up the stairs. Turning to face the bathroom door, I waited in anticipation before it opened. Damien had a smile on his l!ps.

“You look quite happy for someone who lost,” I tell him.

“Somehow I think it was a win-win situation for me,” He says before removing his pants. I watch as he moves into the bathroom. His eyes filled with lust as they burned into me. Damien steps into the shower, his ch3st pressing into mine before I feel him grab me, making me squeal at his sudden movement. I quickly wrap my arms around his neck and wrap my legs around his wa!st as I am pressed against the shower wall. He gr0ans into my mouth as his l!ps crash against mine hungrily.

His hand left my as*s moving up before squeezing my bre*st. His rough hands squeezing and palming my bre*st while his l!ps move to my neck ni*ping and s*cking on my skin. I k!ss the side of his face before leaning my face to his neck and k!ss his skin and I feel him shudder, before he moves back to my l!ps. His hand wraps around my throat as he pulls my face to his. I feel him go to turn and I wrap my arms and legs around him tighter, so I don’t fall. Feeling his erections pressing against my l!ps which are slick with ar0usal.

He turns the shower off before walking into the bedroom. He dumps me on the bed before climbing on top of me, and I shriek.

“Damien let me up, the bed’s getting we*t”

“That’s not all that will be getting w*t” He growls next to my ear. His l!ps go to my bre*st as he bites down hard on my ni*ple. His hands moving down my body and I feel him k!ss my stomach before settling between my legs.

“Hmm You smell so good” He says before I feel his hot tongue part my l!ps, l!cking a straight line from my as*s to my cl!t. My back arching off the bed and he pushes my legs higher draping them over his shoulders. I feel my stomach tighten at the intense pleasure building up, my skin becoming flushed as it heats.

Damien grips my hips holding them in place as I buck against him. I grip his hair trying to pull his face away but all he does is gr0ans and the vibration nearly sends me over the edge.

Damien slips a finger inside me and I m0an at the sudden intrusion before I feel him slip it out adding another. I grind my hips against his face and fingers. Damien’s tongue moving faster, flicking over my cl!t when I feel myself reach my peak and come crashing over the edge, my juices spilling onto his tongue as he licks me clean and I m0an loudly.

Damien then crawls up the bed before flopping down beside me and pulling me against him.

I rest my chin on his ch3st.

“Good?” He asks, making my face flush with embarrassment and he chuckles softly. My fingers traced one of his scars on his ch3st. He watches me as my fingertips brush softly against his scarred skin.

“How old were you when you got these?” I ask looking up at him. He stares up at the ceiling. His jaw tenses as he grits his teeth.

“Nine” He says.

“How did you get them?” I ask and he looks at me.

“My father” He answers shortly, not adding anything else and I can tell it’s not a topic he likes talking about.

“Is that why you killed him?” He doesn’t answer, just looks at me before looking up at the ceiling.

“Some people shouldn’t be parents” He says, and I can tell he is off reliving some nightmare memory.

Sitting up, I climb on top of him making him look at me. His hands rubbing my th!ghs before I lean down and k!ss him. He seems shocked at first before k!ssing me back and his hands grip my th!ghs tightly.

“Lily, if you don’t want me to f*ck you. I suggest you get off” He says against my l!ps. I k!ss the side of his mouth before k!ssing his chin. Moving to his neck I ni*p at the skin before k!ssing it softly. He turns his head giving me better access to his neck and I feel his breath hitch. I hesitate before Layla’s voice pleads with me.

“Please Lily, mark him, he won’t leave us. I promise” Layla urging me to mark him, she wants to be tied to Damien.

“You don’t have to Lily. I want you to, but I can wait” He whispers. Making all doubt leave me. I k!ss his neck before I feel my canines protrude and press against his skin before piercing his neck.

I taste his blood as it rushes into my mouth and his grip tightens as he gr0ans loudly, his fingers digging into my thighs. I pull my teeth from his neck before running my tongue over it sealing it, when I suddenly feel all his emotions rush into me. Overwhelming me and I sit up.

Damien’s face studying mine, I could feel he was trying to figure out if it was me or Layla that marked him. Looking for any regret of what I just did, but I knew he would find none.

“I love you” He says brushing his thumb over my l!ps.

“I know you do” I tell him, k!ssing his thumb before he pulls me down on his ch3st, hugging me tightly against him, his fingertips running up and down my spine softly.

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