Alpha’s Unhinged Mate Chapter 42

Lily POV

Damien had only been gone for around half an hour. I was busy helping Natalia clean up after breakfast and was about to go change into something more comfortable and suitable for painting. Walking upstairs, I duck into the walk-in and strip my clothes off. Pulling on a pair of shorts, I do the button up and bend down to pick up my shirt.

When alarms started blaring loudly outside. Natalia’s frantic voice downstairs screaming out to me. The roller shutters locking into place on the top windows.

Racing downstairs, I see Natalia by the door, when suddenly I hear screaming, both of us slipping out the door before the shutter locked in place. Running down the driveway, the entire place was in chaos, rogues and warriors fighting everywhere.

I watch as Trey and Tatum race from Tabitha’s house, shifting mid run. Natalia grabs my arm, trying to pull me toward the car when I shake her arm off before taking off down the driveway.

Layla growling in my head when I see her. Standing amongst the chaos was a dark-haired woman unbothered by what was going on around her as she slowly walked towards me, a cruel smile on her l!ps. I recognised her instantly as we locked eyes, Estella Damien’s mother.

Layla growled, but it escaped my l!ps, more of a roar making everyone freeze. Even the rogues froze, looking back at me. My claws extended and my canines protruded. I felt kind of strange as I half shifted, and I could feel Layla push forward with me. Never have I felt so enraged as I did in this moment seeing that smug bitch’s face.

Everyone around us resumed fighting, but she never took her eyes from me, and I her. It felt weird not shifting, that Layla didn’t force the shift, and it made me wonder why, yet I could feel she was comfortable in this weird form and it felt right, more natural. More in control.

Estella stopped walking, folding her arms across her chest, her eyes sparkling an odd shade of red that I had never seen in a werewolf before, fangs protruded from her gums and I watched claws slip from her nail beds.

“Where is Kade, your mate?” I ask. She smiles.

“Oh he is around, always watching”

“I figured he was too much of a coward to show himself, could never do his own work and sent others to do it for him. But I am glad he is watching, at least he will witness your death” I spit at her. Estella laughs.

“You really are unhinged, aren’t you? And what do you think Damien will do when he finds out you killed his mother?”

“He knows what you have done, Estella” I tell her as we circle each other.

“He may, but I am still his mother and deep down he has always been mummy’s boy. I see it going two ways. I kill you then he helps us take down the Blood Moon Pack and option two, you kill me, and Damien will never forgive you. Probably even kill you himself before his father takes over the pack and takes down the Blood Moon Pack. Either way Lily, you end up dead and Kade gets revenge,”

“Father? What is she talking about Lily?” Layla murmurs to me.

“She is spilling nonsense” I tell Layla.

“I can practically see the wheels turning in your head, you know I am right, don’t you Lily? And once Damien finds out that Kade is his biological father, he will hand the pack over”.

“Kade can’t be Damien’s father, that makes little to no sense, he would never believe your lies” I tell her. Estella shakes her head.

“But he is. When I met Trent, I was already pregnant. My father’s pack had a treaty agreement and married me off, forcing me to leave my mate. Kade is Damien’s father, that I can assure you. Why do you think Trent hated him?”

“Kade isn’t even a werewolf” I tell her, nothing of what she is saying makes sense.

“No, but he has Lycan DNA which is what kept him alive from when he captured Abel. When I met him, he was only half Lycan. After my father’s pack banished him and locked him away, he escaped, went on the run and found a way to awaken the vampire Gene’s.

Strengthened himself, he always planned to help us run and escape Alpha Trent. I loved him, all he needed was more Lycan blood, to become stronger so he could take down my husband. He knew your sister would never willingly hand over her blood, not even she was aware of what she was, so he waited bided his time.

Then your sister had to take him from me for twelve f*cking years. I watched my son become the Alpha he was born to be and take down Trent and save us, but then he discarded me like trash, threw me away. So, when I heard hunters were still looking for Kade, heard whispers he was still alive, I knew my band of rogues would help me set him free”

“She is stalling Lily,”

Tuning Estella out, I lunge at her. I had heard enough, I didn’t need to hear more. Listen to her whine about her poor self and that despicable man she calls her mate. Estella is fast though as she steps out of my way before swiping her claws across my back, her claws tearing through my flesh painfully. Spinning on my heel, I lunge at the same time she does. Both of us colliding with teeth and claws out as we tear shreds off each other. She knocks me off and throws me with so much force; I hear the tree I was thrown into crack from the force. Estella laughs sadistically.

“You didn’t really think you could beat me, I am a Luna and Alpha by blood and so much more” She laughs. I crawl to my hands and knees, gripping the tree as I stand.

“What are you?” I ask before I spit blood on the ground.

“The same as you, but with a twist I am more vampire than werewolf now. I suppose you could say Aria is about to meet her match with me” She taunts walking over and picking up a branch. I could hear wolves growling and fighting, but I didn’t have a chance to help, I didn’t have a chance to check on the rest of the pack. Estella stepped forward so quickly I didn’t see her swing the branch until it connected with my face, making me backflip before landing on the ground face down.

Layla growled menacingly in my head and took the reins forcing me to my feet, claws extended as she lunged, knocking Estella to the ground and sinking her claws into her stomach. Estella screamed before scratching her claws across my face, Layla growled as we bit into her shoulder. When suddenly Estella started screaming.

“Damien, help son” I looked around and saw Beckett and Damien run into the park taking down rogues on his way, so many bodies lay limp on the ground. Damien’s pack fought most of them off while Damien made his way to us. He growled, and I jumped back by the fury on his face. Max limps as he breaks through the tree line.

“Damien, son” Estella purrs, getting up off the ground, she opens her arms like she is some loving mother and I see Damien falter. Feel his sadness through the bond. Estella walks over to him and I watch gobsmacked as I get wave after wave of Damien’s love for this bitch, filtering into me through the bond. Wolves circling around growling at her, yet Damien looked at her like she is a loving mother. Even let her embrace him as she wrapped her arms around him.

“You can forgive me, son, can’t you? We have blown everything way out of proportion. I came to help when she attacked me” Damien’s eyes darted to me, the anger I saw in them shocked me, making me step back. Layla growled loudly in my head. He was choosing her over us, after everything she has done, he was choosing her. Pack members growled at him as he hugged her to him, Damien looking out over his pack before yelling, using his Alpha voice.

” Quiet” He bellowed. Everyone went silent, Estella reached up touching his face with her hands, tugging his face toward her in what appeared to me a motherly gesture, only I wasn’t fooled like Damien.

She wraps her arms around him, looking at me with a knowing smile on her face. She won, he was choosing her over me, over his pack.

She lets him go, before turning to face me. Damien’s face expressionless as she addresses me.

“Blood is thicker than water Lily, a mother’s love will always” She didn’t finish as I watched her eyes widen in shock. She looks down at her chest, her hands clutching it. Estella then looks over her shoulder at Damien, his face twisted in anger. He leans next to her ear, her eyes wide with shock as she locks eyes with him.

“You were never my mother” He whispers before he shoves her forward, Estella screeches loudly before she goes limp and falls to the ground at his feet. I stare shocked before looking up at Damien, his mother’s heart squeezed tightly in his hand.

Suddenly we all looked to the trees as we heard an agonised howl in the distance before the remaining rogues took off, our warriors fast on their heels chasing after them. Damien looked toward me before stepping over his mother’s dead body lying on the ground.

His eyes softening as he held out his arms and I ran into them. Smacking into his chest with so much force he was nearly knocked over.

“You’re okay, babe” Damien whispers into my hair and I shake my head.

“I thought you were choosing her over us” I said, squeezing him tighter, Damien winced in pain and I loosen my grip.

“Sorry” I whisper.

“Not your fault, my ribs still haven’t healed” He says lifting up what was left of his shirt. Black bruising covered half his side, but I could tell it was healing already as parts were turning yellow. Damien grips my chin making me look up at him.

“I would never choose anyone of you and our pack” He says as he leans down and k!sses me softly. Beckett walks over, stopping next to us and Damien straightens up.

“We only lost thirty-three” Damien nods.

“What do you want to do, Alpha?”

“Nothing right now, Blood Moon Pack is on their way, prepare for housing. We are going to war and after what those rogues told us. It’s going to be a bloodbath” I look up at him and Damien shakes his head.

“In the morning I will tell you, for now let’s go home”

Beckett walks off Damien singing out to him as we walk toward the pack house. ”Prepare the bunkers as well, ”

“Yes Alpha” Beckett calls.

“Damien?” I ask, as we are walking back toward the pack house.

“Yes” He says, stopping and looking down at me before shoving a key into the panel near the door. The roller shutters lifting.

“I think Kade is your father” Damien freezes, looking down at me, a thoughtful expression on his face.

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