Anthony Delon and Sveva Alviti madly in love: the couple takes pictures, in the intimacy

In a relationship for almost three years, Anthony Delon and Sveva Alviti seem more in love than ever after a brief breakup. The two actors are today on the cover of “Marie Claire Italia” with tenderness and complicity.

The Franco-Italian couple is the star of the new Marie-Claire Italia and its April 2022 issue. More in love than ever, Anthony Delon and his partner Sveva Alviti pose from a Roman hotel. A photo session carried out last January, of which we finally discover the result: shots on which the two actors display their joyful complicity, they who have patched themselves up after having briefly broken off their engagement last September.

In total white looks, hands in pockets, legs upside down at the hotel bar, entwined in bed with pajamas for two, on a sunbathing break on the roof terrace… Anthony Delon and Sveva Alviti took their own photo for this series of duo selfies, taken with the iPhone. The lovers alternate serious looks and wide smiles in an intimate setting, as if they were alone in their Roman hotel. Incidentally, the 37-year-old Italian actress made a short film called Just Us (Only us) for this same magazine.

The couple is definitely talking about him at the start of spring: Sveva Alviti is currently starring in the film between the waves

, a drama released on March 16. It was of course accompanied by Anthony Delon that she took part in the Parisian preview. The beautiful Italian does not fail to support in return the projects of her half, who has just released an autobiographical book on the history of her famous family. A book titled Between dog and wolf (editions du Cherche midi), in which he returns with sincerity to his complex relationship with his parents Alain and Nathalie Delon.

As a couple since 2019, Anthony Delon and Sveva Alviti got engaged, before breaking their engagement in September 2021. The lovers finally patched things up at the start of the year, never to leave each other again. In the interview that accompanies the photo series for Marie-Claire ItaliaAnthony Delon asks his partner about the first time she fell in love: “ It was in July, two and a half years ago. The two of us at dinner [organisé à l’hôtel Lutetia à Paris], we talked nonstop. We haven’t stopped yet“, she then replied. ” We spend a lot of time alone, sometimes we create, sometimes we watch a movie, we cook, normal things… For me it’s special, it’s my refuge. »

From a first union with Sophie Clerico, Anthony Delon (57) has two daughters: Lou and Liv (26 and 20).

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