Apoutchou accuses Debordo of a debt of 2 million FCFA and threatens

Apoutchou National has taken out a file that has been visibly classified in the drawer of intimates for a long time. In response to Debordo Leekunfa’s insults in relation to the King 12 12 affair, the blogger claimed a financial debt. According to Apoutchou National, Dedordo Leekunfa owes him the sum of 3200 euros. So he threatens to sue.

Debordo Leekunfa is at the center of a new media outcry. After a rather insulting appearance on several artists close to King 12 12, Opah the nation invites itself into trouble.

In the video in question, Debordo Leekunfa openly insulted Apoutchou National and other artists for appearing alongside King 12 12. According to him, this is a subtle begging. ” You you are a bunch of dogs, a bunch of scum, needy you make me pity “Said Debordo Leekunfa, among others.

Among the artists and showbiz men targeted by Debordo’s insults, Apoutchou National responded. In a post on his Facebook profile this morning, he sent a response to his fellow singer artist.

In his remarks, Apoutchou accused Debordo of owing him the sum of €3,200s, or just over 2 million CFA francs.

Debordo I owe you something? Debordo I was once disrespectful? Debordo it’s me my mother you come to insult in front of the public place? For what reason just because I went to see King 12 12? Ok okay I’m not going to answer you because I’m more at this stage I try to be the showcase of this youth so I’m going to be seen and ignored. But I beg your pardon for refunding me my 3200€ euro that you took with me to come to the Oscars of bloggers and influencers that I organized on September 10th and you haven’t come so far you’re making me turn to give me my money

delivered Apoutchou National, before warning his creditor.

If until tomorrow 8 p.m. I don’t have my money I’m going to file a complaint against you I warn all of Côte d’Ivoire. Don’t tell me I’m bad. I have respected you too much for you to come and disrespect my God on earth. So for God’s sake give my money. For months and months I loaded you on my back, Debordo par si Debordo there, but despite that you asked me to pay you to come to the Oscars things that I did not refuse because despite everything you are an artist and you have to live from your art. You took 3200€ with me and you didn’t come until today I didn’t say anything, but then brother please send my money continued the blogger as you can read for yourself in the capture below.

Apoutchou accuses Debordo of a debt of 2 million FCFA and threatens

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