Benin: BR decides to suspend the installation of its decentralized structures

In Benin, the party Republican Block decided to suspend the installation of its decentralized structures. This is what we retain from a press release from the National Secretary General of Political Training Abdoulaye Bio Tchané. “Due to the activities relating to the legislative election of January 08, 2023, the operations to set up the decentralized structures in progress are suspended until further notice” we read in the note of the Minister of State.

Legally recognized since 2019

The decision takes effect as of yesterday Tuesday, April 05, 2022. Remember that the party Republican Block

has been legally recognized since February 2019, when it obtained its final receipt. It is one of the political formations of the presidential movement. He took part in the 2019 legislative elections. With the Progressive Union (Up), they represent the only parties with deputies in parliament. A national assembly, thus qualified as “monocolor” by the opposition since the BR and the Up are two parties supporting the actions of the government.

The Republican Bloc is currently preparing for the next legislative elections of 2023; scheduled for January 8. In 2019, the party had obtained 36 deputies against 47 for the Progressive Union. A more open election next year could see the entry of other opposition or movement political parties.

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