Emerald Eyed Luna Chapter 102

A few days have gone by, and it is time to lay our loved ones to rest. I had decided that I would get everything done in one day, so after the funerals, we would be doing the trials as well. If I am going to get emotionally exhausted, I might as well do it all in one day. I am not sure I will ever be okay with funerals and death, but it is part of my job and my life now, so I should probably embrace it.

I was packing what I needed to take home. After the funeral and trial, we will be returning home to figure out how the pack will run. The palace is making great progress, so in a few months, it should feel like a home for me. We haven’t told anyone about our pregnancy, but I think after the trial, I will say a speech and let everyone know. Wyatt has been itching to tell people. I just chuckle every time he rubs my belly and nags me about it.

il. Instead, their ashes will be placed with the other traitors and stored in an underground vault.

g his head on my shoulder. He hands rest on my belly as he slowly massages

take all this clothing. It was all his to begin with, since came here with just the clothes on my back.”

esting instincts are flying right now.”

d walking to the car to pack it away before we headed down there.

ng their goodbyes. The trial is ready. The prisoners are still in their cells and will remain there till you are ready for them.”

h. He stood beside me the whole time, even when I doubted him.” We reached the garage and Wyatt put the suitcase in the trunk with the rest of his.

eading the way to the funeral.


ide. Trevor, Zach and Johnnie will be buried and then a tree will be planted above them. As the tree grows, their bodies will nurture the tree, thus the circle of life. I am pretty sure I see an apple tree, pear tree and a peach tree.

areas. They were resting on a cot that was about waist high. Wyatt stood at the edge of the aisle, letting me have this moment to myself.

to me.

I gave him a soft kiss on the forehead before walking to the next person.

e known you, even if it was for just a short time. Rest easy now.” I said softly.

t down.

keeping them in place. They looked pissed off and ready to fight.

walked up to them. Letting my aura out just a little and my eyes turned green, without glowing. “I suggest you take your seat and not utter a single w

I could feel the hatred in Holly’s eyes. I could care less. I know that was her brother, but today was not the day f

the loss of these three brave souls. They paid the ultimate sacrifice for the greater good and

e in person, their spirit will live on through the f

oon Goddess, please take c

their absence. They will never be forgotten. Thank you”

inally, they watered them.

celebration of life. Let us go and eat lunch together and let the families have one last goodbye.” Reed’s dad finished and dismissed us all.

pack house. There were different cold cut sandwiches, fruit and salads spread out.

a salad as the boys grabbed sandwiches and found sea

et a chance to prop

, laughing.

ave let me go and you didn’t.”

t Raven had said. His parents are the only ones we have told. It was getting hard to keep in.


heads about what just happened and what wa

ew who they were

d, standing up and fixing

with short sleeves that stopped at my knees. I paired it with flats so my heels didn’t sink into the grass. Once we stood and started walking, I heard everyone else following us.

, but after I eat, it has did not settle well.

l of concern.


eschedule this?’

e okay. This needs to get done. I responded through the mind-link. We were approaching the t

jector for everyone to see everything clearly and a microphone just in case. Reed really had really thought of everything.

ess and love being pushed through the bond.

r at Wyatt, I smiled at him. As everyone started piling in and finding a seat, Wyatt got up and put my crown my me and put his on himself. I was going to do it but he shook his head at me and wanted me to stay sitting as long as I could. I appreci

yone had arrived and was sitting qu

Tom Moore and Devin Price.

front of them.

ffocate them and my eyes turned green. ” You will not speak unless spoken to first. You will answer m


as met with four ve

Their charges read as followed

with sleeping with a mi

on of his personal businesses, i.e. laundry mat and hotels

eft, battery and 1st degree mu

They found a house with people in the baseball chained up and physically abused. Tax evasion

trafficking ring, organization of destruction of packs that resulted in loss of life.”

with growls, angry yells with cussing and cries. Many people who are attendance were victims of their crimes. I c

ow do yo

. I ignored his comment, but the crowd went crazy.

ld high as he accepted his fate.

ou plead?”

he yelled


and was met with approval.



tion was rising in the area. I held up a hand and was rewarded with silence other than the soft cries of the women.

death.” I said tiredly. I was ready for this to b

vin- How do you plead?”

id loudly

n him. “But not?”


in, I raised my hand and they respected it. “Were you following orders when you held me and tortured me for three days? Were you following orders when you hit me with a baseball bat breaking my fingers and legs? Were you following orders when you used the whip on me?” I asked d

, they would break their own necks

N. No” Devin

said flatly.

eived at their hands, but the part they played in the trafficking ring as well. Please bring the guilty forward and placed them on their knees, facing the crowd.” I commanded.

to do it?’ Wyatt asked through the mind-link.

ocused on the task at hand. All four men were placed fa

ment, so I took that as it was my signal to proceed.

ody fell to the ground. I didn’t even bother to glance at him as I walked up behind Turner. He was looking at Tom and I could feel the fear off of him. l made it a quick snap as well and the sound echoed across the field.

bone he broke, every slap he gave me, and every smirk he held at my expense. I couldn’t stand this man.

napping his neck was not enough for me.

standing followed.

is. He opened and closed his mouth, trying to find the words to express his feelings. I didn’t give him the chance

and fell over.

iation. Everyone stayed quiet and sat down, waiting for me to finish.

f as much as possible, I turned to the crowd to addr


d me, and it was Sofia.


central location. We will be starting a new journey and revisiting laws. Future trials will be done there and any business as well. When things get finalized, you will be notified and will always be able to reach us. We are not sure what the future of the

rap his arms around me.

t him. I let them cheer for awhile before I raised my hand, signaling them to

g the bodies to be burned. I turned and looked at Wyatt.

boys but I know we will tackle it together.



  1. Caroline says:

    That was the first novel I read to the end so fascinating intriguing suspense and couldn’t keep off…well done.

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