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Mia knows what is happening in town, and she controls the entire narrative.

But there is one thing that she can’t control. Rafferty Brooks is the man she loves to hate and hates to love, and is making it impossible to keep her secrets to herself. After all, he’s known for making the town’s tongues wag. And they are having a lot of interesting encounters she can’t have the town talking about, from steamy nights that she can’t remember to a Vegas wedding that nobody can know about. After living Landstad her entire life, Mia is nearly thirty, still single and has had enough of the little town and everyone knowing her business. The outside world is beckoning.

Rafferty knows Landstad wouldn’t be the same without Mia at her cafe. But convincing her of that will not be easy. After all, she had yet to forgive him for a small misstep that happened in high school. Now he has only a few months to convince her to stay in the small town where they both belong. Not that she would listen to him, she couldn’t be in the same room and is convinced he was sleeping with any woman who was near him. Because she not only listened to the gossip, she creates it.
In this small town Mia can’t keep far enough from Rafferty, and the rumors are getting closer and closer to the truth. The secrets she holds closest to her are starting to spill out.


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