Stripping For Alpha Stepbrother Epilogue

The End

” Pearl get ready fast, everyone calling you for the ceremony”,

” I am doing my best Ana “, Pearl smiles as she does her make-up. It’s been three months, she and Blake overcome their differences, and come back from the forest that trapped them, and totally enjoy it as much as they can .

Pearl is two month pregnant and Blake and she decide to give it go and hold a simple marking ceremony then a normal marriage as she is a human so she need it that way, after he do his own customs which somehow true in her eyes,

They respect each other’s culture, and now they will hold a marriage and at the moment of kissing Blake will mark her .

because she got to know about Ana and Emma. She was so much stressed about what she might be doing but seeing how much they love each other her tension is way very less and how Ana’s father is all healthy now

she have no family and no one will do that for her,



l, Blake gonna die the way you Looking”, Ana commented, as Emma came and hugged her suddenly.

g them being all lovey she can believe how she

ted the way she looked today and was happy to have a sister. That’s the new bond he made with someone and he is glad for doing that .

c on the head,” You look great too, my dear brother”.

y you have to kiss him always”, Louis came and pulled Er

with her, and she totally enjoys it because she loves seeing them like this.

’s very different as it’s new to have vampires and wolves being into this bond and she is glad for that, because she had the family she never thought she could have.

e in great place because Ashvin got a girl and he just fall in love with her and Isha got the love of mother which makes her happy, she is sad that they can’t attend


ked .


Blake and your baby, everything will go great just don’t worry”, He assured her like a father figure .

ely beautiful and she can’t take her eyes off of him .

d to Blake.

er and Ari who is like his mother somehow a witch he accepting as his mother, knowing how grateful he should for this, because of she didn’t helped Pearl then he would be not getting this chance ever.

h, can work as priest too,” See I told you this girl gonna change eve

smiled as she spoke, and started recitin


“I do”




fe now, you may fulfil your marking now.

sniff Pearl neck, and whisper to her “, You looking so

to him.

blessings to them .

the lifetime bond she had that she never gonna lose at all.




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