Brigitte Macron deeply hurt by her husband: this remark “supposed to make people laugh” which hurt her a lot

Since May 2017, Emmanuel Macron can count on the unfailing support of his wife. Despite the many criticisms of which he is the subject, in particular concerning their age difference, the head of state and Brigitte Macron are inseparable. In her saga dedicated to the First Ladies and published on the Au Féminin website on April 6, journalist Laurence Pieau mentioned an anecdote from the President of the Republic.

This did not go unnoticed since, according to her words, she would have hurt Brigitte Macron a lot. At the end of July 2018, Emmanuel Macron was questioned about Alexandre Benalla, who was then at the heart of a scandal for several weeks. Thus, to put an end to the controversy and calm the game, the Head of State had first explained: “Alexandre Benalla has never held the nuclear codes, Alexandre Benalla has never occupied a 300 m2 at Alma, Alexandre Benalla has never won 10,000 euros”.

Subsequently, he said: “No, he was no longer my lover”. An answer that had not much amused his wife. “The sentence, supposed to make you laugh, hurt Brigitte a lot,” revealed the journalist. The reason ? “It logically reminded him of the attacks in the countryside when all of Paris said Emmanuel h*mo”, she concludes.

Before being at the heart of a heavy scandal, Alexandre Benalla would have been a major support for the couple. Indeed, Laurence Pieau recalled that, according to the comments made by Brigitte Macron, he would have been the organizer of his private life and she would even have regretted his departure. However, this simple sentence from Emmanuel Macron would have been enough to upset the rest of the summer of the presidential couple. After this, Brigitte Macron would have remained alone in Le Touquet for five days.

Back at the Elysée, she would also have made many criticisms of her husband concerning his thoughts and in particular one that marked the French a lot. “I cross the street and I find work for you,” said the President of the Republic to a Frenchman who had stopped him in the street during a trip. If Emanuel Macron thought he was doing well, his wife was not of the same opinion. “You’re screwing up your five-year term, stop your bullshit”, she would have launched before adding: “You’re completely stupid, why did you say that?”. Since the start, the Head of State has never hidden the fact that he could count on his wife and that he also listened to her advice.

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