Broken Up With Your Boyfriend – Relationship Advice!


If you’ve recently broken up with your (ex) boyfriend or you are still in a relationship but you feel it’s going nowhere and heading downhill fast, then keep reading…

This information can empower you.

If you’ve had a nasty breakup and are not in touch with your ex anymore, but you still love him and would like a chance to get back together, help is here.

You can find the happiness and fulfillment that you deserve.

This short article will tell you what you need to do to start to rekindle the romance you once had and the first step you need to take to get back together into a healthy, loving relationship.

If you follow the guidelines and then put them into action you should have success in being able to reconnect with your ex and strengthen and enhance the bond between you.

We’ll start with your first step – your opening move. And I’m going to tell you the first step, right now!

But first a word of caution

On-and-off dating can be heart-breaking, even abusive! Always make sure that your reasons for getting back together are genuine.

Do you really want him back? Or do you just want him back just because you feel that you can’t have him?

Were one (or both) of you abusive, controlling, mean, or possessive? Did one (or both) of you cheat?

If any of these things happened, you’ll want to think long and hard about going back to that kind of relationship.

And a couple quick caveats:

– Never let a man take advantage of you or abuse you. – Never forget the reason you broke up in the first place.

OK. Let’s get started. Let’s suppose your lover has just told you that he’s not happy anymore and wants to end your relationship.

Men will usually try to end a relationship by saying dumb-ass things such as…

“It’s not you… it’s me”. Or another predictable male “lame excuse” like…

“I’m just not ready for a serious relationship” “I need more time” “Things are moving too quickly”, etc.

Sound familiar?

You thought things were going well and heading for the next level of connection. Something went wrong!

The first thing you should know is that the “excuses” mentioned above, and ALL of the rest of the common “man excuses”… are A BUNCH OF B.S.

Deep down – 90+% Of All Men ARE ready for a relationship.

Most men would LOVE to find that special woman… someone with whom they could finally let their guard down with, click with, be themselves and experience true love.

The reality is that most men, have never pulled away from a woman because they…

– “weren’t ready for a relationship” or because they – “got nervous” or – “wanted to take things slow”.

When a man pulls away from a woman, it is NOT because men are “screwed up” or “commitment-phobic.”

And it’s not because he has doubts about being in a serious relationship.


The Real Reason is because he has doubts about being in a serious relationship… WITH YOU!

Something is missing with YOU that makes him think that you’re NOT the one for him to settle down with… – that he can do better.

Here’s something else you should know…

When this happens, it’s also almost NEVER because a man isn’t attracted to you physically (because if that were the case, he wouldn’t have gotten that close to you in the first place).

What it DOES mean is that…

There is NOT ENOUGH ATTRACTION to lead him to feel that YOU are the one for him… PERIOD – That’s It – That’s the reason!

So, is there anything you can do about it? The answer is Absolutely… YES!

You see there IS a “Recipe for Love and Romance Success” as well as a strategy for winning back and keeping your ex loved one’s interest, desire, passion, heart and love.

I’ll get into the “Recipe for Love and Romance Success” in my 6 Day Program. For now, let’s tackle your opening move.

One of the most effective opening moves in a situation which ended badly is to write a hand-written letter (not typed, not IM’ed, not emailed – a hand-written letter).

Say something like…

“You know what, I’ve been acting kind of crazy lately. I’m sorry. It’s just that I missed you and I felt hurt. I’ve been thinking about us a lot and you know what…

You are exactly right.

I agree that we should not be together and we should stay broken up. It’s probably the best thing for the both of us. I still love you. But it’s best if we stay apart.”

The first thing you have to do is agree with the breakup. And that is your opening move.

Source by Carl R Willoughby

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