Bruce Willis: They’ve been seeing signs of aphasia for years – was he being exploited for profit?

His associates have spoken of memory loss and a constant need for guidance. So why did he keep working?

When it was announced that Bruce Willis suffers from aphasia and retiring from acting, many of us were unprepared. A LA Times report, however, reveals that this was not the case for many of his colleagues. The clues were there – but no one stopped him, as it was one of the reasons the audience paid to see their films.

In interviews they gave on this particular medium, more than 20 people who have worked with him in recent years, expressed concern about the condition of the actor. They were not sure if he was fully aware of the situation when he was on set, and was often paid $ 2 million for a two-day job.

Directors talked about memory lossan actor who traveled with him had to constantly remind him of his attacks through a headset – the well-known “lice” – and most of the action scenes were filmed with stunts.

In the Hard Killwhich was released two years ago by Bruce Willis accidentally shot with a loaded gun, without injuring anyone. Actors and crew watched in shock.

Many knew Willis was having a hard time, but said they did not know how serious his condition was. They realized this in 2020, when he took over directing Out of Death – was one of the 22 films he completed in just four years.

“On the first day of our collaboration, I could see first hand and understand that there was something more serious and because they asked me to reduce his attacks“, Said the screenwriter of Out of Death, Mike Burns. He only knew that he had to reduce the actor’s participation by 5 pages, remove the monologues and simplify the dialogues.

They collaborated a year later, in 2021, for Wrong Place. He asked about Willis’s condition and learned that he had become “another man; much better than last year”. The reality was different.

“It did not look good to me – I realized it was worse. When we were done, I said, “Finally. “I’m not going to work with Bruce Willis again.” I was relieved that he retired. “

The actor’s managers did not let him work for more than two days, while his contract stipulated that his schedule should not exceed 8 hours. He, of course, often left at 4 o’clock.

Meanwhile, audiences began to wonder why he starred in low-budget films, which received poor reviews. He managed to bring smaller creators to the forefront, to make them world famous, while in recent years he collaborated exclusively with two production companies: Emmett / Furla Oasis in Los Angeles and 308 Entertainment Inc. in Vancouver.

They had to remind him of his attacks, he had memory gaps while he had a group of escorts who were always by his side on the set. His assistant, Stephen J. Eads, was the leader of this group. In Hard Kill 2020, “she was constantly guiding him. “She was holding his hand and always watching him,” explained a member of the crew.

The involvement of the Eads began to be considered suspicious. He became a producer of Willis films and in 2018 he signed an agreement with MoviePass Films which secured him $ 200,000 for each work that the actor would do. At the same time, they cast roles in the actorς Adam Huel Potter, who would play in every movie of Willis and would remind him of his misdeeds, through the “lice”. He was paid $ 4,150 a week.

In Paradise City, which was filmed in May 2021, the star was looking forward to working with John Travolta again and his collaborators were discouraged.

“You could see ‘old’ Bruce,” the director explained Chuck Russell. “He did the best he could and we did our best to make the experience with John perfect.”

His condition, of course, remained worrying. “I will do what I can,” Willis said. And indeed, he tried, but it was not enough. As White Elephant producer Terri Martin told the LA Times: “He is one of the best of all time and I admire his work immensely, but it was time for him to retire.”

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