Burkina/ Colonel Damiba restricts civil liberties to fight terrorists

Colonel Damiba affirms that the Burkinabè will have to make good against bad luck for some time, if they want to feel the fruits of the fight against the terrorists. In a speech to the nation, the leader of the Burkinabè junta explains his instructions and gives an appointment to his compatriots in 5 months, in order to make an initial assessment of the military operation of the soldiers on the terrorists.

It is in no one’s interest to willfully restrict the hard-won freedoms of our people. Certain measures already enacted and others to come will probably cause gnashing of teeth. But it is the price to pay to get our country out of the rut”. This part of Colonel Damiba’s speech on April 1 is symptomatic of the discomfort already aroused by the measures he says he wants to take to fight the jihadist hydra in northern Burkina.

Colonel Damiba has decided to restrict political freedoms while the hunt for terrorists lasts. What is worrying is that we do not know exactly when this fight will end. Thus, the Burkinabè will be prevented from demonstrating politically, so as not to embarrass the soldiers, says Colonel Damiba. The third point of his measurements makes it clear: “Thirdly, the restriction of demonstrations of a political or associative nature likely to disturb public order or to mobilize security forces whose contribution would be more appropriate to the front“.

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Damiba is on embers. He knows he is eagerly awaited, after accusing the former regime of Roch Kaboré of doing nothing against terrorists. Two months after taking power, the terrorists are getting back on their feet and mourning the Burkinabè army again. The discontent of the populations resumes. They feel cheated by Colonel Damiba’s professions of faith. But, the Head of State tempered and invited to follow him in his approach.

It seems wiser to me to agree to give up a small part of our freedom today so that our children can fully enjoy it tomorrow rather than adopting an individualistic or partisan approach that would precipitate us collectively into the abyss. Once again, I call on all Burkinabè to show collective intelligence and to put themselves in battle order behind the Defense and Security Forces.“, he urges.

In terms of security, Damiba recognizes the blows inflicted on the army by terrorists in recent times. But, he assures that the Burkinabè soldiers are resisting better. They will deal harder blows to the enemy, he wants to be reassuring. “The blows we strike and will strike back at the enemy will be more formidable. This is the reason why we must resolutely carry our action towards a march forward to fight and regain the ground(…)On this, I give you an appointment in five (05) months for a first assessment of the mission of reconquest of our territory“, asserts, confiding Colonel Damiba.

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