C to You: Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine suddenly absent, Ali Baddou to the rescue

Surprise change in “C to You” this Wednesday, April 6. Announced at the presentation of the show, as usual, Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine was ultimately not present. Ali Baddou replaced her without specifying the reasons for this impromptu absence.

Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine released her joker this Wednesday, April 6. The host of C to you, provided for in the credits of the show, was not present at the end of the table to welcome the guests of the day. It was Ali Baddou, the journalist appointed to replace her during her impediments, who took charge of the program on France 5. The former Canal + industry host had a thought for his colleague, “ We kiss Babeth“, before rolling out the program of the show and giving the floor to the columnists. No information was given on the reasons which prevented Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine from being present on the set.

Radio silence on the side of the facilitator who, the day before, had carried out her mission. Only a retweet during the evening showed that Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine had not completely disappeared from the radar. In reality, it is a cold snap that she would have caught. Faced with Wendy Suzuki on Tuesday 5, Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine had indicated that it was not really the form: ” I’m struggling, I’m a little sick. I think I have the flu coming on and I passed it on to y’all

“. Test in support, she had also taken the opportunity to indicate that it was not a priori about the Covid-19. A relief for Internet users, however, disappointed not to find their favorite presenter for the new issue of this Wednesday, April 6.

On Twitter, viewers all wished a “ get well soon to Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine and did not fail to point out that without her, the show would lose its flavor: ” Remove Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine and the show loses all its soul could we read. But if the good humor and the blunders of the star of C to you missed, it was the attitude of his replacement who especially annoyed: ” He regularly interrupts the floor, is quite abrupt… It’s not correct. A single being is missing and everything is depopulated.

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