Cameroon / a man poisons to death the 5 children of his ex-partner

In revenge, a man poisoned the 5 children of his ex-girlfriend. The facts happened on March 23, 2022, in Djemba, a village in Yokadouma, a commune located in an eastern region of Cameroon.

A story of jealousy turned to drama in the town of Yokadouma. A man attacks his ex-girlfriend by poisoning her 5 children because she was given in marriage to another man.

For cases of jealousy or wickedness, some people resort to poisoning. This is the case of Zouomb Russel. Badly digesting the fact that his former girlfriend is engaged with another, he decided for revenge to commit the irreparable.

Zouomb decided to look at the children of his ex-sweetheart. On the night of March 23, he would have brought two boxes of Chocolate and the sum of 500 F to the children. Having confidence in him, the children decide to consume the chocolate with bread.

Cameroon / a man poisons to death the 5 children of his ex-partner

Food that will cost them their lives. According to the testimonies, the murderer just wanted revenge on his ex-wife for whom he had made huge expenses for her dowry. This tragedy has angered the families of the victims.

The family of the poisoned children rushed to the home of the murderer to set fire to his concession. The suspect’s family has taken refuge in an unknown location. The investigation is currently in the hands of the police of Yokadouma, this capital of the department of Boumba-et-Ngoko, in eastern Cameroon.

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Cases of poisoning have become commonplace in recent years. They are mostly accompanied by suicide. These are, among other things, crimes of passion, cases of jealousy or wickedness.

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