Cameroon: a museum for the Pygmy people

The work, the construction of which benefited from the support of the Goethe Institute, was inaugurated on March 26th. It aims to perpetuate the cultural heritage of this people.

The shape of a giant hut of 80 square meters. And all around, about thirty hunting objects, musical instruments and people’s kitchen Baka pygmy.
This is the representation of the museum, Pygmy freedom, recently built and handed over on March 26th. Located at the entrance to the large Dja biosphere reserve and in Bifolone in the department of Upper NyongEastern region, the museum leans on a botanical and ecological circuit extended over 24km.
To make the atmosphere more cheerful, a stage where interpretations of local songs or local stories has been erected.
Fruit of the actions in synergy of the association, The New Sponsors

of the Goethe Institute and the Fondation de France, Liberté Pygmée, highlights the potential and heritage of the Baka people of Bifolone.

The director of the Goethe Institute, Thekla Worch-Ambara speaking at the inauguration of the site on March 26, derived it as a place of meetings, exchanges and discoveries for the many visitors from here and abroad. ‘elsewhere.
In addition, the museum is a showcase for symbolic works that both modify the perception and prejudices that are made of this people. And this is expressed through heritage activities such as the conservation of plants and space, old and recent manufacturing techniques.

Paul Reinhard Wandji


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