Can we change our metabolism to burn more calories?

Can we speed up our metabolism? Can Green Tea Help With Weight Loss? What about apple cider vinegar? Do pills / supplements change weight? If I eat at night will my metabolism slow down? And the list goes on and on …

Before moving on to the answers, we need to understand the concept of metabolism. Metabolism is not as simple as most people think, making it the apple of contention for weight gain / loss. Science is complex.

What is metabolism?

Metabolism is a process that our body uses to produce and burn energy from food. Metabolism can be divided into three processes:

  • BMR or Basal metabolic rate and RMR or resting metabolic rate
  • TEF or Thermal Effect of Food
  • PA (Physical Activity Expenditure) and NEAT (Non-Exercise Thermogenesis)

Thus, what you eat throughout the day is converted into calories used by these three parts of the metabolism. BMR refers to the calories our body needs to burn to stay alive. It takes a certain amount of energy to regulate our body temperature, maintain blood circulation, and maintain our organs, including tissues – both muscle and fat.

In RMR, muscle mass burns calories, so you’ve probably heard that muscle burns more calories than fat, and that’s true. These two processes, BMR and RMR, burn 2/3 of the calories we eat.

The remaining 1/3 of calories are burned from our normal daily activities, such as housework, shopping, standing while you work, gardening, etc. Some calories are burned by intentional physical activities such as jogging, treadmill, aerobics, etc. and these 1/3 calories are used to digest proteins, fats and carbohydrates. This is how our metabolism works and consumes all the calories / day.

Now the question would be, since our body distributes all our calories and uses them to maintain its functions, then why do we gain weight?

There are various factors in weight gain, from genetic to hormonal problems, overeating, unbalanced diets, sedentary lifestyle, etc. Wondering how? Let me describe this complicated situation.

First of all, you can not boost your metabolism so that your organs use more calories. It does not work that way. Our organs are more organized internally than we are externally. And we need to know that our internal organs need a certain number of calories to function and we can not change that.

Second, as we grow our organs need 10 fewer calories a day. It does not sound like much, but when you add up all the calories every decade, they are hundreds. Thus, it means that our body requires fewer calories to perform the functions of the internal organs every year and we translate it into a slowing down of the metabolism every year. But we still eat the same number of calories or more every day, which the body does not use efficiently and stores in our adipose tissue in the form of fat.

And then we start to gain weight and try different diets to stimulate the metabolism and lose weight, but it does not work that way. The bottom line is that our metabolism naturally slows down every year.

Also, after following all the modern diets in order to “wake up” or “speed up” the metabolism, we will find that this will work for some time, but later our metabolism slows down even more than before.. This is the reason why you may have heard from someone that he did a strict diet or a detox and when he stopped it after a while he gained the same or more kilos again.

Therefore, stop using modern diets, supplements / pills and methods of boosting metabolism to lose weight. The best advice I can give you is to adopt a balanced diet that can manage your body, and be as active as you can. And, stay healthy, no matter how big you are.

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