These are the most dangerous jobs

If you don’t like risks at all, you should avoid these five jobs. The industrial accidents are not out of the air. Meet the most neck-breaking jobs in your country 1. Construction worker The building is known to be the most dangerous jobs sector. And indeed, most accidents occur there every year, especially in structural … Read more

This is how you prepare your resume for the future

Can you still show up with a simple A4 with your work experience on it? Should we not massively make films, devise special layouts and create interactive CVs? No worries: this is how you make your CV future-proof. First of all, a reassurance: the classic CV that gives a well-arranged summary of your personal details … Read more

We also (partly) determine happiness at work

We spend a lot of time at work. It is therefore very important that we feel good there. In part, we have that in our own hands, according to scientific research. Discover five tips below to be happier at work. 1. Minimize your commute time Those who commute for a long time can become unhappy … Read more

7 tips for your application in healthcare

Although there are loads of vacancies in healthcare, you will still have to apply to find a job. And of course, that includes a solid CV and a good motivation letter. But how can you best prepare a CV and motivation letter specifically for a job as a healthcare professional or nurse? Are you struggling … Read more

7 snare questions during a job interview

It is obvious that you are well prepared for a job interview. Find out as much as possible about the company where you are applying and make sure you can talk about your work history smoothly. Expect some difficult questions as well, that pulse for information that is not necessarily found in your CV. The … Read more

5 reasons why you have to change jobs regularly

Working at the same company all your life is out of date. Yet it can be quite eerie to leave your familiar working environment on your own initiative. I will provide you five good reasons to take the plunge. A new job often means a pay rise A new job means a new opportunity to … Read more