“Youth of today”; is too perfectionistic in terms of work

Various studies point in the same direction: the young people of today are much more perfectionist than the previous generations. How can you, as a starter, prevent yourself from imposing unreasonably high pressure? And how do you, as an employer, deal with this, realizing that an excessive urge to perform can cause many problems? In … Read more

You must know this about wage indexation

You probably knew that our wages are partly determined by the index. But what exactly does that mean? And what effect does indexing have on your wage? The recent wage agreement allows a maximum wage increase of 67% to 30,000 Naira (US $83). But what about the wage index? And when will our wages be … Read more

7 popular jobs in production and technology

You have a range of job opportunities in the production sector. There are both executive jobs for technicians and operators, and more managerial positions to steer everything in the right direction. These are the production jobs with the most clicks. Technician A company cannot do without technicians, everything – sometimes literally – wants to run … Read more

5 ways to impress your boss

Do we not all want to show what we can do to our colleagues and preferably to the boss? But how do you do that without being noticed and without coming across as a boaster? With this 5 ways you can impress your boss Suggest ideas Do you have a great idea or a good … Read more

The 5 rules for a convincing motivation letter

Have you spotted your dream vacancy? Then don’t forget that recruiters face one motivation letter after the other every day. If you want your application to stand out, you must leave an unforgettable impression. With the following tips, it works. Unpack with a fact You could open your motivation letter in a traditional way, genre: … Read more

Tips for your resume

Are you ready to apply? Then definitely put the time in your resume. Recruiters use your resume for the first screening, and they only take a few seconds for that. With this step-by-step plan, you ensure that your resume makes an impression. Preparation Always tailor your CV to the vacancy you are applying for. Always! … Read more

How to make an impression during your job interview

Were you able to decorate a conversation for the job of your dreams? Standing out among a lot of other tough candidates is no easy task. From the ideas and experiences from seasoned recruiters, these are what blows them off their seats. Know what you want For me, a real killer is a phrase ‘I’ll … Read more

What should a good CV meet?

Your CV may not necessarily be the best tool that will qualify you for the job, yet it’s the tool that will guarantee all others. On my previous post, I explain the importance of adding short-term experiences in your CV. It plays a lot of role during screening. But that does not mean you will … Read more

Many short jobs on your resume: what do you do with that?

“I will study and prepare myself… and someday, I know my opportunity will come,” says Lincoln. But the opportunity is a hidden asset in the road of success, one needs to study it carefully. Now that you are on the road of success, how often do you carefully study your opportunities? Did you follow a … Read more