Catherine Deneuve: First live performance on stage, discover the photos!

Catherine Deneuve will never cease to amaze. At 78, the Caesarized actress has unveiled a new talent, that of song thanks to Rufus Wainwright. Catherine Deneuve went on stage to perform a piece live. A highly acclaimed premiere.

Catherine Deneuve needs no introduction. The 78-year-old actress has a filmography as long as two arms and as many awards as proof of her talent. Chiara Mastroianni’s mother has played for the greatest: Agnès Varda, Jacques Demy, Nicole Garcia, Leos Carax, François Truffaut, Lars von Trier, André Téchiné… Drama or comedy, Catherine Deneuve has also shone in musicals without to sing. But this Wednesday, March 30, the great actress surprised everyone by landing on the stage of the Grand Rex.

There she joined Rufus Wainwright, a Canadian-American artist for whom she had fallen in love when she discovered his music, the film’s soundtrack. She leaves. The musician and singer was giving a concert, an even more impressive event when he invited Catherine Deneuve to join him on stage. A huge challenge in the face of which the great actress has not deflated.

Catherine Deneuve has already sung, in duet with Serge Gainsbourg for God is a cigar smokerbut never live: “ It’s madness yes for me. It’s him, it’s his voice, his name, that’s what decided me. I never went on stage, I never sang live

she launched to the public according to the comments reported by The Parisian. I sang a lot at the cinema in lip sync, of course. But it was he who gave me a crazy challenge, an incredible madness. But hey, it’s done. The challenge was passed with flying colors since it was to a horde of applause that Catherine Deneuve left the stage after her performance. Rufus Wainwright had also invited Calogero.

At the dawn of her 80th birthday and after a great scare due to a stroke, Catherine Deneuve wants to continue to follow her heart and her desires: “ I remember absolutely everything, I was always there, I spoke. I had no outward signs. It’s the head that has been elsewhere for a whileshe explained on RTL about his accident. I didn’t suddenly say to myself, ‘I’m going to enjoy life.’ I have always enjoyed life. I found it hard to recapture this desire, this desire for the things in life, be it human beings, the things we want to see, the things we want to do, the things we want to read. It is rather that which was lacking a little. Fortunately, the urge returned.

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