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Chapter 1 – 2: The Rise Of A Poor Husband

Chapter 1: The Trash Man

“God bless the prosperity of our Lee family. Wish our children to be virtuous and talented.”

The old Mr. Lee put incenses into the censer respectfully.

Today was an annual meeting of the big and rich Lee family in Jiangzhou city.

At the annual meeting, hundreds of people said the same sentence together. The scene was grand and inspiring.

A senior member of Lee’s family stood up suddenly and said loudly, “Gentlemen, our Lee family is famous and rich because of the owner of our family. The young should present gifts to the owner of our family to show our family’s prosperity now!”

After that, dozens of people took out their gifts immediately and lined up orderly.

However, at this time, a person rushed into the gate of Lee’s villa. He was haggard, and his whole body was stained with a lot of blood.

Colin Ward was the son-in-law of Lee’s family. In other people’s eyes, Colin idled around, eating and drinking without paying in Lee’s family.

“Why do you come so late?” Doris pulled Colin aside quickly and asked in a low voice, for fear that he would be seen by the rest of the family.

Colin took a deep breath: “My…My sister had a car accident and needs 300000 dollars to have an operation urgently!”

Before Doris opened her mouth, Colin’s mother-in-law Eva Gray said, “did your sister have a car accident? What does it matter to us? Things should be sorted according to their priorities. We will give a gift to the old Mr. Lee immediately. Have you bought any? “

“Mom, I… The 30000 dollars for the gift was paid to the hospital! ” Colin lowered his head after saying this.

“What did you say?” Eva’s face immediately became gloomy. “You are trash and can do nothing. Who allowed you to misappropriate the money?”

At this time, a long voice sounded. “Doris Lee and her husband Colin Ward present a congratulatory gift to the old Mr. Lee!”

Hearing this, everyone looked at Colin. There was a little doubt in their eyes.

“What happened? The annual meeting is such an important and joyful day. How could he be so terrible, and there be so many drops of blood?”

“How unlucky this is.”

Colin went to the old Mr. Lee timidly and said: “Grandpa, I…I want to borrow some money from you. My sister had a car accident, so I need some money to save her life… “

All the cheers stopped at this moment, and the old Mr. Lee’s face became gloomy gradually.

All of a sudden, the whole courtyard fell into a silence, which made people feel terrible.

Eva rushed to Colin and slapped on his face mercilessly.

“What are you talking about? Today is our annual meeting! It is so unlucky to talk about the accident or operation! “

Eva has always hated Colin. She felt that it was shameless to have such a son-in-law.

Without waiting for Colin’s answer, Fox also stood up and said with disdain, “Shame on you. We can forgive you if you don’t have the money to buy a gift. Why do you curse your sister?”

Fox was Doris’s cousin, who was a promising young man of the third generation. He had a high class in Lee’s family.

“Grandfather, it’s my fault. But…But when my sister and I went to choose gifts for you, there was a car accident. And we need 300000 dollars to have operations,” Colin was also embarrassed.

“Do you mean grandfather should take responsibility for your sister’s car accident?” Fox looked at Colin with a smile. When hearing this, the old Mr. Lee’s face suddenly turned black and frightening.

“No, no, no, I didn’t mean that. I..I just want to ask if grandfather can lend me 300000 dollars? ” Colin said in a low voice.

Colin still mentioned this. Eva walked quickly to Colin and pushed him hard.

“Rubbish, get out of here!” Eva said gloomily, “you’ve lost all my face!”

Colin almost fell but did not leave. He was extremely depressed and said: “Mom, my sister is still waiting for me in the hospital. Without money, the doctor can not do surgery, and she will die!”

Eva said in a cold voice: “then you go to the hospital. Why are you still here? Don’t influence the annual meeting of our family.”

“Mom, stop! Let’s go back, and I’ll solve it.” Doris can’t stand and walk quickly to Colin.

The old Mr. Lee at the top didn’t want to see Colin. He turned around angrily and left the hall.

Fox looked at Doris’s family with a sneer,” cousin, your good husband has lost his face today. According to your present situation, it’s very difficult to have 300000 dollars, right? Do you want me to help you?”

Colin was grateful immediately. He did not expect that his cousin was willing to borrow money, which often despised him.

Before Colin said thanks to him, Fox continued: “as long as Colin kneels down and kowtows three times, I can borrow!”

“Fox, don’t go too far!” Doris was angry at once.

In Doris’s opinion, even if Colin was a pile of rubbish, he was also her husband. She did not allow others to bully him too much.

However, Fox was right. Her company was in trouble now. She was almost penniless. She can’t take out 300000 dollars.

Fox has against Doris before, but she didn’t expect that Fox has always remembered that.

“Doris, don’t waste my kindness,” Fox said calmly.

“All right, you don’t have to say. Colin, let’s go.”

“I can’t go. We have no money. My sister will die.” Colin held his hair tightly with his hands, walking towards Fox slowly. He wanted to kneel.

“That’s enough!”

At this time, an elder of Lee’s family came out and said, “isn’t it humiliating enough? Everyone in the family is here today. Fox, that’s enough. Besides, Colin’s knee is not worth 300000 dollars.”

After hearing that, Fox pouted and took out his mobile phone: “OK, Colin, I can lend you the money, but the interest is 300000 dollars per week. If you can’t pay for one week, the second week is 600000. Do you agree?”

“No, the interest is too expensive!”

Doris did not agree.

“I agree!” In spite of Doris’s opposition, Collin agreed quickly.

“OK, everyone has heard about it. You are witnesses. I hope my cousin’s house won’t rat on your debts.” Fox laughed and then gave the money to Colin with the cell phone.

Colin got the money and left immediately.

An hour later, when Colin arrived at the hospital, he learned from the nurses that Winni was undergoing an operation. Moreover, the hospital president was personally in charge of the operation, and the top experts in the hospital did this surgery.

“Miss, I want to ask, who helped me pay for the operation?” Colin asked in great doubt.

As soon as the voice fell, a low voice suddenly came over: “don’t ask her. It’s me!”

Colin looked at the man with five or six bodyguards. He walked to him quickly.

“This is not a place to talk. Follow me first!” The man patted Colin on the shoulder and took him to the door of the operating room.

Bodyguards in the corridor were divided into two groups. They stood left and right, to prevent people from disturbing the conversation between the man and Colin.

“Who are you, please?” Colin was a little frightened.

He was very clear that the man in front of him was definitely not an ordinary person.

“Colin, I am the father of you and Winni!” The man was very excited. He pressed Colin’s shoulder and said, “my name is Abe Ward.”

Colin was stunned!

For a long time, Colin collected himself and asked unbelievably: “Sir, you must mistake. I have parents.”

Abe looked at Colin kindly: “I know you may not believe it. Here is the paternity test report of Winni and me, and here are some photos of you in infancy, especially the birthmark behind. I had reasons to send you to others.”

Looking at the materials prepared by Abe, Colin was shocked because he was sure that the babies in the picture were him and sister, while the man who held them was the man who called himself Abe.

Later, Abe took out a dark purple bank card.

“Colin, this is the imperial card. There are only 20 cards in the whole Xia kingdom. I will give it to you today…There are three hundred million dollars.”

And then Abe took out a ring and put it on Colin’s middle finger: “with this ring, you can withdraw one billion dollars from any bank in the Xia Kingdom, which is compensation for you.”

Three hundred million and one billion? If it was someone else, Colin would not believe it. But he didn’t know why he believes it if it was Abe whose tone was unquestionable.

Later, Abe gave Colin a business card: “My phone number is on it. Winni’s injury is bad. I’m afraid that she would have sequelae after treatment, so I’ll take her away as soon as her condition is stable.”

Colin has not refused Abe’s proposal. If Winni had any sequelae, he would regret all his life.

Half an hour later, the operating room door was opened slowly, and Winni was covered with bandages.

Abe’s eyes were hot, and he waved. The bodyguard beside him nodded and made a phone call. A top-level medical car came to take Winni away.

Seeing that, Colin was finally relieved!

Clapping Colin’s shoulder, Abe gave him a meaningful look and then left.

Colin touched the card in his pocket and took a taxi to the bank! Although Abe was not joking, he still wanted to check whether it was true or not.

Ten minutes later, he walked out of the bank with a pale face.

At this time, Colin only felt his legs were like jelly. The reason was very simple. He really had 300 million dollars on this card!

It was very difficult to get home. Colin had just arrived at the door, and then he heard the quarrel coming from the house.

“Are you stupid? Today that trash let our family humiliate, and you still want to sell the house?” Eva was angry and roared loudly.

Chapter 2: Buy A New Car

Doris looked at Eva calmly: “I’m not stupid! Now selling the house is the only way so that we can pay back the money. Otherwise, what do you want him to do?”

People were not plants, which can be merciless.

In the past two years, Colin bore all the complaints. He was meticulous to her. He was beaten black and blue for her even once, but he still said with a smile that he was fine.

It was a scene she would never forget.

What was more, she obviously felt the changes in Colin in these two years. From the beginning, he was full of self-improvement, but now he became extremely decadent. He had experienced too much laughter.

Now, if his only sister died, she didn’t know what Colin would be like?

“What? The waste borrowed the money by himself. He should repay. Why should we sell the house to pay back the money? ” Eva said irritably.

“Mom! Calm down! Fox is not kind-hearted, absolutely. I don’t want him to be trapped by Fox!”

Colin’s younger sister had a car accident. He was desperate to borrow money!

But Fox was clearly to humiliate Colin deliberately. How can she just watch?

“Hum! It’s none of our business if Fox has bad ideas. It’s the trash who wants to jump in the trap! I won’t agree to sell the house anyway!”

“Mom!” Doris stared at her mother and can’t believe her mother was so realistic.

Colin, outside the door, was stunned. He did not expect Doris would help him.

Doris persuaded patiently again: “Mom! We can buy a house in the future. If he dies, there would be nothing! “

“It’s easy to say. Don’t you know about our situation? Your father is a loser. He is not important to Lee’s family! “Eva glared at Baker and snorted, “let alone Colin that trash! If he can buy a house, even the sow can go up a tree! “

His father-in-law, a Baker, was silent.

Doris clenched and wanted to say. She was interrupted by Eva: “Doris! You and that trash signed an agreement to marry. You don’t love each other at all. Why do you care about him? In any case, as soon as the agreement time comes, you will get divorced. He has nothing to do with you!”

“Yes, we got married because of the agreement, but mom, have you ever thought about it? We have been getting along for two years, and we are not cold-blooded animals. How can we have no feelings? ” Doris was excited,” What’s more, he is my husband.”

When Colin heard that Doris said “husband”, his eyes brightened, and he was trembling slightly.

Originally in her heart, he still had a place.

Colin was used to his mother-in-law’s sarcasm, but he was moved by Doris’ attitude.

“Hum! Is he worthy of your husband? Garbage eats and waits for dying at home! If we hadn’t supported him, he would have starved to death! “Eva was not satisfied,” have you seen a man who is as cowardly as him? If there was no agreement, I would have let you divorce! “

Listening to Eva’s mean words, Doris felt uncomfortable in her heart. But she knew that Colin wasn’t really to be like this!

“Mother! Listen to me. We must sell the house first, and we’ll talk about it later!” This matter had to be dealt with as soon as possible. Otherwise, in a few days, even if they sold the house, they could not repay.

Eva was stubborn and roared, “After I have said so much, do you still want to sell your house? Are you determined? Good! I tell you, if you dare to sell your house, I’ll jump down from the top of the house! “

Doris’s eyes were moist, and then she took a deep breath. Without saying a word, she turned around and left.

Colin hid to one side quickly, looking at Doris leave. He was moved.

Doris even quarreled with her family for him and wanted to sell the house. How could he not be moved?

Staring her back for a long time, Colin said firmly: “Doris, I will make you the happiest woman in the world!”

But before that, he should try to make Doris fall in love with him, and let his father-in-law and mother-in-law really accept him.

Out of the community, Colin saw Doris was sitting in the old Changan car at once. She started several times before she can drive.

The car was a second-hand car that they had spent more than 10000 dollars. Now it was almost scrapped. It often stalled on the way, and the brake didn’t work very well.

Looking at the car leaving, an idea occurred to Colin. He took a taxi directly to the 4S store.

Now that he had money, he should let his beloved woman have a safe car.

At the door of the shop, Colin looked at it for a while and walked in finally.

At this time, a sexy woman wearing a hip dress in a taxi saw Colin and called the taxi driver immediately: “stop! I get off here.”

Paying the money, the woman stepped on high-heeled shoes and walked in, and found Colin immediately.

“Colin? It’s you!”

Colin looked at the woman,”Flora?”

Flora looked at Colin up and down and said in despise, “what are you doing here?”

Flora was Doris’s best friend, and they were very close.

However, Flora also looked down upon Colin like others.

“What else can I do here?” Colin was speechless. Weren’t people coming here just to buy cars?

Flora didn’t believe it, obviously, “you buy a car? Do you have the money to buy a car?”

Colin thought for a moment: “I won the lottery before. Recently, Doris’s birthday is coming. I just want to buy a car for her as a birthday gift. I want to give her a surprise. I hope you can keep it secret.”

Flora snorted, “I was not born yesterday! Do you have the luck?”

Colin: “…Believing it or not, it’s up to you. I will go first if you don’t have anything else.”

Flora saw that Colin was going to leave. She grabbed him and asked, “are you really here to buy a car for Doris?”

“Yes.” Colin nodded.

Flora hesitated for a moment, and said, “OK, I’ll be with you to see if you really buy a car.”

After the two people went in, Colin glanced around. The salesmen in each area were receiving their customers.

There were many people now, so that no one came to receive them for a while. Colin can only go by himself.

Flora, on high-heeled shoes, followed him. Her beautiful eyes widened with astonishment,” Colin! Did you make a mistake? Where are you going? “

Colin looked back and looked at the sign of this area again, “I didn’t go wrong!”

Flora helped her forehead, “didn’t you see the price on it? The cheapest is more than one million dollars! “

In her opinion, even if Colin had money to buy a car, it was great that he can buy a car, which was more than one hundred thousand or two thousand thousand.

“I know,” Colin nodded calmly.

Flora roared angrily, “do you have so much money? This is more than one million dollars, not 100 dollars! If you are unable to afford it, it’s a disgrace.”

Colin knew no matter what he said, Flora wouldn’t believe it. It was better to buy a car first.

Flora was angry and wanted to slap him. Did he really want to be humiliated?

At this time, finally, a free salesman came over. But when he saw Colin’s and Flora’s clothes, the smile on his face was a bit fake.

“Sir, miss, would you like to see the car?” The word “see” that the salesman said just saw.

Colin did not know. He just nodded: “well, I don’t know about cars very well. Which car’s safety performance is the best?”

The salesman was stunned but still said dutifully,” this Levante series here is the best, with advanced safety assistance system, and it is also a specially customized model. At present, this is the only one in the store.”

Following the salesman’s hand, Flora widened her eyes immediately.

Two million! Was he crazy!

Colin didn’t have any reaction. He nodded.”OK, can you open the car and let me sit in to try?”

The salesman’s face became stiffer. “Are you sure, sir?”

“Sure,” Colin nodded.

The salesman took a deep breath and tried to keep smiling. “Sir, others can, but you can’t.”

“Well? Why?” Colin was stunned for a while.

Flora felt very embarrassed and stood a little farther away quickly.

The salesman didn’t smile. “Sir, the car is for people who can afford to buy it, and this one is custom-made. If you go in for a test drive and leave any smell or damage the car, I’m afraid you can’t afford it.”

Colin understood now that the salesman thought he was shabby. Colin smiled, “OK, I don’t try. Can she try?”

The salesman looked, and it was Flora who came with Colin.

Flora was stunned, “Let me try it?”

Colin nodded, “Except you, no one else is here.”

Flora approached a few steps, and the salesman frowned and was about to say something. They heard a coquettish voice behind them.

“Honey, look at that one. It’s so cool.”

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